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Teclast X98 Pro: review tablet

Who does not dream of a powerful and functional tablet?The Chinese company has released the third version of the line Teclast - X98 Pro. Overview of this gadget will be presented below. This model appeared on sale in the summer of 2015. It is equipped with an updated processor. As the operating system is Windows 10. There are modifications with two operating systems, and as the second selected Android. In this article, we will consider the features of the external design of the tablet, its technical characteristics and feedback from the owners.

teclast x98 pro review

A set of accessories

Overview of Teclast X98 Pro we will start with a descriptionbundling. The manufacturer does not offer anything unusual to the tablet. In the box, the buyer will find all the necessary documentation (warranty card, certificate and manual), a USB cable and a power adapter. Other accessories will need to be purchased separately.

It is important to note that this tabletworks with the keyboard. When you connect it, it becomes a full netbook. Owners can work with documents while on the road. The manufacturer did not attach the keyboard to the factory equipment, since he considered it an additional accessory. However, it can be purchased at any specialized store.


Continuing the review of Teclast X98 Pro, considerfeatures of design. Externally, the tablet has some similarities with the products of the "apple" company. The design can definitely be called stylish and attractive. A white frame surrounds the screen. On the front panel, the developers did not display any controls. The only thing that is above the screen is the front camera lens.

The back cover of the gadget is aluminum.The speaker and the camera lens are displayed on it. On the left side face there are mechanical buttons that are used to turn on / off the device and adjust the volume. On the same side at the bottom of the tablet you can see the connector for the external media.

Some remarks were made about the location of the USB port and the headphone jack. The manufacturer, for some reason, placed them on the lower end.

As for the size of the device, they, likeput a 10-inch tablet, rather big. The height and width of the body are 240 × 169 mm. The thickness is an indisputable advantage, as it is only 7.8 mm. If you compare some models of tablets working on Windows, then this model is the undisputed leader in this indicator. Weight of the device is small - only 522 g.

teclast x98 pro windows

Teclast X98 Pro: technical specifications overview

This model has an excellent screen at 9.7inches. It is manufactured in compliance with IPS technology. The display has wide viewing angles and excellent color. The picture is reproduced in the resolution of 2048 × 1536 px. Pixelation with the naked eye is not noticeable. The resolution is 264 ppi.

This tablet works on a 4-coreprocessor Intel Atom x5-Z8500. Each of the computational modules accelerates to 1440 megahertz. The Intel HD Graphics card is paired with the main chipset. The amount of RAM in 4 GB allows you to judge the power of the gadget. For comparison, let's say that competing models provide a maximum of 2 GB. Integrated memory in the tablet 64 GB. Surprisingly, the developer also provided support for memory cards.

The operating system on which Teclast X98 Pro runs is Windows 10, and in some versions, Android 5.1 is also installed.

There are also cameras in this device. The front is equipped with a 0.9-megapixel sensor. For the main manufacturer chose a resolution of 5 megapixels. The tablet is equipped with a Wi-Fi-module. It works autonomously at the expense of a battery with a capacity of 8000 milliamps per hour.

teclast x98 pro reviews

Teclast X98 Pro: reviews of the owners

If you carefully examine all the reviews of the owners,presented in the Web, then you can identify the strengths and weaknesses of this gadget. First, let's look at the advantages. Most users were satisfied with the large amount of "RAM" and high performance. The tablet perfectly copes with all applications designed for a 64-bit system. Let's continue to talk about memory. The volume of integrated pleasantly surprised users, it is as much as 64 GB, and the storage size can be increased due to external media. And, of course, the indisputable advantage of this device is an excellent screen.

As usual, there were some shortcomings. To them, users attributed an insufficiently powerful battery and heating the processor. Also, the weakness was attributed to the fact that the developers did not use the oleophobic coating, because of which the screen is very quickly contaminated.