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HTC One M7: Features and Features

Over the past years, one of the majormanufacturers of mobile phones HTC has partly lost its leading position. His latest models were losing to the analogues from the competitors of Apple and Samsung, and the level of popularity in the market was getting lower every year. In order to regain the credibility of consumers, the company begins to develop a new model, which will be the end of the line One and will embody all the advantages of previous communicators. Thus, HTC One M7 was created, the characteristics of which are really impressive. All the shortcomings of previous models were taken into account by the manufacturer so that they do not repeat in the new smartphone.

HTC One M7 Review, HTC One Feature and Some Features

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At the first inspection of new items from the famousbrand in the eye immediately throws a solid metal case. Unlike previous models, the manufacturer excluded almost all plastic parts, leaving only the cast rim and glass outside. In general, it should be noted that before the development of HTC One devices with a 100% metal body have not been released in principle, since this type of base has certain features. The surface shields radio waves, therefore earlier it was necessary to build in details from other materials. However, developers from HTC have managed to approach the problem differently - to transfer to the outside all transmitters are needed with the help of small holes in the smartphone's case. All microelements are located inside these holes and fixed with a composite. We can not say how practical the smartphone is, but to date, HTC One M7 801e, whose characteristics we will continue to consider further, there are no competitors with such a design of the case.

Negative sides

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One of the main drawbacks of developersexperts consider certain features of metal. For example, with a strong impact, the outer casing can easily change shape (because the metal does not absorb shock well) and damage the internal parts of the smartphone, and, unlike other materials, it is not particularly practical to use. The weight of this model is quite large due to the aluminum back cover. In addition, many consumers complain about the inconvenient placement of the lock key, taking into account the large size of the device. In general, HTC One M7, the characteristics of which we reviewed, also has a number of other shortcomings, which draw attention to users, namely: the location of the volume control and changing the standard set of touch keys.

HTC One screen

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It should be noted the quality of the displayThis device - the image performance is truly impressive. Smartphone HTC One M7, the characteristics of the screen which can be considered one of the best, in comparison with competitors, also has an amazing multi-touch function, the ability to respond to 10 simultaneous touches. The internal matrix of the model provides an elegant viewing angle and remarkable color transmission. The screen perfectly shows even in bright sunlight, unlike the competitive models of the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4. Such a nice bonus will be appreciated by all consumers, especially those who like using the phone while driving. The touchscreen of the screen reacts quickly to all commands made by touching a finger or a stylus.

HTC One M7, features: the final touch

The display is securely hidden under the protective glass, asand all the other models in this line. On the surface is also a new special coating, reducing the number of fingerprints. That's all we wanted to share in this material. We thank you for the attention of each of our readers.