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How to find out the MTS tariff, if you forgot what you are paying for

Everyone has reached the phone numbera certain age, and this age-limit is lowered lower and lower. Now the cell phone of the first-graders is no longer a rarity, but rather the reality of our time. Without it, we are all without hands. Remembering the times when there were no mobile phones, you can hardly believe that this was possible in principle.

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We know almost everything about our cell phone: from its cost, technical specifications, to the number of megapixels in the camera. We know our number, we know how much money we spend on cellular communication, but the question of what kind of tariff we use puzzles us. The sim card was bought a long time ago, and everything that was chosen once was forgotten.

So how do you find out the MTS tariff? This can cause the phone owner to think, but in reality there is nothing complicated. To answer a question about how to find out the MTS tariff, it is necessary to take certain actions. The company has provided for its users a very convenient menu. In order to enter it, you just need to dial a short command: * 111 # and a call. After that, you will get to the very beginning, where you will be offered 6 points. Each of them takes you further to the necessary section. In order to find out the MTS tariff, you need to choose No. 3, which is called "Tariffs". When you enter, new sections will open before you, and the first one will be the one that interests you at the moment.

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Pressing the number one, you will almost immediately get an answer either directly on the screen, or by SMS.

But let's take, for example, the situation that you do not knowabout the above method or are at home in front of the computer, and the phone is far away. In this case, considering how to find out your tariff on MTS, you can use the services of an online assistant. To do this, you need to go to the MTS company website and select the tab with the online assistant on the screen. True, the use of this service requires registration, but having spent quite a bit of time on it, you discover a lot of opportunities for yourself.

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This will allow you to receive the necessary information, as well as carry out certain operations with the phone, such as change the tariff, find out the balance and the like.

There is another option that allows you to find out the tariffMTS, and it's pretty simple. You can contact the operator of the contact center and find out the answer to your question. You can do this from a landline phone by dialing 8 800 250 0890, or on the short number 0890 smobile, while in the home region. With all the apparent simplicity, this method is most time-consuming. The fact is that in most cases, communication with the operator has to wait for a certain time. And it happens that this time can last up to 10 minutes.

Thus, after reading this article, you will understand,that it's quite easy to find out your tariff on MTS. The main thing is to remember what actions you need to take, and the phone specialists of the MTS contact center should know by heart or memorize the mobile phone, because in any situation they will help you find a way out and clarify your further actions.