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Lenovo TAB A10: specifications and reviews

Lenovo Tab 2 A10-70L 16Gb LTE - mobilea digital device (tablet), which went on sale in 2015. The novelty immediately attracted the attention of most buyers. The manufacturer used innovative developments. At the heart of the tablet is a well-known processor MediaTek. High performance is provided by two gigabytes of RAM. A screen for 10,1 "guarantees the user a comfortable pastime. Such characteristics combined with a price of 18 thousand rubles are able to intrigue any buyer.

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If you study customer reviews, then Lenovo Tab 2A10-70L on design will pull only on chetverochku. The reason for this is the typical design. The case is plastic. The developers have applied a matte coating, thanks to which the touch to the tablet gives an unforgettable pleasure. However, one should not keep silent about march. Cover soft-touch is already known to buyers, and in their reviews, they often point to a drawback, such as the accumulation of fingerprints.

The gadget measures 24.7 × 17.1 × 0.89 cm. Side edges are slightly rounded, which allowed developers to visually reduce the thickness of the tablet. The front panel is designed according to a typical scheme. It contains a large screen, a camera lens and a light sensor. But the light indicator in the Lenovo Tab A10-70L is not provided. The frame around the display is black or white. The camera lens is displayed on the back panel. There is also a speaker here. Its hole occupies the entire upper part. Also on the lid the manufacturer placed a corporate logo. The mechanical buttons (power button and volume control) that are used to control the tablet are located on the side face on the left side. There is also a microUSB connector. Microphone developers brought to the bottom end, and the port to connect the headset to the top.

Given that Lenovo Tab A10 works with networks of mobile operators, the designers have provided slots for a micro-SIM and removable storage. They are covered with a cap.

According to users, the build quality is prettygood. However, they noticed one feature - when you press the back cover you feel a slight deflection. Most likely, this is due to the presence of free space between the hull and the internal "stuffing".

lenovo tab 2 a10 70l

Characteristic and feedback about the display

Tablet Lenovo Tab A10-70L has a lot ofmerits. One of them is the screen. It is quite large - 10.1 inches. The display technology used in the gadget is currently the highest quality. It's about the IPS-matrix. It is already familiar to users. Wide viewing angles, high color rendition, real shades, optimal brightness margin - all this is guaranteed by the developers of Lenovo Tab A10-70L.

Meet in the tablets category up to 20 thousand. rubles screens with a resolution of 1920 × 1200 px are almost impossible. Renowned brands use such characteristics in models whose prices are an order of magnitude higher. Unfortunately, the pixel density is not high enough - only 224 ppi. But users do not consider this a significant disadvantage.

In order to protect the developers used glass. Oleophobic coating allows you to almost completely get rid of the accumulation of fingerprints on the screen.

Hardware "stuffing"

Lenovo Tab 2 A10-70L 16Gb LTE runs on4-core processor from MediaTek. The computational modules function according to the 2 + 2 principle. When the load increases, the clock frequency reaches 1300 MHz. The users of the MT8732 chipset model have no complaints. The tablet showed excellent results. All tasks it performs quickly: applications do not hang, the browser does not slow down. For the graphics is responsible processor Mali-T760. Graphic accelerator allows you to accurately display animated and other images.

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Lenovo Tab 2 A10-70L shows highresults of work thanks to two gigabytes of RAM. They are quite enough for excellent performance, and the user can practically not experience any restrictions. The only thing that can cause problems is with modern toys. During their launch, there are subsidence in the FPS.

The storage of native memory is 16 GB. It is designed to install downloaded applications, pictures and other files. To ensure that users can fully enjoy the capabilities of the gadget, the developers have provided support for external storage. The device will read information from flash drives, with a capacity of not more than 64 GB.

lenovo tab a10 70l

Battery and battery life

The Lenovo Tab A10-70L battery is not removable. It was performed using lithium-ionic composition. The battery capacity is 7000 milliamps per hour. Such a resource is enough for 12 hours of video viewing. This figure will correspond to reality if you disable the mobile signal.

Many users left a largenumber of laudatory reviews about autonomy. During the tests, the tablet showed excellent results. Depending on the intensity of the load, the battery life is 4-5 days.

Multimedia features

Studying the characteristics of the Lenovo Tab A10-70L, you can notkeep silent about the possibilities of cameras. Rear is based on an 8-megapixel module. For the front-end manufacturer chose a matrix of 5 megapixels. Such equipment fully meets modern requirements.

The advantages of the device can also be easily attributed to stereo speakers. The sound is pretty loud. The music tracks are reproduced purely.

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Summarizing the review, we can safely say thatthis tablet model for 2015 had no competitors. Similar characteristics were met only in the flagship models of world famous manufacturers, such as Samsung. However, their products were much more expensive. Therefore, the "Lenovo" tablet was clearly highlighted in the product range. The optimal combination of price and functionality made the gadget the leader of sales for quite a long time.