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Smartphone "Lenovo C 60": reviews, features, overview

Occupied in recent years, the leading position in thethe market of mobile devices, the company "Lenovo" does not cease to amaze with its novelties. One of the most interesting representatives of the company is the S60 device. What is this smartphone?


The phone "Lenovo S 60" has a low-key, butpretty nice design. This feature is inherent in almost all representatives of the C-series, since the smartphones of this line are aimed more at performance and entertainment.

The device completely imitates its appearancebrother C 90, as well as the flagship of Apple. Despite the similarity, the phone can be found and differences. For example, S90 was made of metal, and C 60 - made of polycarbonate. Consider this as a drawback is difficult, because in the strength and quality of the assembly, the phone has not lost anything. The use of polycarbonate made it possible to make the device easier and much cheaper. The case of the device is not foldable, which even more closely ties it with similar models.

Phone Lenovo С 60

Working with the device is very comfortable even with one hand. A light weight, only 128 grams, as well as a nice plastic do not let the device slip out of the hand.

Pleased fans and options for coloring. The smartphone is available in white, gray and bright yellow. Attractive appearance and saturated colors give the highlight to the device.

As for external parts, the front housed a display, sensors, touch buttons, camera, indicator and, of course, a speaker.

At the bottom of the device are two speakers, a microphone andUSB socket. From above, the connector for the headset and an additional microphone are sheltered. The volume and on / off buttons are on the right side. On the left is a nest under a sim card and a flash drive.

The back part got a camera, a company logo, technical inscriptions, and a flash.

Unfortunately, there is no highlighting of the touch buttons. However, for the apparatus of the middle price category, the appearance turned out to be excellent.


It's quite a decent screen got "Lenovo C 60", the characteristics of which we are considering. Its resolution is 1280 x 720, which is acceptable for a 5-inch display.

The phone has 294 ppi, which means that you can see small pixels when looking at it. In general, for a not very expensive device, the quality of the screen is acceptable.

Lenovo C 60 specifications

The image is saturated and quite bright. Due to the use of the IPS matrix, the viewing angles also do not cause problems. The phone also has automatic brightness control.

To protect the display, glass is used, but there is no film. To avoid the appearance of fingerprints, oleophobic coating is realized in the screen.

The installed display looks pretty decent both in games and when playing HD. For the average price category of devices all the parameters are at a decent level.


Chinese smartphones have long been able to doquality images, with no exception, and C 60. The device has a camera as many as 13 megapixels with a stunning resolution of 4160 x 3120. Accordingly, the images are detailed and quality. Naturally, there are also minor shortcomings in the form of excessive noise. The images of the device are about 3-5 MB.

The camera is noticeably worse in poor lighting conditions. In such cases, there are too noticeable noises and even graininess.

The front camera will also please owners with the presence of 5 megapixels. Good resolution (2592 x 1944) allows you to take pictures of decent quality.

Review Lenovo S 60

The camera interface was slightly modified in the device, which made it more convenient. Easy control allows you to even intuitively adjust the quality of images.

The video recording has similar drawbacks with the photo.In good lighting, the quality is good, but in the gloom there is graininess and noise. Of course, expect much from a middle-class camera is not worth it. Asking for the "Lenovo C 60" price completely eliminates flaws.


Chinese smartphones rarely use the SnapDragon processor, but C 60 is the case. Replacing the familiar MTK with a more powerful counterpart for the better affects performance.

The present four cores run on the 64th platform and have a performance of 1.2 GHz each. This filling allows you to maximize the potential of the device.

Do not let me down and RAM size of 2 GB,installed in the "Lenovo C 60". The price of the device looks ridiculous, given such hardware. In comparison with the A 7000, which has a similar value, the phone looks more attractive.

The video accelerator Adreno 306 is definitely weak on the general background. However, he copes with all assigned functions.

Lenovo C 60 price

The smartphone comes only with 8 GBbuilt-in memory. Part is spent on "Android", and the user will remain approximately 6 GB. Expand the amount of memory can be a flash drive capacity of up to 32 GB, although the present stuffing can cope well with 64 GB.

The device shows itself perfectly in the work with all applications, as well as demanding games. Of course, there are some exceptions, in which you will have to use the average graphics.


Written about the "Lenovo C 60" reviews make it clear,that the device comes with several versions of "Android". Sometimes the old version 4.4 comes across, and periodically the device goes with the installed system 5.0.2. Above the "Android" is the proprietary shell Vibe UI.

Applications do not have a separate menu and are locatedon the desktop, as in the iPhone. Most of the necessary programs are immediately installed in the device. The shell allows you to customize the appearance of many interface parts. The system works stably and without braking.

In case of delivery of the outdated version the owner without problems can flash the device on 5.0. You can carry out the update either through FOTA or with the help of special programs.

lenovo with 60 reviews


The battery in the device is immense, and givencapacity of 2150 mAh, this is a tangible problem for "Lenovo C 60". Customer feedback reports a 3-hour duration of the device with active use. The smartphone in the standby mode will last for 24 hours.

The phone has modes to save battery. At a careful battery consumption, there will be enough hours for 7-9.

Undoubtedly, the battery in the device is not chosen the most successful. Actively working with the device, the owner will be very dependent on additional charging.


In addition to the phone, the kit includes an instruction manual, a USB cable, an adapter, a key for trays and headphones. In rare cases, the complete set is still covers for "Lenovo S 60". Screen protection can be supplemented with a film.

Covers for Lenovo C 60


The cost of the device is approximately 15 thousand rubles. The price is quite pleasant considering the stuffing and functionality of the device.

Most likely, you have to immediately make a total cost and replace the headset. Native earphones, supplied with the device, are not particularly high-quality.

Positive reviews

After reviewing the review "Lenovo C 60", I want to mention the excellent camera smartphone. Of course, there are shortcomings, but in general, the images are excellent.

Another positive aspect of the apparatusis the filling. For its money, Lenovo has equipped the phone with impressive features. A powerful processor and a large amount of RAM allow the smartphone to perform many tasks.

Design can also be seen as a virtueapparatus. Simple and elegant appearance, no frills, just like the taste of users. Although the apparatus and there is no metal, but the strength and build quality because of this did not suffer.

A good display should also be noted. A large diagonal and quite acceptable quality make the screen pleasing to the eye. Although the C-series is a device for entertainment, not all phones of the line can boast such a display.

Almost all owners are satisfied with the price andcharacteristics of "Lenovo C 60". The reviews are mostly positive, but minor mistakes of the firm are emerging. Although it is difficult to blame the smallest smartphone for the middle class.

Negative feedback

Minuses are much smaller, and for the most part they are notso noticeable. The most notable weakness is a weak battery. Although the smartphone, like, consumes a bit of energy, but the duration of the work can not boast.

Another nasty feature of the phoneis the small amount of memory. Only 6 GB available for use do not satisfy all requests at all. The only way out is to increase the volume due to a flash drive.

After reviewing the feedback about Lenovo C 60, one can understand that not all users like the design of Apple. Of course, there are not so many discontent, but they are.

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The result

Having a lot of positive qualities, the apparatusis a pretty attractive choice. And given the low price of the device, C 60 looks very competitive against the background of competitors. The company "Lenovo" once again pleased its fans.