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What to spend the bonuses of "Megaphone" accumulated on the account

Bonus program from the company "Megafon"allows customers to accumulate points for the use of communication services. In the future, they can be exchanged for additional options, rewards, give to their relatives and friends who are subscribers of this operator. Notifications on the size of the bonus account are regularly received by the company's customers. How to check the bonuses on MegaFon independently? You can get information about the number of points by entering * 115 # on your phone by sending an SMS message to the number 5010, in the text of which you should indicate the number "0", or by visiting the user's office on the official portal of the operator. On what to spend bonuses "Megaphone" and how to make their activation, we will tell in this article.

What to spend on Megafon bonuses

Savings on the purchase of devices in the mobile operator's salons

For subscribers whose bonus account size isis more than 800 points, provides the possibility of reducing the cost of mobile devices. This means that in the salon "Megaphone" you can exchange bonus points for a discount for a purchase, for example, a tablet PC, a router or a mobile phone. At the same time, there is a peculiarity that you can use only the amount multiples of 100. Thus, with a bonus account of 2 931 points, only 2,900 points are liable for writing off (that is, a discount on the purchase will be granted in the amount of 2900 rubles). This is one of the most profitable options for using bonuses. However, it may not be suitable for all subscribers, since there is a minimum threshold of 800 points. To receive a discount on the purchase of equipment, you need to come to the operator's salon and, having chosen the necessary device, inform the manager of their intentions to use bonuses for payment.

Activate bonuses on Megaphone

Top-up subscriber balance

On what to spend bonuses "Megaphone" yet? If the purchase of equipment and other suggestions for the use of points to the client does not like, you can simply turn them into money. True, the exchange rate will not be too profitable. For example, having 30 bonuses on the account, transferring to the account only 10 rubles (code 030), 180 bonuses - 100 rubles (code 100). The funds received on the account can be used for communication services in the normal mode. Should I activate the bonuses on "Megafon" in such a way, solve the subscribers. You can transfer using the USSD request: * 115 * remuneration code #. You can see the full list of exchange options on the operator's website. However, you can get more interesting options for using points. Read about them further.

Transfer of points to Aeroflot miles

How to use the bonuses on Megafon as much as possibleprofitable and useful? Customers who regularly use Aeroflot services do not have this issue. After all, the joint program of Megafon and the air carrier makes it possible to convert bonuses into miles (in the ratio of 1 to 1). Thus, you can easily, having accumulated a couple of thousand points, get a discount on a ticket or even get it for free. In order to activate bonuses on Megafon in this way, the owner of the room will have to visit the operator's office, capturing the identity document and writing the corresponding application. After that within ten days the points will be transferred to miles. If the arrival time has not occurred, then you should clarify to Aeroflot how to deal with this situation.

How to check the bonuses on Megaphone

Getting extra minutes

For sociable subscribers, Megafon offers packages of minutes that can be obtained for bonuses. There are 2 offers:

  • 10 minutes / 30 minutes for calls to Megafon subscribers in your region (codes 2 10 9101/2 25 9103;
  • 10 minutes / 30 minutes for calls to subscribers of this operator in Russia (to other cities of the country, except for the numbers of their region, codes 30 9201/70 9203).

All minutes packages are valid for 30 days from the moment of activation. The activation command is similar to the one specified in clause 2 of this article.

How to use bonuses on Megaphone

Packages of SMS messages and the Internet

On what to spend bonuses "Megaphone" exceptthe above options? You can connect SMS message packets (10 pcs / 30 pcs.) That will be valid only in your region (sending to short numbers is not implied). You can also receive Internet traffic packages (100 MB / 500 MB). Use the above options can be within 30 days after they are activated.

Bonus account verification

If the subscriber does not want to think aboutthe question of what to spend bonuses "Megaphone", then he can simply transfer them to his friend or relative, who also uses the communication services of this operator. To delay with the activation of points is not necessary, since they have a validity period of 1 year. After this period they just burn. Cancellation of points is automatic. The first to burn out are those that were awarded first. Therefore, it makes sense to use points or transfer to another subscriber, so that he can use them for his own reassurance. We described how this can be done in this article.