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Nokia 206 Dual Sim: specifications and reviews

Nokia 206 was introduced long ago,but it still remains relevant, it can be easily purchased in many communication stores. The communicator is suitable for those who want to purchase a "device for calls", but does not want to dwell on devices of the super-budget segment, products of Chinese manufacturers or local brands.


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Something supernatural in appearanceNokia 206 is not found - it's a classic button phone, which is made of plastic. The front panel together with the keyboard is glossy, and the back part is matte. The chosen solution is very practical - the rear panel is comfortable, fingerprints are not visible on the front. The set of elements on the front panel is standard - the keyboard, the screen and the hole of the conversational speaker. The microphone is in the lower right corner of the "lattice" key. As for the rear panel, there is a camera eye, as well as holes for the polyphonic speaker. If we talk about the connectors for connecting the headset, as well as the charger, they are on the top panel. Nokia 206 Dual Sim received a second SIM slot on the left side, which is empty in the original version of the communicator.

Finding Items

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The recess for opening the back cover of the devicelocated at the bottom edge. Build quality at height - the device is monolithic, there are no creaks and no backlashes. Thickness (as well as in general ergonomics) is comfortable when used, and also when wearing in your pocket. Thanks to its rounded corners on the back of the Nokia 206 is well placed in jeans. The memory card slot is located on the left edge of the phone and is covered by the back cover. There is a hot replacement of carriers. The main SIM card is located under the battery.


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The keyboard of the Nokia 206 is of an island type. The distance between the keys is about 1.5 mm, with the buttons large, which excludes the possibility of accidental pressing almost completely. As for the location of the keys, there are no experiments here, and this is the undisputed plus of this communicator. The keypad lock is typical for Nokia - the "Menu" and "*" keys are used. Automatic locking with timer is also available. It should be said about the illumination of the keyboard, it is white, with a light lilac shade. A similar combination for the eyes is quite nice. There is no claim to highlighting - it is uniform.


The Nokia 206 uses a BL-4U battery. Battery parameters: 4.1 Wh, 3.7 V, 1110 mAh. The declared autonomy of the version for one number is twenty hours of talk, 1132 - waiting. The option for two SIM cards has a slightly more modest performance. As a mp3 player Nokia 206 is able to work for about 41 hours. Practice shows that from a single charge the phone can last a week, coping with calls, SMS, and also playing the role of an audio player (within an hour per day). Excellent performance.

Display and photos

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The diagonal of the Nokia 206 screen is 2.4 inches withresolution of 240 x 320 pixels. The pixel density is sustained at 165 ppi. The graininess of the picture is not striking. Technology TFT, there is no claim to image quality - indoors the screen pleases the eye with a good color rendition, and in the sun it is easy to keep its readability. The viewing angles are sufficient. The camera module is 1.3 Mp, has a fixed focus. You can take a picture by pressing the middle of the navigation key. There is no separate button for activating the camera. Using the joystick, you can turn on the digital zoom. The navigation key is used to provide switching between the modes of photography, video recording and gallery. Thanks to the photo settings, you can set: effects, white balance; self-timer; grid. Separately, we note a rather curious mode of self-portrait - during its activation it is necessary to rotate the phone to your camera and follow all voice instructions. This function without exaggeration can be called original. That repents the general impression of Nokia 206, reviews confirm that it is almost an ideal communicator for communication. You can also customize the photo settings: size; time of viewing; place of conservation; name; photo album; shutter sound of the camera. When recording video, you can set: white balance, microphone setting, effects, self-timer, grid, roller orientation. That's not all. In the video settings you can set: the duration of the video, the ability to view and save, title, shutter sound, auto timer signals. There are several options for viewing photos.