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Samsung S7 Edge: specifications and reviews

Until the appearance of Note 7, Samsung S7 Edgeby right was the most expensive device in the line of smartphones Samsung 2016. As a larger and more curved version of the standard Galaxy S7, the S7 Edge is much more attractive than the flat younger "brother" and has a much more capacious battery, which provides the device more endurance.

Not worse than Note 7

Samsung S7 Edge, reviews about which even afterthe appearance of Note 7 remains commendable (it continues to be released), for many will be the best choice due to the relatively low cost and lack of a stylus. The smartphone has a lot in common with Note 7, because they have the same processor, camera and screen resolution. In addition, the 5.7-inch Note 7 display is only a few millimeters larger than the S7 Edge, which is unlikely to affect the feel of games or viewing downloads on iPlayer.

But the user will most likely notice the difference,if you compare the S7 Edge to the regular S7, whose display size is only 5.1 inches diagonal. Here, the screen magnification sets the distance between the models so that the buyer feels the need to update the flat phone.

Before delving into the device of the smartphone,it is worth mentioning that on September 7, 2016, a new iPhone 7 was announced - the main competitor of the model in question. In addition, the expected appearance of Samsung S7 Edge Plus, the characteristics of which are still unknown. Although it was previously reported that the company excluded the model from its product line.

samsung s7 edge reviews

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: specifications

What will surprise this smartphone? Device parameters are as follows:

  • The chip is an octonuclear 2.3 GHz Exynos 8890.
  • The screen size is 5.5 inches.
  • The resolution is 2560 x 1440 pixels.
  • Rear camera - 12 megapixel.
  • Memory - 32 GB (24.8 GB).
  • The supported standards are 3G, 4G.
  • Weight - 157 g.
  • The size is 151h73h7, 7 mm.
  • OS - Android 6.0.


In S7, it was decided many problems that wereof the whole S6 family. True, there is still no removable battery, but the S7 Edge now has a micro-SD slot, which allows you to expand 32/64 GB of memory to 200 GB, and also got protection from dust and water at IP68, which makes it more flexible and practical for compared with all the predecessors.

For some, this in itself can bea sufficient reason to switch to a new generation of Samsung smartphones, especially for Galaxy S5 owners who deliberately shied away from the upgrade due to the lack of expandable memory. However, one thing in the S7 Edge has definitely not improved - it's a huge amount of fingerprints that collects the glass cover of the back panel. Dirt and grease are not the best attributes for a flagship phone, and users often remember with nostalgia the back panel of S5 from leatherette. Nevertheless, the device fits comfortably in the hand, since its curved edges and metal frame form a slightly stiffer and flat edge than the conventional S7, and provide a decent grip, despite the larger size.

samsung s7 edge specifications

Bend for the sake of bending

The smartphone Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge specificationsThe screen is just as stunning as the S7, but for the first Samsung has made a number of software improvements. The edge panels, activated by a simple touch of the finger to a small translucent tab on the side, have become wider, allowing more information to be placed on them and finding more applications for them. The long-awaited application shortcut bar and quick access page appeared again, but now you can devote the side screens to Internet bookmarks, compass, weather, S Planner, etc.

The most popular innovation of users isthe Tasks Edge application. Perhaps it was a response to Apple's Force Touch technology. The program allows you to quickly navigate to some of the phone's functions, for example, a set of text messages or e-mail, browsing Internet bookmarks, creating a calendar event, a self-image or a quick set of favorite contacts. The My Places Edge screen copies some elements of the HTC Sense 7 home panel. It contains the 3 most commonly used applications that are tied to the current location. For example, if the user is at work, then S Planner or Google Docs is displayed, at home they will be replaced by Google Play Music, and in other places - Google Maps.

samsung galaxy s7 edge 32gb specs

On the verge of expediency

All these additions are convenient, but given thatthe two best applications for side screens have been implemented somewhere before (and, probably, better), we can assume that Samsung finds its side panels with difficulty. Although there is no doubt that some of their functions are very convenient, most shortcuts can be easily replaced by adding additional widgets to the main panel. Side screens help to reduce confusion at home, but there is no certainty of their absolute necessity.

The screen has other problems. Bending it, Samsung has created problems with the graphical interface, of which little is said. And if the manufacturer's software is usually prudent enough not to place vital areas in the curved part, in other cases often the edges cause irritation and inconvenience: it is difficult to crop a photo bent around the edges, a strong light source causes unexpected reflections, it is inconvenient to use any An application in which the user interface elements are located at the edge of the screen (for example, Gmail).

Samsung S7 Edge: the characteristics of the display

At least, there is one thing in which you cando not doubt. This is the quality of the S7 Edge display. The 5.5-inch 2560x1440 resolution panel using Super AMOLED technology is the best in its class. The screen covers 100% of the sRGB color gamut along with an ideal black level (0.00 cd / m2). On the S7 Edge, the images look stunning, and its ultra-high contrast covers a large number of details. You can be sure that photos and videos will always look great.

As usual, Super AMOLED displays are not as bright as their LCD counterparts, as evidenced by a peak brightness level of 361.01 cd / m2. Nevertheless, as in S7, to enhance thisparameter in very bright sunlight in the automatic mode, a tricky trick is used here. In this case, the peak brightness values ​​reach 503 cd / m2. This roughly corresponds to the indicatorsLCD smartphones, so the achievement of Super AMOLED is quite impressive, given that the screen gives rich bright colors that are unattainable in liquid crystal displays.

In this model Samsung introduced constantlyA working item that shows the time, date and battery status when the phone is in sleep mode. This is an incredibly useful feature, since often the only thing that is required from the phone is to show the current time. The battery does not consume much power, since Super AMOLED only supplies the pixels needed to display information, and does not use the entire backlight.

smartphone samsung galaxy s7 edge specifications


Specifications Samsung S7 Edge are equally unparalleled, as its eight-core processor Exynos 8890 and 4 GB of RAM move it directly to the top of the rating.

It is interesting to note that the S7 series does not holdbefore the Apple iPhone 6S, when it comes to testing a single core - in this regard, the phone is 400 points worse than the 6S. But this only says that it is slightly less effective when it comes to low-level tasks. The S7 family has the advantage of multi-core performance (6323 points), since the iPhone 6s only gets 4417 points, but it's clear that the Samsung Exynos chip has a lot to grow, despite the fact that it is much faster than any other smartphone based on the Android OS. True, this may change after testing the LG G5 with a new chipset from Qualcomm Snapdragon 820.

For now, the Samsung S7 Edge phone featuresvideo accelerators provide greater performance than existing Snapdragon 810 based devices, since the GFX Bench GL test gives an average frame rate of 37 fps. This corresponds to S7, which is not surprising if you take into account identical hardware.

Web browsing is super-fast. With 1528 points in Peacekeeper, the S7 Edge smartphone easily manages complex web pages, providing quick and easy scrolling even when loading a lot of photos and advertising.

samsung galaxy s7 edge sm g935f specifications

Battery life

High performance is different smartphone Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. The characteristics of the device's battery, however, make no less impression. After setting the display brightness to 170 cd / m2 and a continuous test of video playback, the phone lasted an impressive 18 hours 42 minutes, which exceeded the S7 result by an hour.

A large battery with a capacity of 3600 mAh was supposed towork longer than the battery in the S7 3000 mAh, but if you take into account the large screen, it is worthy of praise. In any case, a smartphone can be used all day, if not two consecutive days, in a sparing mode of operation.

Moreover, the Samsung S7 Edge featuresfast charging has improved since the 0 to 100% transition takes slightly less than two hours when using a standard 5-volt fast charger with a 2.0 A current. The smartphone supports wireless charging standards Qi and PMA.

If you have a wireless charger,then the S7 Edge can be fueled all day, which changes everything radically. It's convenient, just does not require attention. While the phone is on the charging panel, everything is in order.


On the back there is a new camera 12 MP. It may seem that it is a step backward from a 16-megapixel sensor in the S6, but more megapixels do not always mean better image quality. In the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (32GB), the characteristics have changed: the size of an individual pixel has increased from 1.12 microns in S6 to 1.4 microns, which allows everyone to get more light and reduce the amount of noise in low light conditions. The aperture was enlarged to f / 1.7, it lets more light to the sensor for higher quality images.

It's a risky step, but the S7 Edge justifiesexpectations. When shooting outdoors, the smartphone allows you to make beautiful photos, high contrast and bright, accurately transmitting colors. Some parts of the frame are slightly overexposed, especially in bright sunlight, but this is easily corrected thanks to the exposure compensation slider of the camera. It appears when you touch the screen during focus, but you can switch to HDR mode if you want.

samsung galaxy s7 edge specifications

Less is more

In the closed room the camera takes picturesbetter. Pictures have not only very high level of detail, they also lack visible noise even when shooting in low light conditions, which is quite impressive for the phone. Nevertheless, if you compare the test images with the photo on S6, you can say that they look almost identical.

This is true, at least at first glance, butif you go into the shutter speed data, the S7 Edge allows you to shoot in low light conditions at 1/25 second exposure, not 1/15 second, like in S6. This means that in the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935F, the camera features provide greater reliability in low light conditions, since a faster shutter speed less smears images of moving objects, which gives a general advantage.

A virtual reality

Another feature of the phone, which is worthto mention, is that it fits perfectly with the new Gear VR headset. This is a relatively affordable way of immersing yourself in virtual reality, as you do not have to shell out for expensive PCs or HTC Vive or Oculus Rift analogues. The implementation is a bit rustic, but it copes with a lot of entertainment applications, such as virtual roller coaster and even some shooters, for example, Suicide Squad: Special Ops VR. And if you buy a Gear 360 camera, you can record your own VR-video and view it using a virtual reality headset.

specifications samsung s7 edge

The best that you can buy

Currently Samsung S7 and Samsung S7 Edge,the characteristics of which are among the best among the phones based on Android OS, except, of course, Samsung Galaxy Note 7, are out of competition. Since all three models are very similar in terms of performance, display and camera quality, the question is whether it is worth overpaying for S7 Edge, if S7 is cheaper? Like last year, curved edges look cute, and one large screen will be enough to convince some of the superiority of the model, especially if you take into account the best battery life.

However, the software of the side screens up toThis time does not convince them of their advantage. And the time it takes to flip through each edge does not make the device more practical than having all the information on one main display.

Right choice

According to users, the best optionis S7. The Samsung S7 Edge is a large-sized smartphone, but the S7 is more convenient, equally productive and the battery life is not too small. As the reviews say, for those who want to buy the most beautiful phone that can only be bought for money, the S7 Edge will be the right choice, and it's better for practical users to dwell on its flat "colleague".