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Unlimited on Megafon: review of tariff plans

Almost every modern operator of communicationyou can find in the list of offered tariff plans both offers with payment for the "fact" of using communication services, and TP, in which a package of packages containing messages, traffic and minutes has already been compiled. Megafon is no exception. You can pick up profitable unlimited on "Megaphone" both individuals and corporate clients. What variants of tariff plans with the included quantity of services are offered by the operator at the moment? How to choose the most suitable option for yourself?

unlimited on a megaphone

Ruler "Megafon.Bezlimit"

For residents of the Moscow region are offereda whole line of tariff plans, which already include packages of basic services of different volumes. These tariffs differ from each other in the number of available volumes of services and, as a consequence, the size of the subscription fee. Terms of service are the same for each of the options offered. When connected, the subscription fee is debited for the first 15 days and one second of the monthly service volume is available. After 15 days, the second part is written off and the remaining volume of services becomes available to the subscriber. From the next calculation period, the subscriber fee for the unlimited on Megafon from the balance sheet is written off once in full. The date of the beginning of the billing period is the day when the transition to the TP was made.

Tariff S

The ruler of tariff plans "No Limit" on "Megaphone" starts with the lowest tariff, which has a subscription fee of 300 rubles. With this payment each month the client will receive:

  • 250 minutes for calls to all numbers in the home region;
  • Internet package of 1000 megabytes;
  • 200 text messages for sending to the subscribers numbers of your region.

megaphone unlimited

Tariff M

This option will be more interesting for customers who prefer more active communication and use of the Internet. For the monthly fee of 500 rubles will be provided the following amounts of data:

  • 500 minutes, which you can spend on calls to numbers, both your network and other operators;
  • 400 text messages intended for sending home region customers;
  • Internet package of 3000 megabytes.

Tariff L

If the previous tariff plan is not enough and you need more services, you can look at the "L" TP. Under his terms the client receives:

  • 1100 minutes for calls to all operators, including Megafon to other regions;
  • 1000 text messages;
  • a packet of Internet traffic containing 7 gigabytes.

For this TA is written off monthly 900 rubles.

 corporate unlimited megaphone

Tariffs XL and "VIP"

If you are a subscriber who does notused to limit themselves to anything, then we recommend paying attention to the tariffs XL and Vip. The first offers 2.5 thousand minutes, 2 000 messages and 10 gigabytes of traffic.

Vip-offer has a record number of services offered within the tariff plan:

  • 5,000 minutes and messages;
  • 20 gigabytes of the Internet.

The subscription fee for XL is 1400 rubles. It is written off from the balance sheet also once a month in full. For the tariff, called "Vip", the payment has a larger size - 2700 rubles.

For all tariff plans, except for the option withthe minimum number of services (S), it is assumed that it is possible to use predefined limits even outside the home region. When traveling in Russia, all the minutes, messages and traffic available in your region can also be used at no extra charge.

It is also worth noting that, within the framework of the includedThe number of minutes means completely unlimited communication with Megafon subscribers in other regions. The only exception is the tariff S, where you can communicate for free only with those people who have a SIM card registered in the same region.

Please note that when counting minutesand calls to "Megaphone" are taken into account. Thus, if you take the M tariff, for example, then 500 minutes includes calls to Megafon (in your area and in other cities). Only after the package has been spent, calls within the network will still be free.

unlimited megaphone fare

Corporate unlimited "Megafon"

For corporate entities that are corporatecustomers of the cellular operator, a tariff with the included volume of services is also provided. Before you go to it, you should determine the conditions yourself, that is, how many messages, minutes and gigabytes you need. On the official portal of the telecoms operator you can view and independently "design" your tariff by choosing the necessary volumes of services. The subscription fee for such unlimited on Megafon will be established in accordance with the specified criteria. You can connect up to 5000 minutes and 30 gigabytes of Internet. Monthly, such a package of packages will cost 1300 rubles (for residents of the Moscow region).

The mobile operator offers several tariffplans of the line "Unlimited" ("Megaphone"). The tariff can be selected not only for individuals, even for corporate clients such unlimited offers are available.