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Charging for a tablet - extend the device lifetime

Today, almost all mobile devices,which, of course, include laptops, smartphones, tablets and a number of others require a systematic recharging. There are a lot of opinions about how to properly charge them. They provoke a number of questions.

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Should I wait for the battery to completely discharge? Or maybe it's better to connect the device to a power source from time to time? Charging for a tablet occurs in the same way as a phone or has its own characteristics?

So how is it right?

Many users believe that it is impossible to bringthe battery indicator is below 40%, since this can adversely affect the stable operation of the device. It is better to perform charging more often. At the same time, opponents of this group of users are inclined to think that charging for the tablet should be used only after the device is completely discharged. In this case, you should start working on it only after the battery indicator shows 100% charge. So who is right? How to properly operate mobile devices without fear for their safety and sustainable operation?

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It should be noted that lithium-ion batteries,used in mobile phones and tablets, began to be used only a few years ago. Therefore, today it is extremely difficult to answer the question of what kind of charge for the tablet can extend the battery life. However, there are a number of ways, the use of which, according to experienced users, will have the best effect on your mobile device.


It is recommended to fill up to 100% charge all the timebattery. Do not wait for her to completely discharge and turn off the device. And in order for you to know exactly the battery life, refer to the special table, which shows its capacity and the maximum number of charges. Based on these data, it follows that the most acceptable option is not to bring the battery charge below 40%. It is still not recommended to leave the mobile device connected to the network for a long time, since lithium-ion batteries "do not like" recharging, because it significantly shortens their service life. Watch the time! Long charging for the tablet is harmful!

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Also at least once in 30 days should be producedfull (100%) battery charge. Quite possibly, this advice will seem somewhat contradictory, especially against the background of the above methods, but this is not entirely true. Following this procedure allows you to calibrate the mobile device. In the future, this will ensure proper, high-performance battery operation.


Among other things, if you want to extendthe lifespan of your mobile device, it is necessary that it is as long as possible in a cool place. This is a very important factor, since it is the high temperature on the phone or tablet case that adversely affects the duration of the battery. As you can see from our small material, keep your mobile device and maximize its service life simply. It is necessary to follow basic advice. And then your charging for a Samsung tablet (or any other) will work without fail. In conclusion, I would like to note that they are equally applicable to different manufacturers of mobile equipment. And this means that it does not matter what you have in your hands: charging for the Asus tablet, Samsung or other device, they perform the same functions, each for their gadget.