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Megafon: profitable tariffs. Which tariffs are the most profitable?

Choose the appropriate tariff from the mobile operatoris not so simple, given the nuances that can hide in the options of a plan. After all, whatever one may say, the task of any operator is to present one or another option to its subscriber as much as possible, so that he agrees to connect it.

In this article, we will look at some of the tariff plans that the operator of Megafon operates. In addition, as part of writing this article, we will try to identify the most profitable of them.


"Megafon" favorable rates

Start a description of all plans submitted byany operator, follows with the indication of the specialization of each of them. This means that the tariffs that the company offers to its subscribers have a special profile - that is, they are intended for a specific purpose. For example, Megafon has profitable tariffs for talking in roaming, for working on the Internet, and for unlimited communication within the network. Depending on what exactly interests the user, he can connect one or another option. To do this, of course, you need to know what a profitable tariff for "Megafon" to use for various purposes.

It is not difficult to understand this - information about alltariff plans on the operator's website is divided into clear blocks. There are options "All-inclusive", "For communication in the network", "To communicate with subscribers of other operators," "Special" and so on. Given their interests, the subscriber can order the activation of a plan.

For communication within the network

what is the most profitable MegaFon tariff?

Let's start with the simplest - plans for talking withsubscribers of their network. In fact, Megafon has profitable tariffs for communication between the company's customers. The most noteworthy (it, in fact, at the moment and the main one) is "Move to ZERO". The plan does not presuppose a regular subscription fee, and calls to subscribers in their region cost 0 rubles. If we talk about conversations with users from other parts of our country, the cost of the call will be 3 rubles per minute. The cost of the call increases to 12.5 rubles per minute, if it is a question of talking to subscribers of operators different from Megafon.

Favorable tariffs for Russia or not - saycomplicated. If, say, you know that you often talk with "home users" (users of your network and region) - then for you this plan is quite attractive. Otherwise, if you are interested in, say, calls around the country - then you need to look, for example, on the package "Warm welcome", which we will describe further.

For calls outside the network

what is the advantageous tariff for "Megaphone"

Some subscribers prefertalk to users served by other operators than with their network. For such purposes, Megafon has profitable tariffs "Everything is simple" and "Moscow region". The first is characterized by the fact that the cost of speaking with the numbers of your region is 1.6 rubles (regardless of the operator), and the second is due to the fact that the first minute of the call costs 1.6 rubles, after which the cost drops to 0.6 rubles. These are quite profitable tariffs for calls. "Megaphone" positions them as such that they save you if you need to communicate a lot with those who are served in your region.

For the Internet

Now no less popular service thancheap calls, is an affordable mobile Internet. If you are an active smartphone user and would like to know which Megafon tariff is the most profitable for working on the Web, you should refer to the relevant section on the company's website, which we will do. Here are some tariff plans, which differ in cost, volume of traffic provided and purpose (meaning, from which device are you going to use it). Also there is one plan for the inhabitants of the Moscow region.

advantageous tariffs for calls "Megaphone"

For example, if you have a smartphone, you canconnect the option "Internet S" for 350 rubles a month. Within the framework of this package, the subscriber receives 3GB of traffic. There are plans for 16GB, 36GB and for unlimited access (though, in night mode), the cost of which is 590, 890 and 1290 rubles, respectively.

For a day the user can activate the mobile Internet service (having received a package of data with a volume of 70Mb) for 7 rubles per day.

On the listed options one should note onecharacteristic feature. The fact is that by connecting this tariff, you will receive only traffic for working on the network. If you are interested in a set of opportunities - it is more expedient to use one of the tariffs "All inclusive". About them - in the next section.

Comprehensive solutions

For those who do not want to go into details of tariffing of certain services, MegaFon has specially developed favorable tariffs. These are packages "All-inclusive XS" (and also S, L, M, VIP).

Within their framework, a list of services is provided(Internet traffic, minutes for calls, SMS messages) for a fixed monthly fee. For example, in the XS package there are 300 minutes for talking on the Megafon network and 500 Mb of Internet for 199 rubles per month. "All Inclusive S" offers 400 min, 100 SMS and 3 GB for 390 rubles / month; M - 600 minutes, 600 messages, 4GB of traffic for 590 rubles; L - 1500 min, 8 Gb, 1500 SMS for 1290 rubles; and VIP - 5 thousand minutes, 10GB of Internet and 5 thousand messages for 2700 rubles.

How to choose?

At the ordinary user who sees for the first timeall tariff plans from your mobile operator, there may be a question - how should he navigate to make the right choice? How to guess the tariff, which in the future will be the most optimal for you, and will satisfy all your needs?

"Megafon" favorable rates for Russia

To begin with, choose the general concept of yourtariff, as it was mentioned earlier, - decide what you wanted to use most of all - calls to the network, the Internet or minutes to talk with other people's operators. Depending on this, simply select the most suitable package.

If you do not have specific preferences foryour tariff, and you need "just a little bit" - then use the complex plans from "Megaphone", which already include different options. And here everything is much easier - if you do not know which version of the package you need - take the most affordable. In the extreme case, if in the first month of using the service you do not have enough minutes and a packet of traffic, you can always switch to a more expensive tariff.