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Details on how to create an account on "Android"

Most users, when they startlearn new mobile devices, meet with the question of how to create an account on "Android." And many do not know how to get them and what it is needed for. I would like to note that the registered personal account allows (and this is its main advantage) to access many Google services that enable not only to store information, but also help us at work and in life. So, in brief, we will tell you how to create an account on Android.


how to create an account on android
It does not take much time for registration andspecial knowledge. Follow simple instructions and the task will be solved easily. You will definitely need an internet connection. Do not worry about traffic, because in this case it will be minimal. Find a solution to the question of how to create an account on "Android", you can use various settings - the first time you start the device or using the Google service application that you want to use. At the first start-up and after the original page for registration appears on the screen, press the button "Create". Next, you must enter your name and then the Gmail username. It is worth paying special attention to the pseudonym, make it readable and memorable. After the given text form is filled, we press "further". On the next page you will need to enter a password, which must consist of one digit and not less than eight letters. This code should be repeated and confirmed.


how to restore an account on android
To create an account on Android and bequiet in case of hacking or password loss, there is a secret question function that will be offered in the next window. Secret question can be selected from the drop-down list or come up with an original one at your own discretion. Do not forget to enter and remember the answer. Also, for complete security, you can add another email address of the current email or verify the cell phone number, this will help restore the account. Be sure to accept the terms of the agreement from Google, just click the "I Accept" button. Then we enter the code to confirm that you are a real person, and repeat it. After that, if everything is right, you will understand that creating an account on Android was really easy. It's amazing how simple and clever is the system of registration and authentication.

How to add an account on Android

Many of us use multiple accountsGoogle. This is convenient, because it allows you to use other accounts for different needs, for example, one for personal purposes, others - exclusively for work, for correspondence and extended use of services. The operating system "Android" allows you to use a lot of accounts on one device. To do this, just add a new account in your device's settings. Also it can be useful to people who have a single device for a certain number of users. In this case, you only have to switch accounts. Adding additional accounts is especially suitable for those who use Google.Disk, because it gives an opportunity to expand and increase the cloud space.

How to restore an account on Android? Simply and easily

how to add an account on android
There are times when it is not possible to go into your ownaccount to take advantage of unique Google services. For example, forgot the password, login or there were other problems with the input. You can restore the profile using the standard scheme. Following simple algorithms, the system will offer you various options for your account. In a rare case, if this is not possible, there is only one way - to create a new profile, and how to do it, you already learned from this article. Now you know how to create an account on "Android" and what it can be useful for.