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Specifications for Nokia 1100

Nokia 1100 - one of the legendary models of the Finnishbrand, released in 2003. In the world, about 250 million of these devices have been sold. And even today, this little girl with a black and white screen causes a storm of love and respect among her numerous admirers. Read on - and we'll talk in detail about its characteristics, pros and cons.


Nokia 1100 is a very compact model, the design of which was once groundbreaking, but now it seems to be outdated. With the help of multi-colored removable panels you can change the color of the case.

nokia 1100

The dimensions of the phone are 106 x 45 x 20 mm, weight 86 g. It looks like a toy, the impression is reinforced by the keys that are located under one solid plastic membrane.

But do not be embarrassed by their appearance - they are large enough, easy to press, so on the Nokia 1100 you can dial sms-messages blindly.

The display of the model is very small, monochromatic, with a resolution of 96 by 65 pixels.

The phone does not leave any impression of fragility, butassurances of users, he can survive all. Falls, wetting - this model, along with 3310, often receives epithets such as "brick" and "the most sturdy material in the world."

Features and useful features

The main task of Nokia 1100 is calls and SMS. In this sphere she shows herself to be "excellent":

  • the quality of signal reception at altitude, many much more expensive smart phones will not find the network where it finds this model;
  • you and the interlocutor are perfectly audible;
  • the battery has been running for a long time;
  • there is T9.

Disadvantages in this area are a small phone book - only 50 contacts (1 contact contains 1 number), and the lack of hands-free communication.

nokia 1100 phone

And what other functions can the phone offer the Nokia 1100? They have long become standard for all models, but in 2003 it was an impressive list:

  • calculator;
  • stopwatch;
  • screensavers;
  • several monophonic ringtones;
  • 2 games;
  • flashlight;
  • alarm clock;
  • timer;
  • Currency Converter;
  • the calendar;
  • Notebook;
  • Vibrate and silent mode.

nokia 1100 rh


The battery of the Nokia 1100 is rather weak bytoday's standards, only 850 mA. But the phone spends its charge sparingly, and you can get 16 days (400 hours) of work in standby mode or 4.5 hours of talk time. But, strangely enough, buyers not only confirm these statements of the manufacturer, but also call even greater numbers. In addition, the battery features an enviable longevity - many users say that their device has been actively used for more than 5 years and still the battery holds a charge.

Scandalous model

With all its advantages, this model is a representative of the budget class. But on the sales sites for the Nokia 1100 RH asking for a few hundred, and sometimes thousands of dollars.

Why such a fuss? About 7 years ago the news began appearing on the Internet that the software of the models manufactured at the factory in Bochum, Germany (as indicated by the RH index), has errors that allow hackers to conduct illegal manipulations with it. According to some sources, the location of such phones can not be tracked. For others, they can be reprogrammed and intercepted codes of banking operations in order to transfer money unauthorized from bank accounts.

Nokia specialists say that they do notrepresent how this phone can be used for such purposes, and technically savvy users scornfully scoff at these Internet "ducks". But in the meantime, this model continues to be sold at high prices.

nokia 1100 rh

Summing up

Today Nokia, or, more correctly,Microsoft, again sells affordable phones, the main function of which - calls. But in terms of quality and durability, they still can not compare with such models as Nokia 1100 or 3310. The manufacturer today is not profitable to produce a phone that can work more than 10 years. And that's why, despite the fact that the 1100 model has long been removed from production, it still has an active demand in the secondary market.