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How to check the balance on Megaphone without the hassle and worries

Modern man seeks to keep everything undercontrol. And the most important assistant in this matter is the mobile phone. True, in the bustle of the most important sometimes forget. Namely - to replenish the balance of your phone. Therefore, cellular operators provide a lot of ways to control their account.

How to check balance on Megaphone
Of course, today the companywill certainly remind you of the need to replenish your account in order not to remain without communication. But usually this message is sent, when the money remains quite a bit. Therefore, it is better to know in advance how to check the balance on Megaphone.

Such information is usually providedwhen connected to a network. Also it can always be found on the company's website. This information is available, since MegaFon strives to provide its subscribers with the most reliable information about cash flow. Therefore, the company does everything to ensure that every client knows how to look at the balance on Megafon, and at any time convenient for him.

To clarify the balance of cash can be differentways: using USSD * 100 #, sms to 000100 and a call to 0501. If you are within the home network, the balance check is free. But in roaming sms and calls will be paid. And if the mobile phone is not around, then you can check your balance from a landline phone. You just need to call the number +79271110501 and in the tonal mode dial your phone number and the symbol #.

How to check the account on Megaphone
But even knowing all this, some do not careforget to replenish the account. Therefore, for such customers, the company has developed a Live Balance service. Having connected it, you can simply forget how to check the balance on Megaphone. Information about it will be displayed on the phone's display constantly and updated immediately after each paid call or SMS. It is very convenient for busy or very lazy. Naturally, for the comfort will have to pay. For this service, a subscription fee is charged, however, a small one.

But the company did not stop there. Since to check the account on Megafon, does not mean - to replenish it. For example, small children, people with disabilities and the elderly can not do this. For them it is done by people close to them. Here for them the service "Balance of relatives" was invented. With its help, you can listen to information about the balance of another subscriber at any time by dialing 0500755. However, since it is possible to check the balance on Megafon near relatives not only from good intentions, this will require

How to see the account on Megaphone
the owner of the room.

Like any other company, Megaphoneprovides a lot of ways for its subscribers to find out about the balance of cash. But it is important to remember that it is the duty of all bona fide customers to replenish your account on time. If, however, the balance was at zero and should be contacted urgently, in this case there are many opportunities to make a call after all. You can call at the expense of the called party, borrow a small amount or ask for a call back via SMS. But, despite this, it is still important to remember how to check the balance on Megaphone. At least in order to not miss an important meeting because of the minus on the account.