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How on Megaphone to ask to call another subscriber?

Even regularly monitoring the balance onmobile number, you can be in a situation where the amount needed for the call is absent on the account. Situations in life happen different, and it is not always possible to replenish the balance on time. Of course, thanks to the many options for paying a mobile account, the task of making money is much simpler. But how to be, if you need to urgently contact a person, and at home disconnected the Internet, the nearest store broke the terminal, and to the office and ATM to get at least half an hour? How on "Megaphone" to ask to call back the right person? Almost all mobile operators, including Megafon, provided the possibility of such situations.

How on Megaphone to ask to call back

How on "Megaphone" to ask to call another person?

Service, which will be discussed later, among the peoplemore known as a "beggar", or "bum". With its help, you can notify another subscriber that you want to contact him. How in Megaphone to ask to call the subscriber, if the funds on the account are not enough to make a call? To do this, just enter on your mobile phone a special combination of characters and add to it the number of the person you want. After that, the subscriber will receive a text message containing a request for a call. Of course, no one will force you to call back a person, but you can notify him about your desire to contact him in this way.

How to ask to call back on Megaphone

How can I ask for a call back on Megafon?

To send a request for a call, dialon the phone the following USSD-request: * 144 * number of the subscriber with whom you need to communicate. It should be noted that the number must be entered without "8" or "+7". Example of entering a request for sending a request "Call me back": * 144 * 9010010011 #. Such a service is provided free of charge. You can send a request to any mobile operator. However, a limit of 10 messages is set per day. This means that when you try to send a USSD-request for the eleventh time, the operator will notify you that the limit is exhausted. Also, you can use the service "Call me back", while roaming on the same conditions. However, do not forget that incoming calls when you are outside your home region are charged (and if there are not any, you can not call the subscriber anyway).

How on Megaphone to ask for a call back

Other services at "zero"

How on "Megaphone" to ask to call back, if alreadyIs the limit for sending relevant requests exhausted? Try to simply call the subscriber: if you have the amount necessary for the connection on the account, then wait for a few beeps and put the handset on (in this case, if your number is a person familiar, it will most likely call back). In a situation where the balance is close to "zero", you can also dial the desired number. In response, you will hear that the money in the account is not enough for the connection, and the subscriber will be sent an SMS message that you tried to call him.


In this article, we talked about how"Megaphone" ask for a call back, in a situation where there is no cash on the balance sheet for the call. We hope that these tips will be useful and will help out in a difficult situation.