/ / Service "Trust Payment" ("MegaFon"). Ways of connection and terms of use

Service "Trust Payment" ("MegaFon"). Ways of connection and terms of use

Why do I need the "Trust Payment" service? MegaFon takes care of its subscribers, tries to provide communication in any situation. It happens that you are talking on your mobile phone about something very important, and you run out of money. Or another situation: linger somewhere, you need to call home, warn that they do not worry, and they tell you: "Not enough money." Nearby there is no terminal, no payment point for cellular communication, where you can replenish your account. In this case, and this service is useful.

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This package of services is also called the "Credit of Trust". The subscriber's account is in the red, but he can make calls and send SMS. Usually, the company itself sends a message with a warning and a description of how to take the promised payment on MegaFon before clearing the account on the phone. This SMS indicates the code that you need to dial in order to use this service.

Ways to activate a trust paymentMegaFon provides a lot. You can dial * 138 # 1 or send SMS with the number 1 to 5138, thus connecting the service. If you plan to issue a "Credit of Trust" in advance, you need to come to the MegaFon Salon with a passport. Subscription fee for the use of this service is not charged.

The service can be provided both free of charge andfor money. It all depends on the amount you spent for the last three months on the connection, and the duration of use of the current phone number. If you registered as a subscriber more than four months ago and contributed more than 600 rubles, MegaFon will charge a trust payment free of charge. The credit limit is calculated from the average value of your communication costs per month.

how to take the promised payment on a megaphone

For a paid connection you need to come toa salon with a passport or use a code number. The manager in the salon will tell you how to take the promised payment. "MegaFon" provides several options for the "Credit of Trust." When choosing a package, using SMS or number * 138 # 1, you need to take into account that the selected amount will immediately be written off from your account, so that when you need it you can use the service. The size of the loan can be from 75 to 1500 rubles. When the amount on the account reaches the preferential cut-off threshold, the subscriber will not be able to use the phone, it will be blocked. In order to clarify the threshold, you need to dial 138 # 3.

how to take the promised megaphone payment

For choosing a paid service connection"Trust Payment" MegaFon provides bonuses. Under the "MegaFon-Bonus" program, after three months of connecting the "Credit of Trust", you are credited with bonuses - points, through which you can use free calls within the network, send SMS or use a certain amount of Internet traffic. Bonus points are awarded during the year, until the entire amount spent on a trust payment is covered. You can connect to the program by calling 0510.

If you want to stop using Credittrust, "you need to dial the code number * 138 * 2 # or contact the manager in the salon.The rest of the unused amount is returned to you on the account, bonus points in this case are not accrued.

"Trust credit" is only connected to individuals, corporate clients and subscribers with several phone numbers can not use it.