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Dualshock 4 - the dream of a real gamer!

A couple of years ago, "Sony" introduced its newconsole called PlayStation 4. It is the heiress of the legendary "PS 3", and therefore it just can not hit the face with dirt. What is special about the new "PS 4"? Improved hardware, support for new services, innovative technologies. But, perhaps, the main innovation is the gamepad, which got the name Dualshock 4. Do you want to know more about it?

PS4 Dualshock 4

Dualshock 4

"Sony" always followed the rule:"The new console - a new gamepad." 2013, when the company introduced its PlayStation 4, was no exception. "Sony" presented a new joystick at the gaming exhibition E3, and the device made a real sensation. It was immediately noticeable that the company invested a lot of time and effort into the development of Dualshock 4. Thanks to the stylish design, modern technologies and interesting technical solutions, the gamepad was much more advanced than the one used in the Xbox One. Dualshock 4 is a real guide to the world of drive and video games. But is it so good? Is the device indeed no flaws? The answers to these and many other questions can be found in this article.


The appearance of the device, as always, at a height.It so happened that the guys from "Sonya" know how to do stylish things. The gamepad looks very stylish. Even the "seams" left after welding the plastic do not seem to be a forced measure, but a necessity that only complements the design of the device. Also, you can not help but notice the futuristic notes that make the gamepad more modern. However, the Sony Dualshock 4 is not too far away from the classics. Geymad complies with all the canons of the Dualshock line.

Sony Dualshock 4

Perhaps one of the main innovations is sensorypanel. "Sony" decided that the yard had long been not the nineties. The era of "Dandy" and "Mega Drive" has sunk into oblivion. It's time to move on. It is for this reason that specialists from Sony have removed the boring Start / Select buttons. And their heavy burden on themselves took a brand new touch-screen, which, among other things, is able to understand gestures. And it's quite an interesting and convenient thing. For example, now during the game in order to perform a certain action, you just need to swipe across the screen.

The touchpad will help the user and outside the games.Earlier typing characters in the browser was terribly inconvenient. In fact it was necessary to search for each letter separately and to press on it. Forget about this hard work - those troubled times have passed! After all, now you can enter data through a new touch-screen. And this simply can not but rejoice.

Near the touchpad, you can see two new buttons.Share allows you to share a gameplay record from the game with your friends. This is a rather amusing function that provides social interaction. The Options button, as you can understand by name, brings up the settings menu at the same time.


Sony Dualshock 4 has retained the same settings as thefellow. Therefore, if you literally grew to Dualshock 3, then you will not have to retrain. Moreover, by playing a couple of hours with the Dualshock 4, you do not want to return to the older model. The gamepad has rather modest dimensions. Therefore, even after long game sessions in the hands there is not a drop of fatigue. The back panel is a little rough. Due to this the joystick does not slip and does not crochet in the hands.

In the Dualshock 4 built-in vibration driver, accelerometerand a gyroscope. All this is necessary during the game, the use of such technologies brings new sensations. Now it's much easier to immerse yourself in the game world, and it's much more pleasant to perform various actions by means of a touch-screen display than pressing buttons.

How to connect Dualschock 4?

A glowing diode indicator is another elementcontrol, which will provide a comfortable game. It can shine in one of four colors, among which red, blue, green and white. First of all, this is necessary to ensure that in a large company you know which of your joysticks is. In addition, the indicator is necessary for interaction with the Eye camera (something like "Kinekt" from "Microsoft").


Because Dualshock 4 uses a whole bunchheaped technologies (gyroscope, accelerometer, LED indicator, etc.), it's not at all surprising that the joystick sits pretty fast. Full charge, usually enough for 6 hours of continuous play. However, if the game is in full swing, and the gamepad is already ready to "go to bed," it can be connected via a USB cable to the console itself. Of course, in this case the joystick will be wired, however it can work as much as you like.

PS4 Dualschock 4

Everyone knows that playing in the race, fighting games,football through the keyboard - it's still a perversion. The guys from "Sony" decided to take pity on PC gamers. It is for this reason that the new gamepad supports the computer. But how to connect Dualshock 4 to a PC? Everything is as simple as possible. You must connect the joystick via the USB cable. However, in order to get the full functionality (including the touch panel, gyroscope and other buns), you will have to download special drivers. You can find them on the official website of "Sony".

The result

Dualshock 4 is a delightful device thathas a mass of merits. In general, we can say that the upgrade was successful and the new joystick is superior to the Grandpa Dualschock 3 in all respects. And given that the Dualshock 4 costs about $ 60, it's also an advantageous acquisition for PC gamers.