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Signaling "Starline B9": installation and operation manual

Complex of security measures for car protectionis provided by various systems, one of which is the "Starline B9" car alarm. The complex not only protects the vehicle, but also gives the driver confidence that everything is in order with the car. Signaling "Starline B9" provides complete information about the state of the vehicle, which allows the owner to remain calm during long absences.

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Signaling features

The Starline B9 security complex monitors several zones at once:

  • The hood, doors and trunk of the car are controlled by limit switches.
  • Wheels, body and windows - a two-level shock sensor.
  • Digital and conventional relays - start the engine.
  • Ignition the car through a voltage sensor.
  • Parking brake - the end pushbutton switch.

The selection and interception of the system code is impossiblethanks to the original dialogue control code and coding algorithm "own-alien". The initial state of the signaling "Starline B9" is saved in the event of a trip and is restored when the power returns. The engine lock remains unchanged when the external power supply is disconnected if the vehicle is under protection at the time of disconnection. The alarm cycles coming from the sensors are limited. Interrupt the alarms can be done without removing the vehicle from the armed mode.

Anti-theft and protective functions

According to the instruction, the signaling "Starline B9"It is equipped with a rich set of functions, including the programmable activation of the power unit depending on temperature and time. And also remote engine start.

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Signaling "Starline B9" is equipped with the following functions:

  • Activation of an alarm when the sensors are activated in the armed mode. A feedback signal is sent to the feedback panel and an alarm is signaled.
  • Automatic locking of the car engine with the immobilizer on after 30 seconds after the ignition has been canceled, regardless of which particular mode of protection is activated.
  • Depending on the programming modeanti-robbery occurs as follows: engine blocking, automatic closing of the door locks in the pulsed mode for the first 30 seconds, then - on an ongoing basis.
  • Turbo timer for cars withturbocharged. Supports the operation of the motor after the ignition is turned off until the turbine is completely stopped. With simultaneous activation of the guard, the system temporarily blocks the ignition inputs and deactivates the shock sensor bypassing the engine. Arming is performed after disabling this mode.
  • Deactivation of the guard mode can be carried out without a key fob by dialing a personal code or other functions. In both cases, a service button is used to disarm the vehicle.
  • The personal emergency shutdown code can be programmed and includes up to three digits.
  • When the "Starline B9" alarm is disconnected from the connectors of the central alarm unit, the car remains under guard, and the engine does not unlock.

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Service functions of the system

In the signaling system "Starline B9" a number ofservice functions: silent protection, guard mode with the engine running, panic mode, silent activation and deactivation of functions, vehicle search and work with GPS / GSM modules. The system automatically diagnoses the condition of the sensors, bypasses the fault zones and gives a full report. There are several ways to start the engine: remote with a key fob, timer activation, alarm clock or temperature. You can program the system depending on the features of the vehicle - the presence of an automatic or manual gearbox, a different type of power unit.

Alarm Set

Security system "Starline" is delivered in the following complete set:

  • Set for installation "Starline B9": central unit, antenna with transceiver module, temperature sensor, driver call button, cable set.
  • Two-level shock sensor. It fixes strong and weak blows, to which the system responds with a series of short beeps or activation of a full alarm.
  • Temperature sensor for the motor.
  • Remote controls - three-button keychain without a screen and feedback functions and a keychain with a liquid crystal display and feedback.
  • Operating Instructions "Starlight B9".
  • The LED in the car, which serves as an indicator of the operating mode.
  • Emergency switch - a key installed in the car so that it is easily accessible, but its location is hidden.
  • Documentation for installation and operation - instructions for "Starline B9", warranty card, service papers.

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Remote control remote controls

The car alarm kit includes two key fobs -primary and secondary. The first is equipped with a liquid crystal screen and three keys, together with a feedback function. The current status of the car alarm is displayed on the display of the key fob by means of clear pictograms. The programming of the system, according to the instructions to "Starlight B9", is carried out by means of a key fob. The display of the keyfob displays information such as the temperature of the passenger compartment and engine of the vehicle, additional parameters. The battery is a 1.5-volt AAA battery. Its charge is enough for 6-9 months of operation of the key fob, depending on the intensity and frequency of use.

Purpose of keyfob keys

On both remote controllers the function of the buttons is the same:

  • Key 1. Activates the armed mode, locks the locks, controls the levels of the shock sensor.
  • Key 2. Disarms the guard mode, unlocks the locks, disables the alarm. Controls the additional sensor and anti-plague mode.
  • Key 3. Activates the temperature display mode, fixes the alarm status, enables an additional channel and cursor selection of functions.

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Advantages of "Starline B9" alarm system

The presented model of car alarm amonganalogous security systems occupies one of the highest positions. The scope of signaling is significantly expanded due to the possibility of connecting additional modules - ultrasonic, microwave sensors, pressure and tilt sensors. The system itself is built according to the relay type, so you can install the complex anywhere in the car. The radio relay Starline DRRTM provides blocking of the machine nodes.

The central alarm unit consists of 7 relays,control electric locks of doors, ignition, the starter, light and sound accompaniment and other equipment. A feature of the "Starline" alarm system is the ability to remotely control the system through GSM channels in the coverage area. Simply put, you can manage the security system using a conventional phone. To use this function, you need to install GSM-module. The device is equipped with three additional inputs for equipment. On the phone when the sensors are triggered, a call or SMS message arrives with the car owner's notification of the incident.

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Car alarm system "Starlight V9"is installed on vehicles with a vehicle voltage of 12 V. According to the instructions for "Starlight B9", the central control unit should be located in a remote location. In most cases, the unit is placed under the dashboard.

An antenna and a module are attached to the windshieldtransmitter, which guarantees the maximum range of the latter. The temperature sensor in the car's interior is located in the module, so its location should be carefully thought through. It is desirable to place the devices in such a way that they do not fall under the influence of direct sunlight, heating systems and other sources of heat.

It is also desirable to place the impact sensor in the cabin,Since it requires regular and convenient access for adjustment. At the same time it must be firmly attached to the body. The temperature sensor is attached to the motor or to its metal parts. The automatic start of the engine works correctly only when the temperature is accurately measured.

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In a secretive but accessible place for the driverthe Valet service key is located. Do not place it in places where there is no quick access, since the button is usually required in emergency situations. Activation of the Valet mode is carried out basically when sending the car for repair in the service station. In this mode, some of the alarm functions are disabled, so you do not need to give the employees of the service center the key fobs from the system.