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Learn how to activate points on Megaphone

If you are a mobile subscriberMegafon, you probably have repeatedly asked about how to activate points on Megaphone? This article will tell you what to do for this. Or maybe you first hear about these scores? In this case, the material will be doubly interesting for you.

how to activate scores on a megaphone

So, what are these points? They are credited to subscribers when they replenish the account on their phone. The number of them depends on the amount of money deposited. When points are credited to the subscriber's account, an SMS notification is sent to the phone. But how to activate the points on Megaphone? Many are interested in this, after some time the bonuses are "burned out".

How to check points on Megaphone

First you need to know their number. It depends on what services you can connect in exchange for points. To do this, dial * 115 #. A window with a small menu will appear on your phone screen. Opposite the number "2" you can see the word "balance". He is what we need! To request a balance, send a "deuce."

The methods of sending may differ in different models of the phone, but as a rule, you just need to press "OK" to have a text input field.

So, the number "2" has been sent. In the newly appeared window there is a new menu. Now we need the section "Number of bonus points". Since it is the first in the list, send the digit "1" in the same way as for the first time. After that, you will receive an SMS-message on your phone, which will tell you how many points you have and for how long you can use them.

How to transfer points on Megaphone

how to transfer points on a megaphone

Well, you know the balance. Now let's move on to the question of how to activate the points on Megaphone. To do this, dial * 115 # (the same number that we entered the first time). Now we select the number "1" - "Activation of bonuses".

Further, depending on what you wantspend points, select the appropriate section from the list that appears. For example, you talk a lot on the phone. Hence, it is reasonable to exchange bonuses for free minutes of conversations. We select the section "Telephony", which appears under the number "1".

If you communicate mostly with subscribersMegaphone, then in the newly appeared window it is better to choose "Telephony within the network" (1), but if there are subscribers of different mobile networks among your interlocutors, it is better to prefer the "Local telephony" section (2).

Let's say you chose the first partition. Now we start choosing the suitable duration for free calls. It all depends on how many points you have in your account. Over time, you will remember the amount of bonuses that matches the number of minutes. In the meantime, you can determine by experience that 3 minutes = 5 points, 10 minutes = 10 points, and so on.

how to check points on a megaphone

For example, you decided to choose 10 minutes. Now it is necessary to decide on whose account you want to transfer: to your own or someone else's (relative or friend, for example). As a rule, they choose to activate themselves. Therefore, we enter the number "1" - "To my number". And now we are just waiting for confirmation in the form of SMS. The message will indicate that the activation will occur after 10 minutes. As a rule, no delays occur.

Well, now you know how to activate points on Megaphone, which means that from now on you will be able to save on conversations, messages and using the Internet!