/ How can I extend traffic to Tele2?

How to extend traffic to "Tele2"?

The need to extend traffic to "Tele2" appearsat the moment when the main Internet package has already been spent. For tariff plans that include the included volume of services (the line of "black" TP), the auto-renew function is provided. It connects by default and allows the subscriber not to think about the remains of the Internet package. Can I connect an additional traffic package myself? How much will this add-on cost? Is it convenient to use the auto-renew function? All these issues will be discussed in the current article.

extend traffic on the phone2

Extend the traffic to "Tele2": two options

There are two options for connecting additional traffic:

  • automatically (after exhausting gigabytes / megabytes for the main package or Internet option, this function is not available for all tariff plans and options for the Internet);
  • on the initiative of the subscriber (the package can be connected at any time, even when there is a rest of the main traffic, you can choose any package by determining the necessary amount of traffic yourself).

Automatic increase in the volume of the Internet

This function is relevant for userstariff plans of the line "Black". It connects automatically to those subscribers who switched to any of these TPs or bought a SIM card. The principle of the service is the following: every time the balance of traffic on the main package will be approaching zero, five hundred megabytes for 50 rubles will automatically accrue. Such connection of additional traffic is possible no more than five times in one month. To prolong the traffic of "Tele2" (tariff "Black", etc.) in automatic mode, the subscriber does not need to perform any actions, unless, of course, he previously disconnected this option.

to extend the traffic of tele2 tariff

The commands for management are as follows:

  • * 155 * 261 # - activation;
  • * 155 * 260 # - deactivation;
  • * 155 * 26 # - check the status of the option (connected or not).

After all five packages are spent within one month (billing period), you will not be able to use the Internet.

List of additional options for increasing traffic

If the option of automatic renewal is disabled, how can I extend the traffic to "Tele2" (tariff "Black", etc.)? It is enough to select and activate one of the package options:

  • three gigabytes (the price is 150 rubles);
  • one gigabyte (price 90 rubles);
  • one hundred megabytes (price 8 rubles).

Please note that the volume of packages, as well as theirthe price in one region of the country may differ from the cost and amount of traffic in another region. The above indicators are relevant for the Samara region.

tele2 to extend Internet traffic

The first two packages are valid for a month,the last - up to the end of the current day. You can connect a package containing one hundred megabytes of SIM card holders, whose numbers use the Internet options ("Day on the Net", and "Internet from the phone"). The first two additional options can be applied both for tariff plans with prepaid volumes of services, and for the purpose of increasing traffic within specialized options.

Package Management Command: continue query * 155 *** # with the appropriate values:

  • 1 Gb package - activation 181, deactivation 180, status check 18;
  • "3 GB" package - activation 231, deactivation 230, status check 23;
  • package "100 MB" - activation 281, deactivation 280, status check 28.

how to extend traffic on tele2 tariff black

Features of additional options that allow on "Tele2" to extend Internet traffic

  • The usage of the traffic in the framework of the additional connected option is impossible, if at the moment of writing off the subscription fee by the tariff, the account does not have enough funds.
  • On trips around the country, the Internet canused at home, provided that the subscriber is in any region, except for the Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol. To extend the traffic to "Tele2" is also possible on the same terms.
  • All optional optionsis carried out within 30 days (the exception is the package "100 megabytes" - it is valid until the end of the current day). Early termination of the package is possible on the initiative of the subscriber or in case of exceeding the limit.

Monitoring the status of Internet packages

The subscriber is recommended to periodically monitorthe state of the packages provided within the option or tariff plan, so as not to surprise the end of the traffic on "Tele2". How to extend it and whether it is necessary to do this (or wait until the next month) - the client decides. If necessary, he can connect one of the additional options with the help of the above queries or through a personal cabinet. It is also quite convenient to use the automatic extension option, because when it is connected, there is no need to constantly check traffic and bother with the choice and connection of packages with additional volume.

how to extend the traffic on the phone2

The only drawback of this option extensiontraffic is a waste of cash. Maximum - 250 rubles per month in addition (based on the assumption that 5 packages will be connected, 50 rubles each). If the subscriber wants to refuse automatic connection of traffic, it is enough to disable this service in any of the available ways: visit the personal page to manage the number (on the portal or in the program for mobile gadgets), dial the service request, etc.


Extend the traffic to "Tele2" can be any convenientway by selecting a package with the correct volume. Activation is carried out only when the amount necessary to purchase the package is present on the balance of the number. You can also determine the options for connecting options yourself - there are several options for activation: through a personal web-office, application for mobile devices, by contact-center number (611), through the USSD-service of short requests.