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Does it matter whether Rostest or Eurotest Iphone buy

Growth or Eurotest
First of all, let's define whatthe actual difference between Rostest or Eurotest devices. Smartphones with the prefix "Ros" on the package are certified for sale in Russia devices, and smartphones with the prefix "Euro" were released, respectively, for European countries. All devices imported to Russia legally must have a PCT certificate. Buying a smartphone designed for Europe, you actually buy a "gray" phone.

Than this threatens the user and what to get better - Rostest or Eurotest device?

First of all, buying not certifiedfor our country the device, you can face the fact that the smartphone will turn out to be oriented to the European operator and its use in Russia will be impossible. Unlocking, of course, is possible, but it costs, as a rule, not cheap and carries some risks. Also on the phone Eurotest, used in Russia, does not cover the manufacturer's warranty.

Many sellers of "gray" devices assure thatthis is not so, giving an excerpt from the official website of Apple, which says that you can apply for warranty service at the nearest authorized service center. This is absolutely true. However, Apple only performs warranty obligations to the first buyer of the device, as stated in the relevant agreement, which you can also see on the official support resource.

If you have a "euro" version of a smartphone in your hands, then in fact you are not the first

Iphone grows or eurotest
owner - before you, someone bought this unit incountries of the European Union and illegally imported into the Russian Federation, where you acquired it. This means that in an authorized service center you will not even be accepted for diagnostics and will be denied warranty service. Then someone will say that under the guarantee he will apply for repair of the device and is not going to, and the price tag for 4 thousand less is more attractive for him.

But here, too, have their pitfalls - the deviceit may not only require repair. There is still such a thing as a factory fault or a malfunction that is not repairable. In the event that the manufacturer bears warranty obligations to you, the device is replaced by a similar worker or a refund. If you are the owner of an apparatus produced for Europe, then you will be deprived of such an opportunity. The miser pays twice, as the well-known proverb says. Of course, it's up to the buyer to make a decision, to buy a device Rostest or Eurotest. However, this decision must be weighed.

How to distinguish, Rostest or Eurotest device you acquire

First of all, pay attention to the packaging of the device. Careful study of it is the only way, without activating the device, to determine whether the iphone Rostest or Eurotest is in front of you.

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On the box must be presentinscriptions in Russian. Also on the label with the bar code there should be two letters "RR". If you can inspect the contents of the box, then pay attention to the availability of a warranty card from the official distributor of devices in Russia. It should be noted that only MTS and Megafon companies are engaged in the supply of certified devices to the territory of our country. These simple actions will prevent you from buying an uncertified smartphone and help to avoid unnecessary problems.