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What should I do if I see a yellow patch on my phone screen?

Number of faults in mobile gadgetsgrows in proportion to the emergence of new technologies. The culprit of this trouble is competition, because the race for success can not be delayed, otherwise your place under the sun will be taken by another company. As a result, developers do not have time to test the devices properly, and imperfect smartphones fall into the hands of consumers.

The problems are different: from serious, disrupting the efficiency of the device, to minor, but spoiling the aesthetic component. One of these problems is a yellow spot on the phone screen.

yellow spot on the phone screen

What a malfunction looks like

From this trouble are not insured morehalf of modern smartphones. Most often it is mentioned by users of devices from well-known brands: Apple, HTC, Samsung (less often). But when used for a period of two years, such a defect is capable of manifesting itself in any brand of device.

A yellow spot on the phone screen can beany place, so when you buy it is recommended to carefully inspect the gadget. It is worth remembering that most often this malfunction is visible on a white background, for example, if search results are open. The intensity of the defect is different: sometimes it looks like a light blackout on the display closer to a brownish hue, but there are also very bright spots, as if oil or glue was spread under the glass.

a yellow stain appeared on the phone's screen

Why is it happening?

If a yellow stain appears on the phone's screen, there are several reasons:

  • drop the device from a high altitude;
  • strong impact on the body from the side or directly on the display;
  • long exposure to direct sunlight;
  • liquid ingress;
  • strong heating from an external source (stove, fire, battery, etc.);
  • the same as in the previous paragraph, but due to the fault of the defective battery or processor.

All these factors can serve as an outagetransistors at a fraction of the pixels. Because of this, the latter stop working correctly, giving different effects: from colored or more dim areas to the "petrol" rainbow on the display.

Despair is not necessary, at this stage, this can still be corrected.

How to remove a yellow stain from the phone screen?

Attention! The methods described below are not suitable if the gadget failure was caused by mechanical damage. In this case, only a complete replacement of the display will help. It is produced both independently and in any service center, so you do not need to worry too much about this.

So, what to do in other situations? Unfortunately, there are not so many options.

Overheating smartphone

If the defect is caused by the influence of high temperatures,It is worth trying to cool the device. To do this, the device needs to be disconnected, put in a sealed bag and ... put in the refrigerator. No, this is not a joke on inexperienced gadget owners! This method really helps, but there is one nuance: the temperature in the cell should not be below +8 degrees Celsius.

How to remove the yellow spot from the phone screen

Keep your smartphone in a cool need for the whole10 minutes. Then it is removed and left to "warm" at room temperature. At the subsequent switching on the yellow spot on the phone screen should disappear.

However, this method does not save you from the secondary appearance of a defect.

Spontaneous detection

If the gadget is not affected by hightemperatures, you can test another method. To do this, you need a special program (like ScreenFix Deluxe only for smartphones), which runs a high-speed color change of pixels in the desired area. Sometimes this helps remove the yellow spot on the phone screen, but not in the event of a factory display malfunction.

Then it remains only to contact the warranty service or service center.