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Smartphone Huawei Nova 2: reviews and description

The original Huawei Nova was wonderfulsmartphone, but did not remember. In the next generation, the stake was made on the self-camera and sound capabilities. At a cost of about $ 360, Nova 2 is cheaper than Honor 9, but inferior to the performance of Nokia 8. Packed in a white box that looks very much like the Honor 8 package, the smartphone comes with a quick charger, USB Type C cable and a headset, quick start. Like other Huawei models, Nova 2 comes with a protective semi-transparent cover. Users like this kind of concern for a Chinese company.

Structural design

Smartphone Huawei Nova 2 reviews of owners are calledcheaper version of P10 - another model of the same manufacturer. They have almost the same size and beautiful design. Instead of a glass strip at the top of the P10 with the Leica brand, the Nova 2 has a smooth, all-metal surface. The phone Huawei Nova 2 reviews praise for good Zen style, achieved by shifting the antenna lines up and down. The device is conveniently in the hand and weighing 143 g is not heavier than other smartphones of the same size. The model is available in blue, green, golden, pink-gold and black.

huawei nova 2 reviews


The manufacturer equipped the phone with a sensora fingerprint that is located on its back panel. Although the scanner Huawei Nova 2, according to users, should be in front, its position is well thought out. It is located under the rear cameras and in the center, which provides access to the index finger. Like the Huawei P10, the sensor works and unlocks the phone very quickly. It also allows you to use gestures such as pulling down curtains of notifications or viewing photos. Touching the scanner, you can answer calls and take pictures.


5-inch screen Huawei Nova 2 hasresolution Full HD, which is quite expected for the device at such a price. It is made by LED technology, has excellent viewing angles and is bright enough that they can be used outdoors, although in a place like Dubai, in the sun it will have to increase the level of brightness. The manufacturer has done an excellent job of color rendering, which is especially noticeable when using one of the preinstalled themes, which demonstrates all the possibilities of the screen. To the image quality of Huawei Nova 2 Plus, owner feedback is more critical - at the same resolution equal to 1080p, the smaller display has a higher pixel density.

smartphone huawei nova 2 reviews


Although Huawei Nova 2 (PIC-LX9) reviews are praised forelegant design, it will not cause admiration of others. It is definitely better than the level you can expect from a phone in this price range, but among other models nothing special can not stand out. With a thickness of 6.9 mm, the smartphone is comfortable in the hand and easier to use than other models with the same screen size. Although there are frames at the top and bottom, they do not seem oversized.

On the left is a tray that can acceptone NanoSIM and one micro-sim card or micro-SD card. On the right is a textured power button, as well as an easily accessible volume control key. The bottom is a USB Type-C port and a 3.5 mm headphone jack. On the back is a dual camera with a flash above it and a fingerprint scanner beneath it in the center. The front of the phone is standard - it's a large glass panel with noticeable frames on the top and bottom.


Huawei Nova 2 is running Android 7.0 Nougat with its own user interface Emotion UI (EMUI) 5.1. Owners would like to see if not Android 8 Oreo, then at least version 7.1, which is equipped with most of the new phones. In this case, the smartphone received the latest modification of EMUI, released from Huawei P10 in early 2017. This add-on is quite far away from the standard Android, which allows the phone to stand out from the crowd.

huawei nova 2 reviews

Although previous versions of EMUI (4.x and below) was not always successful, Huawei significantly improved the interface of EMUI 5.0 installed on Mate 9 in 2016, and then improved it with the launch of P10. In a sense, the add-in is reminiscent of iOS, which can impress some owners who have used the iPhone in the past. However, so the phone looks only by default - Huawei allows a lot of settings. For example, you can choose between displaying all applications on the main screen or placing them in a separate folder with only some of the most popular widgets on the home panel. You can also change themes and icons using the Huawei themes. In general, the user interface is convenient. You can easily switch between applications or without a hitch, scroll through long lists and web pages. This is greatly facilitated by 4 GB of RAM.

The interface provides the user with manyadditional functions, including a quick start of the camera from sleep mode by double pressing the volume down button, a memory optimization utility and, like iOS, a list of programs when right-clicking from the main screen. The camera application offers slightly more features than the standard version for Android, for example, such as object tracking. However, the main point is the system of self-optimization, which prevents the slowdown of Android with time, regardless of the number of installed applications or the degree of filling the storage.

The real problem in Huawei devices is the updates or, more precisely, their absence. Although in some parts of the world new assemblies appear regularly, in others their release is greatly delayed.

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The smartphone has a video player preinstalled forView videos, downloaded or taken with the camera. This is a simple and functional application that also offers the ability to view video in a window placed on the main screen, which allows you to navigate and open applications in the background.

One of the key aspects of Nova 2 is thethe decision of the manufacturer to use HiFi-chips AK4376a and unique algorithm Huawei Histen. These technologies minimize distortion and other interference in the processing of sound, making music clean, clear and authentic. Nova 2 also supports Bluetooth wireless technology aptX, which reduces latency. In addition, Huawei collaborated with the musician Rainer Maillard, the Grammy award-winning, when mixing the basic sounds of the device. It goes without saying that in order to fully enjoy the music, you need a good pair of headphones. The only bottom speaker to the right of the USB-C port is loud enough and provides better sound than many phones, but is unable to demonstrate the full potential of the smartphone Huawei Nova 2 (PIC-LX9). According to user feedback, the same applies to the complete headset.

Audio Player

Huawei has its own musicala player that allows you to play songs stored on the device. However, it is not able to replace applications such as Anghami, Google Play Music or Apple Music, allowing you to listen to music broadcasts. The users are surprised at the lack of cooperation between the manufacturer and these platforms, given the high musical potential of the smartphone.

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Although quality audio is excellentmarketing move for Huawei Nova 2, the owners' feedback indicates that you will not be able to enjoy the soundtrack in the latest games. The Kirin 659 chipset is good for ordinary, less demanding applications, but the newer names work less smoothly - a drop in frame rate and a slow response to control commands are noticeable.


Smartphone Nova 2 is not equipped with the flagshipthe Kirin 960 processor, which is reserved for devices such as Mate 9 and P10. Instead, the phone runs on a Kirin 659 chip, whose performance corresponds to the level of Snapdragon 625, used in the first generation of the model. The chipset is supported by four gigabytes of RAM, which makes the interface work smoothly and without delays. However, when you run demanding applications and games, the processor struggles to cope with them.

Graphic processor Mali-T830 seems goodcompanion display with a resolution of 1080p, even if the embedded puzzle games are not very graphically intensive applications that can be found in the Play Store application store.

Nova 2 offers 64 GB of internal storage, inwhile the larger Nova Plus - 128 GB. In any case, if there is not enough free space, you can add a microSD card to the second slot for the SIM card.

huawei nova 2 pic lx9 reviews

The average score of the phone in the Geekbench test is3461. This is more than the model of the first generation, which received 3105, and much lower than the capabilities of the chipset Kirin 960, which on average collects more than 6600 points.

The smartphone warms up noticeably at the start of demanding games, but not so much that it causes inconvenience. If you need a gaming phone, it's better to buy something else.

Battery life

A non-removable lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 2950mAh, equipped with Huawei Nova 2 Blue, reviews are positive. And it's good, because the battery life of the original model was almost 2 days. With non-intensive use, you can expect the same for Nova 2. By "low-intensity use" you mean listening to music, taking a short photo, browsing the web and updating social networking data. With long photo sessions or running games, you should expect the battery life to drop to one full day.

Battery smartphone Huawei Nova 2 Gold reviewspraised for prompt recovery of charge. The quick memory that comes with the kit, in half an hour, allows you to restore the battery to 40% of its capacity. In EMUI 5.1 there is a function Smart Power Saving 5.0, which can reduce the performance and power requirements of the phone and extend the smartphone for several hours.

Basic cameras

Nova 2 is equipped with two rear sensorsimages, but this is not a color and black and white combination in which Huawei is the leader. Instead of it, a 12-megapixel wide-angle lens and 8-megapixel long-focus lens are installed. Unfortunately, there is no optical image stabilization, which means the need for a solid hand, especially in low light conditions. Nevertheless, according to reviews, in the smartphone Huawei Nova 2 is much better working front camera, which is equipped with a 20-megapixel sensor with a proprietary stabilization system and a 10-step image enhancement mode, providing a "natural, healthy and energetic look."

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There are many modes and options for settings,which are already familiar from previous Huawei phones. These "Portrait", "Night Snapshot", HDR and "Light". The dual camera setting also allows you to use a hybrid optical zoom. Unfortunately, its quality was not impressed by the owners of Huawei Nova 2 (PIC-LX9) 64GB. According to user feedback, the camera can make good "basic" shots in good lighting conditions, but not when its level falls, or when using features such as bokeh (background blur) or zoom.

Quality of photos, especially when viewed onlarge screens, not very good. When the background blurs, there remains a small area on which the camera focuses, and the rest of the photo is artificially modified by software, which leads to a very unnatural result. Zuoming also deprives the image of a lot of details and, in the absence of stabilization, makes it difficult to obtain clear pictures.

Smartphone for Selfie

The front camera works much better. This forces users to wonder why the Chinese company did not install one good instead of the rear two. Self-camera Huawei Nova 2, according to reviews, also supports background blur and is not so aggressive, which leads to pictures of better quality. The improvement mode softens skin imperfections. Supports 3D-mapping, which users have not been able to apply. However, placing such a huge number of pixels in a tiny sensor does not guarantee success. The pictures at magnification seem a bit blurry, more than can be expected from such a resolution.


In the smartphone market, there is a trendthe appearance of good phones, sold much cheaper than expected, and Huawei Nova 2 Black, according to reviews, it follows. At a cost of $ 360, the model offers an ascetic, but premium design, excellent self-camera and high-quality audio. Up to their level, the dual image sensor on the rear panel, and also the game characteristics, do not hold up. At first glance it seems that two cameras are better than one. This is true for other Huawei phones, such as Mate 9 or P10, but not for Nova 2, which disappoints with the quality of the images.

The target audience

Huawei Nova 2 user reviewssmartphone for fans of self-portraits or connoisseurs of good sound, who do not want to overpay for these functions. The only reason not to buy this model is its rear camera. Those who do not use their phone as a camera, will remain satisfied with it. This is a smart phone with a reliable build that offers good value for money, and can be extremely useful as an excellent music player. Those who do not classify Selfie and HiFi audio for essential functionality may find cheaper phones that do their job no worse.