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What is 3G in the phone, and what does it do for us?

We live and move in the world of informationstreams, making dozens of phone calls, while not always being in the office or at home, to some extent colliding with the 3G standard (short for "third generation"). Let's ask ourselves: "What is 3G in the phone?"

what is 3g in the phone

Europe is guided by a special "dialect"of the specified standard - UMTS, representing a compromise between the higher-quality CDMA standard and having a large coverage and the number of GSM subscribers. 3G networks operate in the decimeter range, approximately 2 GHz, with a data rate of 1-3 Mbps. The basic services of 3G-networks include voice communication and data transmission. Critics of this complex of services for low confidentiality, recalling the previous standard, do not understand what 3G in the phone is now. Today, data transmission at high speed provides communication as a business area (e-mail, videoconferences, remote access to databases, management of bank accounts), and personal interests (games, social networks, multimedia complexes, Internet purchases). The transmission speed varies inversely with the speed of the object. If you are on site - 2048 Kbit / s, while driving at speeds up to 3 km / h - 348 Kbit / s, up to 120 km / hour - 144 Kbit / s. Popular users enjoy unlimited Internet mobile, which gives them the opportunity for a fixed subscription fee to unlimitedly use the resources of the global network. Many people are interested in the question: "How to choose the operator best?" The answer to it is simple. First, determine if you are satisfied with its coverage area. Then evaluate the provider's rates. Then make a decision.

But 3G Internet - what is it?Not just mobile phones. If you have a PC, netbook, laptop, then to connect to the wireless Internet you need a 3G-modem. The most universal is the USB-modem, which is connected directly to the USB port of the computer.

3g internet what's this
In addition, ExpressCard, PCMCIA variants are possible.For the subsequent confident reception of a signal, the choice of the quality of the device in question, its frequency range, and the signal transmission rate is fundamental. Well, if the nearest provider tower is close. With a distance of 10-50 km stable operation of the modem will provide a passive 3G antenna. The internal will amplify it by 5-10 decibels, but sometimes an external one, more powerful, is needed. For this, you may need a 3G Wi-Fi router. Please note that for the three frequency bands of 3G Internet: 450, 800, 2100 MHz - the corresponding modem with an antenna is selected.

The market of modernsmartphones and communicators. These are "classic" devices that illustrate what 3G is in the phone. They, in addition to voice communication, are equipped with a built-in 3G modem, serve information exchange with the WWW. At the forefront of progress are HTC and Samsung (Android platform), and Apple (iOS operating system).

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Now gaining popularity among usersmobile devices with a large diagonal - tablets. This device can contain an integrated 3G modem (which is recommended, especially if the manufacturer is China), if not - then you need to purchase it. The situation of "non-acceptance" of the drivers of a separately purchased modem is possible.

Dialectics of the scientific and technological revolution,deep understanding of the scientists the question "what is 3G in the phone" led to the next stage - 4G. Despite the existing potential, 3G is just a separate stage of global development. 4G technology, which has another name - LTE (Long TermEvolution), improves existing networks, increasing the speed, as well as the amount of information transmitted. Norway and Sweden have become pioneers of new technology. There is no alternative to further development: Russian basic providers Beeline, MTS, Megafon have already started work under the international agreement on communication services in the LTE standard.