/ / Huawei Y3 II (Huawei LUA-L21): specifications and description

Huawei Y3 II (Huawei LUA-L21): specifications and description

Phone Huawei LUA-L21, the characteristics of whichwill be considered in this review, - a typical representative of the budget segment. Debuted smartphone in the spring of 2016. At the moment it is the simplest model in the line of mobile devices. This was due to weak hardware equipment, which we still have to learn. Who will use this model? Only undemanding users. Most often, Huawei Y3 II is purchased as a second phone.

huawei lua l21 specifications


Before considering the characteristics of HuaweiLUA-L21, you need to know what it looks like. Unfortunately, the design did not cause the customers any emotions. The simplest plastic case, which is framed by a silver frame. The surface of the rear side remotely resembles metal. Dimensions are small - 134h68h9, 9 mm. Everything, as for such dimensions, is impressive - 150 g. The assortment includes five color variants: Gold, Roze Gold, Black, White and Blue.

The most disturbances are assembly. There is absolutely no stiffness. The plastic is rather thin, so when pressing it is possible to feel how the lid bends.

Screen and cameras

What is the best describes the characteristics of HuaweiLUA-L21? The instruction that comes with the phone! It is in it you need to look in order to find information about the battery, processor and other elements. However, we are still interested in the screen. Huawei Y3 II is suitable for connoisseurs of small devices. It uses a 4.5-inch display. If the dimensions are still nothing, then the resolution, definitely, will disappoint many. The maximum capacity of the screen is 854 × 438 px. Here, the manufacturer did not provide anti-glare and oleophobic coatings. The matrix also can not boast of high performance. It is manufactured using TFT technology. What does it say? On the street in sunny weather it will be quite problematic to interact with a smartphone, as the information is practically not visible.

In Huawei LUA-L21, the characteristics of the cameras are prettymediocre. Dreaming that using a 5- or 2-megapixel sensor can make a quality shot, it's silly. Normal photos are obtained only on the street in clear weather. In order to avoid numerous glare and light, you have to be a real wizard. Alas, this model, definitely, does not fit in the role of a camera phone.

What about the front camera? By and large, nothing. A two-megapixel matrix will suffice unless only for communication on video communication.

huawei lua l21 specifications


What are the characteristics of the hardware in Huawei LUA-L21? The heart of the smartphone was the modest chipset of the trademark MediaTek. Buyers should understand that this model does not fit in the role of gaming. The MT6582M processor, running at 1300 MHz, will not pull serious toys. The problem can also arise when running "heavy" applications. The reason for these limitations is a small amount of RAM - only one gigabyte. Native memory in the device is also a minimum. For all about all the developers have provided storage for 8 GB. It should be noted that there is not more than half of it free. Expand memory up to 32 GB can be, installing a USB flash drive, but save on it will only get music, pictures, photos, videos. All application files will automatically be transferred to the phone's memory.

The smartphone is running Android 5.1. There were, of course, no shell. The phone is equipped with an interface EMUI 3.1 Lite, developed by Huawei.

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Huawei LUA-L21: specifications and reviews about the battery

For autonomy in Huawei Y3 II is responsiblea lithium-polymer battery with a capacity of 2100 mAh. It is removable, so if desired, the user can carry a spare battery with him in case the main battery is discharged. Record indicators from this model should not be expected. Here everything is within the budget class. For example, a four-hour video playback will consume the entire battery life. If you reduce the active screen time to 2.5 hours, you can expect about 18 hours of work, and during this time you can use the Internet, connecting via Wi-Fi.

The smartphone has a special program thatoptimizes power consumption. With its help, applications are controlled, so that autonomy increases significantly. During testing, the device was able to work 4 hours on one charge with an active screen.

huawei lua l21 specifications reviews


Having considered the characteristics of Huawei LUA-L21, you cansay that this model is suitable only for novice users. Its indisputable advantages are the low price (about 6,000 rubles) and compact dimensions. Due to the size of the gadget can be worn in a shirt pocket or pants, and also in the purse, it does not take up much space. As for the rest, it is difficult to imagine that such a modest smartphone in all respects will appeal to most buyers. Its most significant drawbacks are weak speakers, low camera resolution, mediocre screen, poor-quality case.