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ZTE Blade S6: reviews, specs, and photos

The subject of our today's review will besmartphone ZTE Blade S6. A review of it will be given at the end of this article, while noting the advantages and disadvantages of the device. The Chinese manufacturer announced the model relatively recently. But the sale of ZTE Blade S6, the review of which allows you to take the phone to an unambiguous assessment, started (as well as continued for the first time) only in online stores, and exclusively foreign ones.


Actually, from abroad I gradually movedto us ZTE Blade S6, the response about which almost every owner of the device hastens to leave. Time passed, sales of the device were stable, and now it appeared in all its glory in the smartphone market. Now we will talk about what is so attractive about the device that it has become the subject of today's review. First of all, probably, it is necessary to note the operating system.

zte blade s6 review

It is noteworthy that such a peculiar breakthroughpartly related to the figure "6" in the name of the model. ZTE Blade S6, which can be recalled by every user who has experience with this smartphone, has a pre-installed operating system of the "Android" 5.0. Just note that this OS has been thoroughly worked out by engineers. It excludes some technical points that were previously the causes of lags and brakes. Now it is more optimized, due to which smoothness and stability of work is achieved.

The second interesting quality (and evenpositive) is the Qualcomm family processor. It is 64-bit, it has eight cores at its disposal. Probably, this approach can be called a held trend. This again can be called the reason, thanks to which the device has high performance and stable operation. As it turned out, the device demonstrates an unprecedented quickness even in multitasking mode.

Many mobile device manufacturers loveto put on the international arena phabetic devices. However, ZTE decided not to make a "shovel" from the Blade S6. With the appropriate settings, the thickness of the smartphone is only 7.7 millimeters. And this shows that the model remains one of the most compact, but at the same time it has no less powerful and productive hardware than its closest competitors.

One of the most noteworthy advantages of ZTEBlade S6, the price of which is about sixteen thousand rubles, is the availability of the LTE module, which allows you to successfully operate in the fourth generation cellular networks. In general, at first glance, the phone seems to be a well-established model, which does not have significant drawbacks for its segment. And so it or not, we will try to understand.

Smartphone ZTE Blade S6. Features overview. Connectivity

So, in what networks does our workdevice? Supports work with GSM, UMTS standards. As mentioned before, the LTE module is present. It will allow the owner of the phone to load pages faster in an Internet browser, interact more actively with social networks, quickly download movies and video clips, music files.

The same applies to downloading videos andmusic. In general, the quality and speed of data exchange and Internet traffic is improving. In the international network, access is provided on the basis of the standards of GPS, EDGE, 3G, and, of course, 4G. There is a built-in modem that allows you to use the mobile phone ZTE Blade S6 as an access point.

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Thus, if you have a SIM card, you canallow other subscribers to connect to the Wi-Fi connection that is heard from your device. It can be other mobile phones equipped with the appropriate wireless communication module, as well as tablet, personal computers and laptops.

By the way, since we're talking about Wi-Fi technology, thenwe note that the smartphone ZTE Blade S6 operates in the bands a, b, g, b, ac. To transfer multimedia data wirelessly, the "Bluetooth" function of version 4.0 is provided. If you like to exchange e-mails, then you will be glad to have a standard e-mail client. The device can be synchronized with a personal computer or laptop in a wired way. To do this, you will need to use a microUSB-USB2.0 type cable.


The screen diagonal smartphone ZTE Blade S6 (the price ofthe device falls in an interval from 15 to 16 thousand rubles) is 5 inches. Thus the picture on the screen is displayed as HD, that is its resolution is 1280 x 720 pixels. The device matrix is ​​made using IPS technology. In fact, this means that the owner of the phone can use the device for night reading of electronic books. And not only the night. In any case, the load on the eyes will be reduced, due to which it is possible to achieve the least negative impact on vision.

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The color of the device is high. Up to 16 million colors are displayed. The touch screen is a capacitive type. For convenient scaling, the multitouch function was integrated. It allows the device to process several touches of the display simultaneously.


One of the advantages of ZTE Blade S6 is the camera. The main one has a resolution of 13 megapixels. This will make good quality photos. The video is recorded in a resolution of 4128 x 3096 pixels. There is an auto focus function on the subject. On the side of the main camera is an LED flash, which is necessary for successful shooting in low light conditions. The frame rate for video shooting is 30 FPS. On the front side there is an additional camera, designed for lovers of pictures of "Selfie". Its resolution is 5 megapixels.

mobile phone zte blade s6


It is represented by a Qualcomm family processor. To be more precise, this is the MSM8939 chipset. As stated at the beginning of the article, the processor is powered by eight cores. The maximum operating frequency can be 1700 megahertz. In this case, the Adreno 405 device plays the role of a graphics accelerator.


"Operatives" in the phone is enough, even withThe fact that part of it is taken by the operating system. The "clean" built-in volume - 2048 megabytes. To store user data, 16 GB of memory is allocated. It will please the owners of the phone the possibility of expanding this volume by installing an external storage device of the MicroSD format. The maximum supported memory card capacity is 64 gigabytes.

Multimedia features

The smartphone ZTE Blade S6 has an impressivea set of various multimedia functions, even though all of them, in fact, are standard for devices of the same class and segment. Let's talk about this more specifically. The device is equipped with software that allows you to play audio files, video clips, movies, set ringtones to ring tones and MP3 songs. Of course, there was an analog FM radio. However, to listen to it you will need to connect a wired stereo headset. For this purpose, a special 3.5 mm format connector is provided.

zte blade s6 firmware

Operating system and navigation

The phone is delivered to the mobile phonepreinstalled OS family of "Android". Its version is 5.0. Navigation in space is carried out using GPS technology, as well as A-GPS. Satellite maps function freely and as accurately as possible. That's why ZTE Blade S6 can be safely used as a navigator for the car. For this it will only be necessary to take care of the terrain maps in advance, and the problem will be solved.

SIM cards

The unit supports simultaneouswork of two SIM cards. However, before using them, the devices will need to be processed according to the NanoSIM standard. Otherwise their application will be impossible.

Autonomous work

In ZTE Blade S6, firmware for which you can findon the official website of the Chinese manufacturer, there is a lithium-ion battery. Its capacity is about 2400 mAh. In principle, this is not so little. Although with active use of the phone (watching movies, games, surfing the Internet and social networking), the charge will settle fairly quickly. That's why we recommend that all buyers of the device purchase an additional external battery that will allow charging the phone again several times even in the absence of an electrical network.


He has the subject of our review todaystandard form factor. As the material of production is nothing more than plastic. However, it should be noted that it is soft and pleasant to the touch. No negative emotions occur in tactile contact. A couple of words need to be said about reliability. In the hand the device does not slip, and the material of manufacture allows to avoid the occurrence of accidental mechanical damages with intensive contact with the aggressive surface. The weight of the smartphone is 134 grams. In three-dimensional space the dimensions of the device are the following: in height 144, in width - 70.7, and in thickness - 7.7 millimeters.

zte blade s6 silver


Manufacturer - Chinese company ZTE. The phone has a position sensor in the space. It is required to rotate the image. There is also a proximity sensor that turns on and off the screen backlight when you hold a voice call. Well, as a nice complement to the kit comes a digital compass. The device is sold on the territory of the Russian Federation in the salons of cellular communication with a warranty coupon for one year.

ZTE Blade S6: instructions and accessories

The package includes the device itself withintegrated in it a lithium-ion battery (capacity is about 2400 mAh), a network adapter for recharging, a cable for the same purposes (plus for synchronizing a smartphone with a personal computer or laptop), as well as all the necessary documentation. In its composition - a warranty card, which the owner of the device can use within one calendar year from the date of purchase of the smartphone, as well as a quick user guide. To buy a smartphone ZTE Blade S6 Silver, like other versions of the device, you can in any salon of cellular communication.

Conclusion and feedback. Advantages and disadvantages

So, what are the negative and positive aspects of the device owners who bought it?


  • Design. It can be called ergonomic. Thanks to this device is perfectly in the hand, it provides a reliable hold.
  • Good sound quality, which is most clearly audible with a wired headset or headphones.
  • The presence of the function of two SIM cards.
  • The ability to work in a cellular network of the fourth generation due to the LTE module.
  • The presence on the device of the operating system family "Android" version 5.0.


  • The hull (each user has his own point of view on this score). It is made of plastic, which crunches slightly in his hand. It is possible that with time the paint will be erased from it.
  • Camera. In its class, it is not the best, although it provides good quality shooting. The downside is in loud work.
  • Not the best spoken speaker. The quality of the sound of the voice at a height, but there is no reserve of loudness.
  • Performance. The hardware stuffing is quite good, but at the same time something prevents the top toys from going without friezes and suspensions.
  • Screen (at the discretion of users). Perhaps, someone will seem that the resolution for such a diagonal is not enough. Another disadvantage is the quality of the matrix. It draws useful properties, as far as can cope with it, but still certain shortcomings and flaws in the work are viewed.

smartphone zte blade s6 review

One of the best-selling models becamesmartphone ZTE Blade S6 Silver. This is easy to understand by analyzing the official sales data of this device. There are certain practical reasons that dictate to potential buyers the rules for acquiring a new device. In our case, ZTE Blade S6 silver looks against the background of other color schemes much better, not even because of appearance and beauty, but because it will be less visible fingerprints.