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How much does the PS3 cost? Prefix PS3 - price

After the success of the PlayStation gaming consoles andPlayStation 2 from the company "Sony", released in 1994 and 2000 respectively, the emergence of a new model seemed only a matter of time. The first rumors about a new gaming console appeared in 2004, but until the spring of 2005, there was no information from the Japanese manufacturer.

The game console called PS3 was officiallywas presented in May 2005 as part of the Electronic Entertainment Expo. A year later the company "Sony" talked about how much it cost PS3, and the start date of sales of the console. For the first time for testing, the product from the Japanese manufacturer was introduced at TGS 2006, where visitors had the opportunity to evaluate several games on the new console.

Description of the prefix from "Sony"

It's worth saying that the PS3 looks chic: exquisite design, convenient joystick, excellent characteristics - what else do you need for an interesting pastime for your favorite video games?

How much is the PS3
At the heart of this device is the Cell processor- the general development of companies Sony, IBM and Toshiba, operating at a frequency equal to 3.2 GHz. As the graphics adapter in the game console of Japanese production stands RSX, originating from the architecture G70, which was developed by NVidia specifically for the GeForce 7 graphics card. This video chip is operating at a frequency of 550 MHz, while it has 256 MB of memory . This allows him to display simultaneously 2 high-quality HDTV streams.

Dimensions of the game console from the company "Sony"are quite large - 3.25 by 2.74 by 0.98 centimeters with a device weight of 5 kilograms. As you can see, the third part of the popular console turned out much more than its predecessor in the face of the PlayStation 2. The noise level in the PS3 is about the same as the previous model of the Sony game console. The desire of the creators to reduce it led to the fact that the device is quite heated, although it would seem that it is not dangerous and can lead to nothing bad. However, in a closed small niche prefix is ​​better not to put, because it can overheat.

Advantages of PS3

Before you find out how much a PS3 Slim cost,it is recommended to get acquainted with its advantages. Undoubtedly, like any other product, this Japanese-made game console has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let's start, perhaps, with its strengths. Firstly, this is a huge multimedia capabilities of the set-top box, thanks to which the Sony product can be considered the cheapest Blu-ray disc player to date. Secondly, the game console has a lot of potential, which allows developers to create more demanding video game system settings.

How much is the PS3 Slim

Disadvantages of the game console

Before you find out how much a PS3 costs, you shouldalso mention that this console has drawbacks. Among them is a rather high cost, which will be discussed in more detail below, as well as a relatively small selection of accessories. Also, the numerous consumers of this set-top box can be disappointed by its rather impressive dimensions.

How much does PS3 cost in Russia and the CIS countries?

Now it's time to talk about the costthis game console. The question of how much a PS3 costs, interests many video game enthusiasts. As stated above, the price of the console from the company "Sony" is quite large and in the CIS countries will start, starting at 600 US dollars - quite a lot compared to the same Xbox360 or Wii from the company Nintendo.

How much does PS3 cost in Russia
Also, every consumer who knows how muchit costs PS3 in the CIS countries and, in particular, in Russia, it can separately purchase devices for the gaming console, among them a card reader that supports the most popular formats of today's video cards - Memory Stick, MMC, CompactFlash, joysticks, and a remote control device.

Summing up, I would like to add that it wasprefix from the company "Sony" will be an excellent option for those who purchase a game console for long-term use. The same Xbox360 already now uses the maximum of its capabilities, and the Wii from Nintendo is quite difficult to consider as the main console.