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Grill with convection in microwave oven

A few years ago, the microwave oven wasthe subject of the dreams of every mistress, and now this household appliance has firmly established itself in the kitchens. There are many models of microwave ovens that are equipped with electronic controls, touch buttons and additional functions. A very important factor is the coating of the stove's working chamber, the most common being enamel or stainless steel. To correctly choose the right device, it is worth considering its various options. For example, there are models that can successfully replace the oven. Such microwaves are equipped with grill functions with convection, their characteristics will be discussed in the material.

Microwave: what can she do?

A popular function that the device has,is the heating and defrosting of products. With the help of a microwave oven it is possible to cook hot sandwiches and more complex dishes. If the microwave oven is equipped with a grill, it makes it possible to bake meat as if on a spit, and convection helps to turn the appliance into an excellent replacement for the oven of an ordinary cooker. Microwave ovens with convection, produced by well-known brands BORK, SAMSUNG, etc. are popular. Moreover, there are models that have only a grill or just convection. The first is suitable for cooking meat, fish. Convection is used for baking. There are models that combine both functions, which helps to increase the assortment of dishes that microwave can cook.

Grilling or convection?

Before choosing a microwave oven, it is worth considering:for which you will use it. Only for warming up pre-cooked dishes, or it will become in your kitchen a competitor of the oven. The usefulness of dishes cooked in the microwave, the need and convenience of using the function of a grill with convection, has long been controversial among culinary enthusiasts. Grill is a special device in the microwave oven, adapted for frying. In modern models, they exist in two forms: tenovye and quartz. The first look like a metal spiral with a heating element inside. Most often it is located on top of the working chamber of the microwave oven. Some models allow you to move it, which helps to fry products better. The quartz grill in the microwave consists of a wire made of an alloy of chromium and nickel, which is placed in a tube of quartz glass. A similar grill is attached to the top of the microwave oven, above its working chamber. The quartz grill helps to roast the products more softly and evenly, although its power is noticeably inferior to the grill with TEN. Some microwave models also have a lower grill.

Convection is, in fact, a uniform motionhot air. Thanks to the ring heating element and the fan, the heated air is distributed inside the chamber. This function, used in microwave ovens, is able to expand the number of dishes prepared.

For microwave cooking, you canuse any dishes, the main thing is that it was not made of metal, and, preferably, without finishing with gold or silver. Using a grill with convection, it is best to take special dishes from heat-resistant material, which is designed for microwave ovens.

Reviews of the microwave with grill and convection

Feedback from buyers who purchased suchmicrowave, say that, as a rule, they are not disappointed with the choice. It turns out not bad at all. Tasty meat and fish are prepared. You can bake a cake. Moreover, for those who fear for their health, it is important that the operation of the microwave oven in the "grill with convection" mode is not dangerous to humans. In fact, the harmfulness of this device is greatly exaggerated.

Its radiation is not ionizing, it is nothas a significant effect on the human body and does not contribute to the development of dangerous diseases. On the contrary, from the fact that the products in the microwave oven are evenly warmed from all sides, and, without the use of oil and water, they retain more useful substances. In addition, microwaves are more economical than traditional plates, cooking with their help takes less time, and the dishes are almost without loss of vitamins.