/ / Mobile phone Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 Neo: reviews of owners, review, specifications and description

Mobile phone Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 Neo: reviews of owners, review, specifications and description

The subject of our today's review will beSamsung Galaxy Ace 4 Neo, reviews of which can be found at the end of this article. We will not go into the history of creating the device and look for the prerequisites that contributed to this. We note only the fact that, especially with its hardware, the smartphone does not stand out against the general background. Perhaps, at first we will create a general picture of Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 Neo, reviews of which are rapidly spreading over the Internet. And we will do it with the help of technical characteristics.

Data about the smartphone. operating system

samsung galaxy ace 4 neo reviews

On board the subject of our today's review installed OS of the type "Android", version 4.4. It is loved by a large number of users of "KitKat".

Hardware. Chipset

smartphone samsung galaxy ace 4 neo reviews

As a processor installed chip Spreadtrummodel SC7715. It should be noted that this is a budget decision. And if so, to expect the sky-high performance of the device clearly do not have to. But users who are considering the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 Neo, reviews of which for sure already read, as an option for buying, would have guessed before that themselves. The maximum frequency to which the processor can overclock is 1.2 MHz. In principle, this is a lot, but one chipset is full, as they say, you will not. The processor has two cores.

Graphic accelerator

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Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 Neo, reviews aboutwhich readers can study with the help of this article, is equipped with a graphics processor of the type Mali, model 400 MP1. It has an operating frequency estimated at about 500 megahertz.


samsung galaxy ace 4 neo g318h reviews

To store different userinformation to the owner of the device is allocated almost 4 gigabytes. They can download music, videos, e-books and texts, games. In general, everything that only your heart desires will be. However, more than once it was noted that this amount of built-in memory is modest enough to store a large amount of information.

In the Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 Neo Duos, reviews of which captivated the international network, installed a small amount of RAM. It is only 512 megabytes.


samsung sm g318h galaxy ace 4 neo discussion

The diagonal of the display is four inches. The matrix of Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 Neo Duos, which will be reviewed at the end of the review, is made using technology called TFT. With this screen diagonal, its resolution is 480 by 800 pixels. The color rendering quality is averaged, the display shows up to 16 million colors. The touch screen belongs to the category of capacitive, supports a function called "multitouch".

Modules and interfaces

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Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 Neo G318H, reviews of whichallocate both the negative and the positive sides of the device, equipped with a set of all necessary communication standards. It's about supporting Wi-Fi (works in the bands b, g, n). There is Bluetooth module version 4.0. Navigation in space is provided by GPS technology. The phone works with third generation networks. Of course, LTE technology is not available.


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Lovers of pictures "SELFI" can pass bymodel, since the "frontline" of the Samsung SM G318H Galaxy Ace 4 Neo, which is still being discussed among users, is missing. The main camera is located on the back side, it is supplemented by a flash type LED. Nevertheless, its resolution is only 3 megapixels. It will be naive to expect good pictures from such a device.

Memory cards

The user can expand the storage space for his data using external microSD drives. Memory cards up to 32 gigabytes are supported. More apparatus does not accept.

Embedded devices

In the design of the device integrated speaker,microphone, sensors. The latter are mainly represented by a gyroscope and an accelerometer. Mobile phone Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 Lite is unlikely to surprise anyone with the stereo sound of melodies.


You can connect a wireda stereo headset. For this, a 3.5 mm jack is used. To recharge the device, as well as to synchronize it with a personal computer, there is a MicroUSB port.

Autonomous work

The battery capacity of the phone is 1500 mAh. Not so much. Enough, most likely, only for 6-8 hours of battery life with careful handling.


The device in the mobile communicationcardboard packaging. It, so to speak, is disguised as wood. Packing dimensions in all three planes are 75 by 135 by 50 millimeters. At the same time, its mass does not exceed 254 grams. Dimensions are not much different from similar packages, it's a fact. Standard dimensions for boxes that sell devices with a screen diagonal of 4 inches.

From above you can see the image of ourtoday's review. Nearby there is an icon that tells us that the device is equipped with the function of working with two SIM cards. On the side are brief technical characteristics of the smartphone. They contain information about the display, its diagonal and the technology of making the matrix.

It is told about what networks are supported,what hardware, including processor, RAM and camera. A little below, you can find a text footnote that tells you about the way the packaging is made. From there, we can learn not very interesting information about the fact that the box consists of recycled paper. When printing images used special (it seems as environmentally friendly) soy ink. In general, the box will go after its use for recycling. Everything is very, very boring, information, rather, for those not partial to the environment.

Immediately, on the side, just a little apart, you canfind the sticker on which the barcode of the device is applied. In general, the package, of course, is distinguished by a good style in comparison with similar items from other manufacturers. And no matter how boring it may be to read all about environmental protection, we still need to appreciate what the South Korean manufacturer pays attention to and cares about the environment.


In the delivery of a smartphone "Samsung GalaxyAce 4 Neo "includes the device itself, a network adapter, a cable for synchronization and charging, a quick user's guide, as well as documents for warranty repair. In general, the minimum required for each beginner (and not only) the user. A wired stereo headset is not included in the package, which may upset some customers. By the way, the charger is represented by a network adapter. A MicroUSB-type wire can be used to charge only from a laptop or personal computer.


Appearance of the device is classic. It's the same rectangular smartphone that has rounded edges. Classics of the genre, and only. Well, for the better it's for the worse, we already have to understand the user, because everyone's tastes are individual.


The smartphone in all three planes has the followingdimensions: height is 121.4, width - 62.9, and thickness - 10.7 millimeters. In this case, the mass of the device does not exceed the mark of 123 grams. On both sides the device is covered with a special protective film. In this way, the South Korean manufacturer took care of its customers. The film ensures the safety of the appearance of the smartphone until its removal.

Front Panel

The front is equipped with a touch screen,the diagonal of which is four inches. On the perimeter is laid the edging of silvery color. On the top there is an insert of metal. She takes the talking speaker. At the same time, this is an additional protection and an element of decor. Below, under the screen, we can find the buttons. One of them is metal, the other two are sensory.

Upper butt

There is a connector in which a 3.5 mm wired stereo headset is connected. We will not find anything else.

Bottom end

Here is the port for connecting the MicroUSB cable. With its help, the device is synchronized with a personal computer.

Right edge

She was impressed by the presence of a lock button and power management. A little higher it has a special groove. It is necessary in order to quickly remove the back cover.

Left edge

On the opposite side there is a rocker for adjusting the volume of the device. This is the location of the device controls.

Feedback on the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 Neo

It's time to take stock. What can customers say that came to this device?

In the positive qualities can write down a goodThe quality of the assembly, which distinguish the creations of the South Korean manufacturer. Not bad for such a price and design. You can say stylish. Well, and, of course, the function of supporting the work of two SIM cards.

The obvious shortage of the device is low capacitybattery. Discharges the device very, very quickly, especially with active use. Another disadvantage is the lack of a front camera, and we are silent on the quality of the main camera. Perhaps, here such moments can be distinguished in the review of this phone model.