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How to include GPS on iPhone 5s: instructions, tips, recommendations

GPS Navigation on Modern Mobiledevices is used quite actively. And this despite the fact that with the option turned on, the phone's battery is discharged faster. Next, we have to figure out how to turn GPS on the iPhone 5s. Why do we need this option? How is it useful? Even an inexperienced owner of "apple" smartphones will be able to translate the idea into reality.

how to enable gps on iphone 5s


Before you turn on GPS on iPhone 5s,it is necessary to understand what is at stake. This option allows you to use the cards and determine the location of the phone. It helps to find the iPhone when it's lost, for example.

If this option is disabled, the user does notwill be able to use maps and navigation on the smartphone. Therefore, most often people are thinking about how to turn on the GPS-receiver on the iPhone 5s and adjust the location in the applications. Make it easier than it seems!

Enabling through the menu

Let's start by directly connecting the option. Initially, GPS is disabled in all "apple" smartphones. To start using it, you will have to follow a small instruction.

How to configure GPS on iPhone 5s?To do this, you must include the so-called geolocation services. They allow you to use GPS in certain applications, but only if you have an Internet connection. Without it, navigation will not work.

GPS activation is performed as follows:

  1. Open the "Settings" menu when the iPhone is on.
  2. Go to the section called "Privacy / Privacy".
  3. Click on the "Services geolocation".
  4. In the appeared window, switch the switch to the "Enabled" state. Next, you are asked to select the GPS mode. For example, "Always".

You can close the settings.After the done actions the GPS-navigation will be fully included. But that is not all. Now you need to configure it in certain applications. Typically, if the program is working with GPS, then the first time it runs, it will require access to geolocation services. It is enough to click on the "Allow" button to take advantage of all the options of this or that software.

how to enable gps receiver on iphone 5s

Using the Maps service

Now it's clear how to turn GPS on iPhone 5s. Next, you will learn how to work with this service. For example, about setting the location in the "Maps" program.

To translate the idea into reality, you will need:

  1. Go to the iPhone main menu. To do this, click on the "Home" button.
  2. Find the Maps app on the screen. Click on the corresponding icon.
  3. Click on the folded map screen. A menu with settings appears.
  4. If you press the "Satellite" button, the map will pop up on the display from the satellite. The blue pointer is the position of the subscriber.
  5. Select "Hybrid". This function imposes the name of streets and house numbers on satellite images.
  6. If you click on the arrow button in the lower left corner, a compass appears. Orange "spout" points to the north.
  7. How to configure GPS on iPhone 5s? It should be noted that when working with the "Maps" application, the map rotates in the direction indicated by the mobile device.

This is all you need to know about working with "Maps". The main thing to include Internet and geolocation services. After that, the GPS-navigator will work without any problems.


But that is not all.It's clear how to turn on GPS on iPhone 5s. And how to use the definition of location, too. Another trick is working with the Compass program. It also requires GPS.

how to configure gps on iphone 5s

To determine your location through the "Compass", you need:

  1. Open the main menu of the "apple" phone and find the appropriate program in it. It is located in the "Utilities" folder.
  2. Enable GPS and Internet on your phone.
  3. After starting the program, a compass appears on the screen, on which the coordinates of the user's location will be written.

To go to the "Maps", you need to click onthe bottom left corner of the button with a small arrow. How to enable GPS on iPhone 5s? The answer to this question will not cause any more trouble! By the way, when you go to the "Services geolocation" you can see a list of programs that have access to this option. Clicking on the corresponding lines, the subscriber is able to control the GPS settings in a particular software.