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Mobile compressor for home use and some industries

Now in shops it is possible to find the bignumber of different power tools, among which you can find drills, perforators, circular saws, etc. All of them use electric current for their work, and at the same time consume it in accordance with the size of their power, which is not entirely economical and at the same time not very reliable and inefficient. That is why most enterprises use a mobile compressor or an entire highway with compressed air.

Mobile compressor

The fact is that almost all pneumaticthe tool has a greater productivity and service life than an electric tool, while its price is much lower. It is also worth noting that the pneumatic tool is recognized as one of the safest, since it can not hit with an electric shock or catch fire.

Also worth noting is the fact that the mobilethe compressor can also feed such instruments, analogues of which simply do not exist in the performance with the use of electric energy. Therefore, such devices are very popular with painters, sandblasters and repair road crews. Also, an air mobile compressor is widely used by rescue services and those structures that use for their activities an instrument capable of generating a great deal of pressure (pneumatic pliers, pneumatic jack, pneumatic scissors for metal).

The compressor air mobile

It is worth noting that a modern compressorMobile is usually installed on various platforms that have their wheels and a device for attaching to the car. This applies to more powerful compressors, which create a lot of pressure. Other portable compressors intended for domestic use are equipped with wheels and a small handle for easy carrying. Therefore, one person can operate such a device.

An important point to consider,acquiring a mobile compressor, is that most of them work on diesel fuel. As a result, exhaust gases are released, which completely deprives them of the opportunity to use it in enclosed spaces. However, this does not prohibit the installation of a compressor in the street, and connecting devices using a long hose.

Mobile Compressor

A small mobile compressor can provideworking pressure is one, and in some cases also two pneumatic tools operating at full power. In this case, if you recalculate the power that is used when working with a pneumatic tool and compare it with the one used in the power tool, and compare the result with the cost of electricity and diesel fuel, the result will show that the pneumatic tool with the compressor is used much more economical than electric tools. It is also possible to add to this the safety of the pneumatic tool and the ease of its repair and maintenance.

In the end, we conclude that the purchase of a mobile compressor is a profitable and practical purchase.