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Protective film for iPad: how to save the screen of the device

Statistics of calls to service centersshows that in almost 85 percent of cases people bring iPad with cracks or screen shatter. Since this device is not cheap, then the repair is expensive. Indeed, the screens of the devices are very fragile, despite the use of high-impact technologies in the creation of the iPad.

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In the manufacture of devices is used ultrathinsensitive to shocks and scratches glass. To protect the device using various devices, cases, cases, pockets, as well as a protective film for the iPad. If you accidentally wipe the tablet on the floor, then it probably will fail. If the device is protected by some external cover, its chances of "surviving" increase dramatically.

The most affordable, budgetary and at the same time the most elegant way to protect the device from external influences is the protective film for the iPad, which is glued to the display device.

Indeed, such protection can protect the screen from many traumatic household influences, from inaccurate treatment, easy falling, keys in your pocket and other troubles.

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In this case, the appearance of the device will not change much, which can not be said about the use of cases or cases that provide better protection, but change the appearance of the device.

In addition, you will have to perform extramanipulation to open or close the case or cover flip. In many cases, the protective film for iPad is the only way to protect the device from damage, for example, when used in an automotive holder.

Think about installing a film you need immediatelythe same after the purchase of the tablet, since the device is delivered in the original packaging, after removal of which the device will remain unprotected. Therefore, the film for the iPad should be immediately glued: this will save the screen of the device in its original form. In addition, this protection should be periodically changed, because it eventually loses its appearance and becomes unusable.

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The film for iPad 3 does not affect the device in any way, it does not make the screen less bright, and the touch glass - less sensitive, does not give the device excess thickness.

Today, there are many options for protectivefilms from different manufacturers with different properties. You can buy a product with a mirror decorative coating or a surface that reduces fingerprints on the display.

When choosing a film, it should be borne in mind thatvarious mirror and other options affect the color reproduction of the screen. The best choice will be a protective film for iPad American or Japanese manufacturers. Chinese budget coverage will also give some advantage over just bare glass of the screen, but the costly iPad will look poorer in a cheap package with questionable protection.

Installing a protective film requires someskills and certain accuracy, as well as leisurely actions. When applying the coating, the surface of the screen must be thoroughly wiped. If there are doubts about the quality of the result, then you can contact the service centers, where they will help to paste the film for a small price.