/ / Huawei (tablet) MediaPad 10 FHD - an excellent device at an affordable price

Huawei (tablet) MediaPad 10 FHD - an excellent device at an affordable price

Huawei (tablet) MediaPad 10 FHD from the same nameThe company is a device that was designed by the manufacturer to compete seriously with such models as the iPad 4 and Acer Iconia Tab A701. Whether it happened with him or not, we will try to understand this article.


For the successful sale of many popular tabletsyou need to thank the quality screens that are suitable not only for Internet surfing, but also for comfortable viewing of video, games and reading books. Fortunately, MediaPad 10 FHD was also not deprived by the manufacturer of a good display. Here it has a serious resolution of 1920x1200, standard for such tablets 10-inch diagonal and quality Full HD. The image on the screen remains excellent even with a significant deviation of view thanks to the IPS-matrix. There is an automatic brightness control in the device, but unfortunately it leaves much to be desired. Many people will not pay any attention to this, because it is not often necessary to work with a tablet under a bright day sun.

tablet huawei mediapad 10

Design and body

Many manufacturers somehow developedthe view that inventing an original design for their devices is not necessary, because there is already an idealized image created by Apple. Huawei this time also decided not to fantasize much and took a lot from the iPad tablets. However, many potential buyers of MediaPad 10 FHD will be only happy about this fact. Huawei (tablet) MediaPad 10 FHD turned out to be light and thin. Together with a catchy, though unoriginal, design, this gives him some advantage over competitors. The connectors on the beautiful case of the tablet are few, since the manufacturer for some reason did not add even the familiar Micro-USB and HDMI. On the top of the device there is a connector for SIM-card (in the Huawei Mediapad 3G tablet) and a MicroSD connector (available in any version). The left side is empty, except for the standard headset jack. Connector for charging and accessories on the bottom of the case. A rocker for adjusting the volume with the Power button is located on the right side. On the two sides of the body are cameras - front and rear. When you look at the tablet created by Huawei, none of the above is not conspicuous, since all this is very well located.

huawei tablet

System and Performance

Manages the tablet, of course, the Android system,which was optimized and tuned specifically for Huawei (tablet) MediaPad 10 FHD and thanks to this it works without delay. The performance of the device is at the level, or more precisely, at the level of Acer Iconia Tab A701. With the video playing in the experimental everything is fine, so people are usually only interested in performance in games. RAM - a standard 1 GB, which is still enough to perform all tasks. Video accelerator Vivante GS4000 does not fail and allows you to get a decent amount of FPS in most games. The processor here is quite powerful - 4-core with a frequency of 1.2 GHz. Its only drawback is the lack of popularity, due to which sometimes some games can not start because they were not optimized for this architecture. However, most applications still go, and the abundance of entertainment for Android allows you to forget about those that for some reason did not go. Flash memory, depending on the version of the tablet, can be from 8 to 32 GB.


Expectations of many that the tablet will be inexpensivecost, unfortunately, have not been confirmed. For it, you will have to give a little less than for a more attractive iPad 4. At the moment its cost is about 14,000 rubles.

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The Huawei Mediapad 10 tablet does not stand out amongcompetitors neither performance, nor original appearance, nor any unusual functions, but it performs its tasks very well. Game launches, video plays, books can read, with music, too, full order (two powerful dynamics), apparently very attractive. And what else does the buyer need?