/ How to set up the Internet on Megafon? Complicated is solved simply ...

How to set up the Internet on Megafon? Complicated is solved simply ...

Networks of various communication standards are increasinglypenetrate into our lives, and the question of how to set up the Internet on Megafon becomes more and more relevant. For this purpose, both modems and mobile phones are used. It is recommended to use the first device, but if you really need it, you can also use the mobile phone. In general, what is at hand, then you can apply. The only condition is the presence of an active SIM card, which is installed in this device.

How to set up an Internet megaphone?

With a modem, everything is much simpler. It connects to the universal serial port of the PC directly, this should not be a problem. But when using a mobile phone for these purposes, you need to understand the method of connection.

There are three ways: using an interface cable, via infrared, a connection based on Bluetooth technology or WI-Fi. Before setting up the Internet on Megafon, you need to install drivers that allow such a connection to work properly. After installing them, it is recommended that the PC restart. Then, assemble the entire circuit and check its operability. For this, all the separate components of the future connection must be assembled together. If everything is done correctly, the installed items appear in the My Computer window.

How to set up the Internet on the phone - a megaphone?
The next step is how to set up the Interneton "Megaphone", it is necessary to install specialized software - InternetConnect. During the installation, you can configure the connection, after it is completed, you can connect to the Global Web and start working.

An alternative way can be manualconfiguration, without the use of specialized software. To do this, after installing all the drivers go to the menu item: "Start", then the sub-item "Control Panel". There we select the "Phones and Modems" label and the corresponding device in the list. Double clicking the button on its icon opens the configuration window. In it we go to the tab "Additional communication parameters". In the additional initialization parameters, it is necessary to enter: "AT + CGDCONT = 1," IP "," internet "and press the" OK "button. At the next stage of how to configure the Internet on Megafon, you need to return to the control panel and select the "Network Connections" item there. Start the "Remote connection setup manager" by double-clicking the left mouse button. In the windows that open in succession, you must select the following options:

  1. Connect to the Internet (after setting each parameter you need to click "Next", we will not focus on this).
  2. Select "Select connection manually".
  3. We set the checkbox "Through the normal modem".
  4. Next, the checkbox should be on our modem to activate it.
  5. Enter the name of the connection - any that fits.
  6. Specify the phone number - * 99 #.
  7. Enter your login and password, then confirm the last one (such information is indicated in the startup package).
  8. Click "Finish".

How to set up the Internet on a megaphone?

In the list of network connections, a new one will be added, when enabled, you can connect to the Network. So you figured out how to set up the Internet.

On the phone, "Megaphone" is much easier to set up. To do this, it is enough to accept the settings sent by the operator when you first turn on any mobile device, saving it in the corresponding profile of the device, after which you will immediately have access to the World Wide Web. This is true for both the phone and the smartphone.

This article describes how to configureThe Internet. "Megaphone" is only one of the operators that provides this kind of services. The rest of the configuration procedure is very similar, and such instruction can rightly be considered universal.