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Tablet review 4Good T700i 3G: reviews and features

Currently do without a tabletalmost impossible. It is worth noting that it is an urgent need not only for adolescents, but also for adults. Manufacturers of these devices have provided a huge choice for the buyer. In stores you can find both budget models and expensive ones. Of course, the latter are equipped well enough, but their cost is not available to everyone. If the buyer is limited in means, then it is possible to pay attention to more budgetary models of tablets. As a rule, they are produced by Chinese manufacturers. They are less functional, but here the decisive factor will be individual preferences and needs. Basically, such devices are bought by children, since they do not yet know how to properly handle expensive equipment.

So, in this article we will review the tablet4Good T700i 3G. Reviews about the model, it is worth noting, twofold. From the moment of sales, the buyers were divided into two categories. One says that for the price of the best option is not found, the other - categorically negatively relates to the performance of the gadget. Having studied the opinions of the owners, it can be concluded that there are flaws in the tablet, but they pay off quite cheaply. However, the decision to buy should be taken only on an individual basis. And in order to make it easier to make a choice, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the detailed characteristics of the gadget.

Tablet from 4Good company: description and equipment

Tablet 4Good T700i 7 3G - an exclusive line,assembled in China by 4Good company on the order of "MVideo". The main and most important advantage is its price (from 1990 rubles), which is much lower compared to the analogues of top brands.

Device size 188/108/10 mm(length / width / height) and the diagonal of the display is 178 mm (7 inches) painted black, has ports for 2 mini-SIM cards mini and supports 3G networks. The kit includes a USB-cable, a charger, instructions for use and adaptation, headphones. The body of the gadget consists of high-strength plastic.

4good t700i 3g reviews

Hardware Base and Performance

The tablet is based on the operating systemAndroid 4.4. Together with the dual-core Intel processor (model Atom x3-C3130), which delivers power up to 1 GGz, it provides high performance in almost any operation performed. 512 MB of RAM also facilitates rapid data processing. The internal volume is 4 GB, but thanks to the microSD card slot (microSDHC) available, the disk space can be increased to 32 GB.

However, in practice when working with a memory cardthere can be problems: applications are not transferred to external, and are saved only on the emulated, which is built into the 4Good T700i 3G. The owners' testimonies indicate that because of this shortage there simply is not enough space for full-fledged work.

Connections and Internet access

This device supports Internet accessvia SIM, and also has a built-in Wi-Fi signal reception function that provides data reception / transmission up to 300 Mbit / sec. To further enhance the possibilities for data exchange, the tablet has a Bluetooth device running on the v4.0 program. The connection to the PC is made using the microUSB port with the cable included in the base kit. It is worth noting that to connect the tablet with a computer additional software is not required (all the necessary components are built into the device).


Incoming / outgoing calls are made by using 3 communication standards:

  • via GSM networks (voice call);
  • through 3G-network (video call works only in 3G coverage areas);
  • by sending SMS / MMS messages.

However, there is a small nuance with whichbuyers of the action tablet 4Good T700i 3G collided. Reviews from numerous people allowed to deduce one pattern: for 1500-2000 rubles. A model is proposed with reference only to the mobile network of MTS.

tablet 4good t700i 3g


4Good T700i 3G in stock has 2 photos / video camera:

  • main, with a photo resolution of 2 Mp, with a video quality of 1024x768 pixels;
  • front - 0.3 Mp.

Battery and power

The device is able to work up to 5 hours withoutRecharging with battery. Its capacity is 2800 mAh. However, in practice, the 4Good T700i 3G tablet (testimonials confirm this) shows the best results. With moderate load and turned off Wi-Fi can be used without recharging for about 1 day.

4good t700i 3g price

Guarantees and conditions of granting

Order or purchase this modelequipment can be in any salon or on the website of "MVideo". At the same time, the brand network provides each customer with a free warranty for use within 1 month. There are also numerous events where the 4Good T700i 3G model (retail price from 2990 rubles) is offered as a gift (under certain conditions) or almost half cheaper.

4Good T700i - a simple and convenient tool for those,who likes devices with a large set of functions: telephone communication, ubiquitous access to the Internet, the ability to take photos / videos, view video, listen to music, download and use your favorite Android applications. The wide possibilities and simpleness in circulation allow the user to significantly simplify his daily life. And affordability will help you enjoy it faster with the 4Good T700i 7 3G tablet.