/ / Do you know how to check the connected services on MegaFon?

And do you know how to check the connected services on MegaFon?

The mobile phone has become an integral part of life. With him it is so easy to solve working issues at any time and in any place. You can always be sure that your family is okay. But he also has enough cares. We need to constantly monitor the balance sheet and know, for example, how to check the connected services on MegaFon. This will help to save money. The benefit is to do it easily, simply and quickly.

What can be connected?

But before you understand how to "MegaFon"check the connected services, it is worthwhile to understand what they are. First, even if the subscriber did nothing on his own, there is a so-called basic package. It already includes the ability to receive and send calls and SMS, use the Internet, determine the number of incoming calls, long-distance and international communication and roaming services. All of them are free, but if desired, the subscriber can always turn off any of them, and then reactivate.

 megaphone check connected services

Quite often the customers of the company "MegaFon"connect additional options. They help to optimize the available base rate for the personal needs of the client. It can be discounts on various directions of calls, packages of SMS and minutes, unlimited Internet and discounts for roaming. There are a lot of them, and MegaFon customers have plenty to choose from.

In addition, variousAdditional services, such as "Black list", "Anti-AON" or "Replace beep". They, of course, require payment, but they help clients solve a number of other issues. But, perhaps, MegaFon's subscribers most often want to check the connected services in the presence of mobile subscriptions. They are often the most costly and opaque for an ordinary person.

Ask the expert

The simplest solution to this problem isto inquire about the current state of affairs among the specialists of the contact center and the service office. And recently you can ask questions on the company's website. In order to obtain the information you need, you will need to provide passport data or call the contact center employee for a code word. A specialist in the office will speak only with the owner of the room in person, and even then only if you have a passport.

how on a megaphone to check the connected paid services

However, to communicate with a specialistcall center, you will have to wait on the line of his answer. At peak hours, waiting may take up to 10 minutes. And offices work for a maximum of 9 hours, which is not always convenient. On the site of the same company you can file a request and receive a response at any time, since it works around the clock. However, this does not mean that you will receive the information instantly. In addition, you will have to resend the request if you need to disable any of the services. But you can independently check which services are connected. "MegaFon" has provided more than one opportunity for its customers.

"Service Guide"

For active Internet users, moreit will not be convenient to communicate with a company specialist, but "Personal Cabinet" or "Service Guide". You can connect it right away, or later. It is with his help that you can remotely manage your number, which means that the question of how to check on the connected services on MegaFon will simply not arise. It is enough to go to the "Service Guide" and in the "Options, services and tariffs" section to view all the necessary information. In addition, for the convenience of customers, information on already activated services is posted on the main page of the "Personal Account".

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Also worth a look in the sections "Forwarding andcall barring "and" Additional services. "In the first one, you can check for the presence of set redirects and prohibitions, and also manage the" Black list. "This information may be needed if calls are not received, but in the second section, you can check for mobile subscriptions, connect and disconnect" Navigator "and" Video Portal ".

Old-good USSD and not only

However, even today,when and to the expert it is impossible to address, and to "office" there is no access. And then how to check which services are connected to MegaFon? You can do this directly from the device, without access to the Internet, using the USSD-request (* 105 #). With its help, you can view information about all the services and options, and get settings and check the bonus balance. In fact, this is a mini version of the "Personal Cabinet".

how on a megaphone to check the connected services

The same version is also available for the voice menu onnumber 0505. In the presence of the hands-free function, this portal is able to completely replace even the contact center specialist. All the necessary information is provided, albeit in a concise form, but it is understandable and accessible. In addition, you can listen to it as many times as you need. Yes, and available such a "Personal Account" 24 hours a day and 7 times a week. This is also important.

And what about mobile subscriptions?

So, we found out how to check on MegaFonconnected paid services. It's unclear just how to deal with mobile subscriptions. Often their availability is a complete surprise for subscribers (succumbed to advertising, activated and forgotten). Many people do not even know for a long time about writing off money for all these "joys". Of course, all the necessary information can be viewed in a special section of the official website of the company. But you can just send SMS with the text "info" to number 5051. The request is free, and after a couple of minutes the phone will display an answer to your question. In addition, there will be information on how to disconnect existing subscriptions. Convenient, is not it?

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Like any other company, MegaFon is committed toMake it so that customers can conveniently use his services. And most importantly, all information about them was accessible and understandable. That is why the instruction on how to check the connected services on MegaFon is even present in the annex to the contract. Just need to read it carefully and save it.