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Tips on how to check iphone for authenticity

Apple is the world-famous Americanthe company opened in 1976, founded by Steve Jobs. The head office is located in California. This company in such a short time was able to distribute products around the world that makes us admire its reliability, uniqueness and excellent quality.

how to check iphone

Almost for 40 years Apple has changed beyond recognition. As everyone knows, Tim Cook became the new head of the company in 2011, after the death of Steve Jobs. The founder of the firm was truly a great man who succeeded in life without anyone's help, only with his mind and zeal. The company's products have no boundaries in the uniqueness and significance in the world markets. At the moment, the most popular products are: iPhone, iPad and iPod, which already have many different models, differing in structure and functionality.

Because of the popularity of the company, its products are beginning tofalsify and sell, giving out for genuine. How to check the iphone and not make a mistake with its choice? First of all, measure the diameter of the screen, it is 8.9 cm. Find a special slot for the SIM card, it is half the size of the usual one, and consequently, the connector for it should be smaller and fit in size. Also, you need to match the three serial numbers on the box, SIM card and in the phone menu. You can also verify the authenticity of the SNDeepInfo service.

how to check iphone 4s for authenticity

There are several ways how to check iphone 4son authenticity. One of the easiest is to check the correct Russian language in the phone. The presence of one SIM card, only the operating system iOS 5 and the SIRI system, indicates that the phone is real. You can also use the above tips to check your iphone. But still the best and more reliable wayis considered a check in the iTunes program, which should find the connected device, if this is not observed, then your purchase is just a Chinese counterfeit.

Most recently, a completely newphone iPhone 5, which is considered the receiver of the phone series 4s. Many have already bought a novelty, and whoever has not bought it yet, must know how to check the iphone 5. First of all, you need to buy in major well-known stores that are not deceived. If this happens, then in such enterprises it is easier to solve the problem that has arisen.

how to check iphone 5

At purchase check up presence of all componentsphone and its accessories, such as headphones and charging. Everything should be well-equipped and in excellent condition. Knowing, how to check iphone, you will never make a mistake inhis choice. The most important feature of Chinese counterfeiting is that if you dial * 3267 * 0012 #, then you will have a section with settings. This phone will not do this.

All of the above tips will help you choose a purchase. And if you still do not know how to check the iphone, and generally do not understand this product, thenbetter contact your friends or acquaintances who will help you and will never be deceived in such a delicate matter. Be careful when choosing any cellular products, otherwise there will be a lot of technical problems and problems.