/ Which plotter to choose. Types and purpose of plotters

Which plotter to choose. Types and purpose of plotters

The market of plotters is experiencing a steady rise, andbecause the proposal is quite large and varied. Plotters are indispensable in printing, for advertising and production firms and advertising agencies that need outdoor advertising. In the most general form, plotters are divided into cutting (laser), printing (inkjet) and ultra-precise.

Before buy a plotter, you should carefully study its parameters and choose the model that exactly corresponds to the production needs.

By design, plotters come in the following types:

1). For printing schemes and drawings.

Such a plotter can printpractically on any medium, while maintaining high image quality. Important parameters are the resolution of the plotter, that is, the ability to reproduce thin lines and small objects on paper or other media with preservation of the print quality.

2). For the artistic press.

Plotters for full color printing make upa huge segment of the market. Well-known brands provide a wide range of models for large volumes of work with a sufficiently low cost per print. Such equipment should be easy to operate and efficient.

3). For topographic printing.

The most important characteristic of this plotter is the maximum accuracy and high quality, because even for the printing of maps and plans, even the slightest deviation is unacceptable.

When choosing a plotter, you should pay attention to such important factors:

4). The cost price of a print.

The cost price is formed from the cost of ink(cartridge and printhead) and media material. The ink should be of high quality, so as not to spoil the details of the equipment. The carriers can be in the form of rolls or sheet. In this case, roll materials are much cheaper, which allows you to reduce costs. At purchase it is necessary to specify, whether there is at a plotter a roll feed option.

5). Maximum print resolution

At this time, the resolution of printing plottershas reached high values. The maximum resolution settings are needed if the printed image is viewed near. Plotters with a small resolution are ideal for printing posters and billboards, which from a long distance look very realistic.

6). Availability of customer service and warranty

Particular attention should be given to the warranty obligations and to choose the supplier who is ready to provide quality service.

It is important to carefully study these criteria when choosing and buying a plotter. Then when using, there will be no unnecessary problems, and the device will work properly for a long period.