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Game console Sony Playstation 3 - a gamer's dream!

The consoles always used a hugepopularity. It's understandable, because game consoles have a lot of advantages over personal computers (PCs). In this article, we'll talk about the console from the notorious company Sony.

Game console Sony PlayStation 3

Game console Sony PlayStation 3

Surely you've heard about the PS3 more than once. But what is this? Game console Sony PlayStation 3 - this is one of the representatives of gaming consoles of the seventh generation (this generation also includes Xbox 360 and Wii). But let the word "game" does not lead you astray. Using this console, the user can, in addition to games, watch movies, go online, listen to audio tracks, etc. And this means that the Sony PlayStation 3 game console is a real multimedia center. In this article, we will take a closer look at this miracle of technology, let's talk about its features, capabilities, etc.


As the old saying goes: "Meet on the clothes ..." Therefore, we begin our review with the appearance of the console. The guys from Sony tried their best. The design of the console is soft and stylish, so it's simply impossible to remain indifferent to the PS3. The console is made in the style of high-tech, which only once again emphasizes its high-tech.

PS3 is available in various colors. There is a white, and black, and even a silver version. Therefore, you can certainly find the color that you will like. In addition, there are complete collectible editions PlayStation 3. In them, along with PS3 you can find the game. It is noteworthy that in such publications the design of the console is executed in the manner of the game.

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Now, from the appearance, we move on to the "internalworld "of our console.The game console Sony PlayStation 3 has a relatively powerful stuffing.In the PS3 is built a modern eight-flow processor, whose power is 3.2 GHz.In addition, the console uses a graphics processor (video card) RSX, which is sometimes called the" Synthesizer of Reality " The video chip is capable of operating at a frequency of 550 MHz and at the same time has 256 MB of memory.This technical characteristics allow the console to reproduce an excellent picture without any lags and sagging, thus providing a comfortable gaming experience

The main optical media of the PS3 is the Blu-ray drive. But with the game console Sony PlayStation 3 is able to read and DVD, and CD, and even SACD.

operating system

Game console Sony PlayStation 3 hasown operating system. You can download updates, drivers, etc. without any problems. The software is very easy to manage. It is understandable on an intuitive level, and even a small child can understand. All functions are available for operation directly from the central screen.

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The PS3 has a built-in browser, usingwhich, you can surf the Internet without getting up off the couch. In addition, there is a player through which you can watch various movies and even listen to music. PlayStation 3 has its own services. One of these is the PlayStation Store, in which you can buy games and other multimedia.

Game peripherals

The main device for controlling PS3 isa gamepad called Dualshock 3, which comes with a prefix. Joystick wireless and without recharging is able to work up to 30 hours. Also for him there is a special USB cable, using which, you can connect the Dualshock to the console and thus recharge it.

Gamepad is an ideal gaming device. And you understand this during the process. Acting with the joystick, you completely feel what is happening in the game. Although, if you play for the first time, you may experience discomfort (especially in shooters). But already literally an hour later you get used to it, and the joystick, without exaggeration, becomes a part of the gamer.

In addition to the gamepad, there are other devices for the game. These include the PlayStation Move. Using Move, you can control the prefix using gestures. It's quite interesting and fun in games like boxing, bowling, archery, etc. But for this, in addition to Move, you will need a special camera called PlayStation Eye, which recognizes gestures. Unlike the gamepad, PlayStation Move and Eye are not in the standard kit, so they will have to be purchased separately.

Game console Sony PlayStation 3

Now let's move to the most "sweet" -games. Game console Sony PlayStation 3 has an extensive base of games. For almost 10 years of its existence, more than 600 projects have been published. Moreover, games continue to go out to this day. Despite the fact that a new generation of consoles has already come out, the PS3 plan to support at least 5 years.

Also, we can not say the main reason forbuying PS3 - exclusives. Heavy Rain, God of War, Gran Turismo 6, Metal Gear Solid, Uncharted, The Last of Us - all this can be played exclusively on Sony Playstation 3 (PS3). Prices for games bite - and, perhaps, this is the main disadvantage of the console. But since the PS4 has recently come out, the previous generation of consoles has become much cheaper. So now is the best time to buy a PS3. Learn more about the prices you can.

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Sony PlayStation 3 PS3 prices

To buy a PS3, you have to pay about $ 280 (14,000 rubles). As for the average cost of games, it varies from $ 30 to $ 40 (depending on the project itself).

For the CIS countries the price is quite large. But it is fair to note that in the PS Store quite often there are actions. Therefore, buying a digital version of the game at a discounted price, you can save a lot. In addition, there is a special subscription PS Plus. Those who have acquired it, each month receive new games. PS Plus is a very good offer for new users. With it, you can play most of the exclusives of "PS 3", while paying a penny. Therefore, if you just bought a PS3 and you do not have a game, the best choice is to purchase a subscription for PS Plus.

Most users are completely satisfiedits prefix. In general, they praise "PS 3" for the delightful graphics, surround sound, lack of lags, a comfortable gamepad, a huge base of exclusives, etc. At the same time, most users do not like the high price of games and the console itself.


Many potential buyers are interested ina question about the relevance of "PS 3". Like, the next generation of consoles has already appeared in the light, and "PS 3" is no longer relevant. This is not true. First, in the company "Sony" officially announced that "PS 3" will be maintained for at least 5 years. And this means that at least 5 years on the model of the old generation will be released games. Doubt in this? We can give a historical example. PlayStation 2 was released in 2000 and was supported until 2013. Secondly, it makes sense to buy "PS 3" to get acquainted with the excellent exclusive games. As representatives of "Sony" said, they do not intend to port projects from "PS 3" to "PS 4". Therefore, to play in such masterpieces as Uncharted, Heavy Rain, MGS and so on, you will have to buy an "old lady-ployka." Third, not everyone can afford a new "PS 4" (especially with the current dollar rate). The only salvation for such people is the purchase of "PS 3". After the release of a new generation of consoles PlayStation 3 significantly decreased in price. Therefore, right now it is the most successful time for the purchase of the third "ployka."

The result

In the end, we can say that the "PS 3" - excellentconsole, which will please any gambler. Excellent features that allow you to play at the maximum settings without lags, a lot of quality and exclusive projects, a convenient joystick and much more. Is not this what you dreamed of? Definitely the best friend of the gamer - the game console Sony PlayStation 3. Customer feedback is confirmed.