/ / "Beeline": tariffs for pensioners - cheap, simple, convenient

"Beeline": tariffs for pensioners - cheap, simple, convenient

Company Beeline offers its subscribers a number of tariff plans that fit anycategories of customers: as those who are not used to saving on communication services and prefer to have the whole range of services "at hand", and those who talk little on the mobile phone and do not use any other possibilities. A number of tariff plans are "sharpened" for specific situations: for cheap calls to international destinations, a favorable "Beeline" tariff for pensioners and the like. In the current article, we will describe in more detail the latest version, which can really be quite an interesting proposal for this category of citizens.

Bills for pensioners

Beeline: tariffs for pensioners, interesting offers

Despite the fact that there is a special offerfor people who retired, you should pay attention to a number of tariff plans, which can also be quite interesting. All of them do not have a subscription fee and imply profitable calls from the number "Beeline"". Tariffs for pensioners are, first of all, the following:

• TP "Zero of doubts" - is suitable for those subscribers who communicate more often within the network (with subscribers of the same operator).

• TP "Posekundny" is an excellent option for short calls.

• TA "Mobile pensioner" is a specialized tariff, which can be connected only by those who have a pension certificate. This is required in the office of the company.

mobile pensioner

Overview of the TP Zero of Doubts

First of all I would like to draw attention to thethe offer of the company "Beeline" - tariffs for pensioners. Consider the TP "Zero of doubt". Activating it on your SIM card, the subscriber can, starting from the second minute of the connection, communicate for free with an interlocutor who also has a SIM card from Beeline. In this case, the cost of the first minute will cost only 1.3 rubles. This rule is applicable when communicating on the territory of a home region.

When calling to the numbers "Beeline" of Russia every minute will do in 2.5 rubles, which is also quite acceptable for intercity communication. As for calling calls to other numbers operators - 2.3 rubles. in the home region, 5 rubles. at long-distance calls. On the "Beeline" number, the rates for pensioners (without a subscription fee) have the standard cost of SMS and Internet services:

advantageous tariff beeline for pensioners

• You can send a text message for 2.5 rubles (within the region).

• The cost of Internet traffic is standard - 9.95 rubles. for one megabyte.

"Mobile pensioner" - "Beeline" tariff: overview

Not forgetting about such a category of subscribers aspensioners, "Beeline" has developed a special offer, which can be used far for everyone. After all, it will require an identity card and a pension certificate. «Mobile pensioner» (tariff «Beeline") Is connected only at the operator's office. The cost of connection (transfer) - 30 rubles. Under the terms of the tariff, you can add five "favorite numbers", you can communicate with them on preferential terms of cost - 1,25 rub. Other challenges, committed, for example, from the territory Moscow will manage in 3.95 rub. A challengeexecuted from the territory of the Moscow region - 3,16 rub.

The cost of the Internet and text messages is nothingdoes not differ from other Beeline TP. Tariffs for pensioners (except for this proposal) are more narrowly focused, with a low cost of communication within the network and so on. This tariff implies the ability to pay only 1.25 rubles. in a minute communication with any number added to the category of "favorite". In this case, it can be either a landline phone or a number of another operator.

tariffs for beeline without a monthly fee for pensioners

Overview of TP "Posekundny"

Another one in the list of Beeline (tariffs forpensioners) - TA "Posekundny". It is useful to use it in those cases when it is not planned to conduct long-term negotiations on a mobile phone. For subscribers who communicate for 10-20 seconds, it will become a real find. Since it means per second charging, then, after talking 12 seconds, you do not have to pay like a minute of conversation.

In this article were considered "Beeline" tariffs without a subscription fee for pensioners. Each of the three TP, discussed above, can be activated onroom. The fee for switching to the TP "Posekundny" is 150 rubles, while the "Zero doubts" can be transferred for free. As for the Mobile Retirement tariff, it will not be activated remotely even for current clients of the company - it will be necessary to visit the Beeline communication center, taking with them documents confirming the pension status.