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"Who called" service, Megaphone - disconnection and connection

Today we are presented with the service "Whocalled, "Megaphone. We will try to understand what it is all about, and also how to connect this opportunity. In addition, we will also learn to abandon this type of alerts and consider several options for tariffs. In general, to connect and disconnect any additional function on the mobile, there are a couple of approaches. Which ones? About this later.

service who called megaphone

What is it?

But before you activate the service "Whocalled, "let's try to figure out what we'll be dealing with at all. Often it happens that our phone is out of range of the network. Or the battery is discharged. And you at this time begin to call, and it is important to know who exactly. And at such times the service "Who called" (Megafon) comes to the rescue.

The thing is that with this opportunity youreceive SMS messages about the callers immediately after the appearance of your phone in the network coverage area. So you can not be afraid to miss important calls for you from people. When you can - call back. In the message, the subscriber's number will be written, as well as the time of the perfect call. If he was repeated, then this will also be reported. Here such convenient piece. But let's try to connect with you to this opportunity. Change of the service "Who called" (Megaphone), connection and disconnection can be carried out literally in two accounts.

"Surprises" for customers

But before starting to use it is worth discussing another very important point. Which one? Let's try to understand with you in this matter.

service who called megaphone paid or not

The thing is that very often customersare interested in: "The service" Who called "(Megaphone) is paid or not?". And it was very difficult to answer here literally a few years ago. Why? Yes, all because of the fact that this opportunity was paid. And it is because of this that many customers are beginning to think more and more often how to turn off the "Who called" service on Megafon. Not so in most cases it is important to know which subscriber and when he tried to talk with you. Quite often it's enough just to ask in person whether friends / colleagues / relatives tried to call you.

In addition, if you are thinking about the question:"Service" Who called "(Megaphone) paid or not?", Then you can prepare for another "surprise" of the operator. Which one? Even the connection of a new opportunity is paid. More precisely, we are talking about a re-action. If you have never used the "Who called" service on your SIM card, the connection costs you 0 rubles. But in case of refusal and the resumption of the use of this opportunity will have to pay. A small amount, but still. 50 rubles - and again you can easily receive alerts about attempts to get through to you.

In addition, that you will be charged dailysubscription fee for the connected option at Megaphone. Change in the cost of the "Who called" service can vary. At the moment in St. Petersburg you will have to give 1 ruble, and in all other regions - only 70 kopecks per day. Not particularly pleasant, but if you can not do without this possibility, you will have to agree.

Here is such a strange service "Who called" (Megafon). Now we are going directly with you to the connection.

Call on command

So, let's start with you by tryinguse the so-called USSD command. It will help you activate this feature. Usage of USSD-commands, as a rule, is very popular. The main feature of our method is the ease of use.

how to turn off the service who called on the megaphone

If you suddenly needed the service "Who called"(Megaphone), then dial * 105 * 2401 # on the phone, and then just press the dial key. After that, wait until you receive an alert about the successful start of the new feature. That's all the problems are solved.

SMS message

Now we turn to the second option. In fact, everything is much simpler than it might seem at first glance. The fact is that if you need to connect this feature, then you can always send an SMS request to the Megafon help center. And after its processing you will get access to the notification about callers.

Type in the message "2401", and then sendits to the short number 000105. After that, you can wait for the notification of the successful connection of the new feature. That's all the problems are solved. As you see, nothing difficult or supernatural.

In "Megaphone" the change in the cost of the service "Whocalled "also passes as a sms-alert to subscribers. So do not be surprised if new lines are assigned to the standard text. Well, we continue to consider all possible variants of the development of events when trying to connect to your mobile phone "Who called" services. In general, there are at least 2 ways that will definitely help us.

megaphone change of service cost who called


Well, we move with you to more interesting andSimple approaches that can only be realized. The thing is that there is also such an option, in which the client should call a special number to the operator and inform about his intentions. This method is very popular among all the others. And if you have any questions, you can always solve them, "without departing from the ticket office." In addition, you can change the service "Who called" (Megaphone). For example, change the tariff of your SIM card to the one that will most effectively and profitablely implement alerts about those calling you.

In order to take advantage of the call forconnection, just dial 01053, and then wait for a response. There are two possible variants of the development of events. The first is a conversation with a real operator. In this case, you simply inform that you are interested in the service "Who called" (Megaphone), and then ask you to connect it to your phone. Waiting for an alert - and all problems are solved.

But the most frequent and least pleasant and convenientis an option where you will need to communicate with an answering machine. Such a dialogue takes approximately 10 minutes. And only after a long "communication" you can get an SMS-notification of a successful connection. As you see, not a particularly good method. When the voice-robot answers you, and when - a living person, no one knows for sure. Time on time it is not necessary.

change of service who called megaphone

Personal Area

Just a little bit more, and we'll find out how to disconnectthe service "Who called" on Megaphone. In the meantime, let's try to figure out the last option for connecting this feature. Namely - through the personal office on the official site.

All that is required of you is to passauthorization on the page of your mobile operator, and then go to the "Services" section. There it is necessary to find "Who called," and then click on this line. Now you will see a list of possible actions. Click "Connect" - and all problems will be solved. Wait for the notification and enjoy the results. Well, we'll try to find out how the "Who called" service (Megaphone) is disconnected.

Refuse through request

As already mentioned, USSD requests are usedespecially popular among its customers. And that's why the disabling of any service should start with this method. In order to cancel the function "Who called" on Megaphone, just dial on mobile * 105 * 24 #, and then click on the call button.

Wait for a while - you will be informedsuccessful processing of the request, after which the notification will come that the service is disabled. You can rejoice at your achievement. As you can see, nothing difficult. But there is another interesting approach to solving this problem.

deactivation of the service who called the megaphone

Help messages

It is about using the most commonsms messages. In this case, we will have to dial "24" in the text, and then send it to number 000105. After a while, you will have to receive an alert about the successful processing of the request with the subsequent disabling of the service.

As you can see, connect the "Who called"from Megaphone, as well as abandon it, quite easily. The main thing is to know in what order and what to type. And, of course, monitor the balance of your phone. At a minus all additional services demanding payment, are disconnected.