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Nokia 1280 - phone for relatives

Nokia 1280 - a phone released by the famousbrand for those who do not want to pay for additional chips, and is only going to call. This position plus the quality of the brand could not but interest a certain circle of people. This phone is not suitable for lovers of combines "all in one", but for trips to the country or a gift for elderly relatives, he was just right.

nokia 1280

The phone has a voice call, long termlife on one battery, all the functions of a regular phone and in addition a flashlight and radio. The display is black and white, there is no polyphony and MP3, as there are no expansion cards and no Internet access. There is a calendar, alarm clock, stopwatch.

Layout and equipment

The Nokia 1280 was originally designed asbusiness solution for calls, so the phone equipment is minimal. The box contains the phone, charging, battery and instructions. Radio requires headphones that the user can purchase separately.

As with most radio models,The headphone cable has two functions — sound transmission and antenna. The headphone jack is on the top side, with a flashlight nearby. Charging connects to the left - the traditional brand solution in the form of a hole. The lanyard is located on the bottom, next to the microphone. The layout is thought out, practical, and the build quality is high. Details fit tightly, no backlash, no squeaks.

Appearance and menu

The Nokia 1280 has a monochrome display that holdsthree lines of text. There are also two service fields above and below. In standby mode, you can display the clock on the screen. The numbers are large, “juicy”, visible even without backlighting. The backlight is made in a soft blue tint, but on the keys it is white. There are practically no dark corners, the whole front panel is evenly illuminated. The rubberized keys, on the one hand, are easily pressed, but on the other hand, you can not be afraid of accidentally pressing in your pocket - the keyboard is slightly recessed.

nokia 1280 manual

Large font can not be called, older users may need glasses. Like many phones sold in Russia, the buttons bear two alphabets.

The menu of the phone Nokia 1280 has no special frills- either a list or original icons for Nokia. The big button between the call and cancel keys is performed by a swing and is responsible for additional functions. In the menu, you can customize the language (Russian present), ring tones, go to the TF-book, set up the radio. The remaining functions are collected in the block "Organizer". The flashlight on the top panel can be turned on directly from the keyboard - by pushing the rocker up. Two modes are supported - as long as a key is pressed or permanently. Permanent light is turned on by double pressing up.

nokia 1280 phone

The result of minimalism was that allfunctions associated with USSD, the phone does not understand. Radio has no auto search. Both searching and saving the wave you like must be done manually. You can save up to 10 radio stations.

So different 1280

In the specifications provided by the developers,polyphonic ringtones and a call editor for Nokia 1280 are indicated. The instruction, as well as press releases, confirms this. But in the first versions that went on sale, there was not everything. With the editor of melodies in general there was a curiosity. The instructions stated, there is a place to save your tunes, but ... the editor himself is NO! Then the firmware was changed, and in subsequent sales there was indeed a good polyphony and a melody editor. Except for this error, the phone is exactly the workhorse. In the early years, the phone was presented only in 4 colors - black, gray with black, blue with black and pink with black. Then an unexpected interest of the beautiful half forced the company to expand the line, and the latest models could be white-black or yellow-black.

Connection quality

For a phone planned as a simple call,and even from such a brand, it’s kind of indecent to talk about the quality of communication. The design of the phone has a second speaker on the back of the case, rather impressive dimensions. As a result, the alarm clock, the bell is heard well, but talking about it is not very convenient. In the reviews about the phone there were statements that everyone around you would hear your interlocutor, except for yourself. Others have found an original way out - turn the phone while talking to the other side. Standards "Nokia" (and not only her) microphone is displayed on the bottom panel, and if you expand the phone - you still hear.

A bit about other options

Let us touch on the other parameters of the Nokia 1280 phone. The characteristics are shown in the next screenshot.

nokia 1280 specifications

These are not technical specifications, but all the basic functions of the phone are listed here. There is no mention of the melody editor.


Despite the austere minimalism of features, Nokia1280 found its fans. And the fact that this version is the only one that had a talking clock, with the press of a single button telling the time without looking at the screen, gained popularity no less than what the previously released models with support for the Internet, MP3, memory cards and other functions inherent in modern mobile phones .