/ How to change the tariff for MegaFon? Just!

How to change the tariff for MegaFon? Just!

Every year the company "MegaFon" advertises the appearancenew tariffs. And, naturally, their main difference from previous ones is the lower prices for communication services. So, the subscriber needs to know how to change the tariff for MegaFon in this case. And to make it very easy and simple. In addition, it can be done in many ways. However, at first it is necessary to decide which tariff plan the client needs, and this is a little more complicated.

how to change the tariff for MegaFon

Tariff selection

For its subscribers, the company developsoften not one tariff, but a whole line. And this is not done to confuse someone. Obviously, the customers of the mobile operator are completely different. So, they need different tariff plans of "MegaFon", which satisfy their needs. That's why first you should carefully study all the offers of the operator and evaluate your preferences in communication services. And only then decide how to change the tariff for MegaFon.

And how can this be done? First you need to specify which tariff is already connected. To do this, dial * 105 * 13 #, and the desired information appears on the display. Now you can take a sheet of plain paper and just compare the prices for services at this rate and on the one that you liked. Also, by ordering the details for the month, you can see what is spent most of the money. Someone mostly communicates inside the network, and some have friends all over the country. Or, perhaps, the subscriber needs everything at once, but more.

MegaFon's tariff plans
Here for the latter provides "MegaFon"unlimited "All inclusive" tariff. For a monthly fee, the customer is provided with a package of minutes, SMS and Internet traffic. It remains only to select the desired package. And those who do not want to limit themselves in communication with their relatives from Ukraine, Kazakhstan or Belarus can take advantage of the tariff "Warm welcome". There are suggestions for active Internet users, and for those who are not used to communicate much.

Tariff change

But only now, having evaluated and choosing reallyit's time to find out how to change the tariff for MegaFon. Naturally, you can do this in many ways. Most often use the USSD-request * 105 * 20 #. A menu will appear on the phone screen, where you just need to select the tariff plan you liked and confirm its change.

MegaFon unlimited

Another, no less simple way -use the service "Service Guide". In its menu, you need to select the "Options, services and tariffs" section, and then "Change fee". Now it remains only to confirm your choice by clicking the "Order" button. Those who find it difficult to make a change on their own can apply for help to the company's specialists in the contact center, leave an application on the site or come to the office in person.

Features of the service

In any case, the service is providedfree, but it has its own characteristics. The new tariff plan will be effective only from the beginning of the next day, and if the number has prepaid traffic minutes or SMS, then only from the beginning of the next month. It is important to remember that if the connection is suspended on a tariff, it will not be possible to return to it. In fact, it does not matter how to change the tariff for MegaFon, the main thing is not to be disappointed in your choice.