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Tablet "Megaphone Login 3": specifications, description, price

The fact that the market for tablet PCs on theToday is crowded, it's clear even to the ordinary user. We hear regularly that a certain model is on sale, for example, the tablet "Megaphone Login 3" (its characteristics are given a little further); and in advertising the largest networks of electronics we have already stopped noticing at what prices and what devices are offered. After the recent "boom" on the tablet market, there were too many players, due to which most of them simply "merged" and ceased to be noticeable. More prominently, either flagship devices from Apple, Samsung and Asus, or available, but branded computers from operators. One such is the "Megaphone Login 3" tablet, the characteristics of which we will consider in this article.

General information about the device

tablet «Megaphone Login 3» specifications

So, you should start by saying that the tablet «Login3 "is manufactured by Foxda company at the request of the largest Russian operator" Megafon ". For the latter, the release of a budget entertainment device is advantageous at least because after purchasing it a person becomes a subscriber of the network. Consequently, in the future, he begins to make regular payments for the use of communication services, the Internet and so on. In fact, by offering cheap branded gadgets, the company "pushes" people to its service.

As for the benefits to buyers, itis obvious: the tablet "Megaphone Login 3" (its characteristics we will consider further on) has quite tolerable functionality at an affordable price - only 3200 rubles. Or rather, the operator's website says that of this amount, 700 rubles goes to pay for Internet services according to the tariff plan "Internet XS", and the rest - the cost of the device. However, you can not purchase the device separately, without connecting to the operator.

What has been improved?

tablet «Megaphone Login 3» specifications price

Model Login 3 is not the first in the lineupmodels of devices from "Megaphone". In fact, before her on sale there was "Login 2", which had the worst camera, hardware part and at the same time a different design. In the third generation of the tablet, many of these deficiencies have been corrected. Even if you pay attention to the photos of the gadget, presented on the page of the store "Megaphone", you can see that the back cover of the device has become metallic, which means it's more pleasant to touch. In addition, if you believe that about the tablet "Megaphone Login 3" the characteristics say, in the new generation headphones, charging cord, and navigation keys for sound adjustment have been improved. In general, it can be noted that in the third version of the tablet almost all systems have been improved, which can not be praised.

Model specifications

Now consider what is offered in the"Megaphone" for 3200 rubles. It is a TFT IPS display with a resolution of 1024 * 600, a 3G module for access to wireless mobile Internet, a dual-core processor with a frequency of 1.2 GHz, and a 3.2 megapixel camera. In the kit with the tablet is a battery with a capacity of 3500 mAh, which for the operation of the 7-inch device for 5-7 hours should suffice with interest.

tablet megaphone login 3 description of the characteristics

In addition, the new tablet will be installedthe latest version of the Android operating system under the number 4.4.4 (Kitkat), though on the store's website do not specify whether further updates will be available on "Login 3".

In general, according to the characteristics of the tabletcomputer it can be described as a device from the lower-middle segment, where gadgets of Chinese manufacturers (noname) are located, as well as offspring of such brands as Lenovo, Nomi and others. If you take into account the value of the model, it can be called low, even in comparison with competitors.

Cost and terms of purchase

About the price, by the way, it should be noted a few morenuances. As mentioned above, you can purchase a tablet only if you pay for mobile Internet services (XS plan). There is another important limitation - the computer will only work with the Megaphone SIM card. This means that the device is blocked under this operator at the program level, and, according to official information, it is impossible to insert another card there. Of course, this restriction has already learned how to shoot "folk craftsmen," but this is illegal. In order to purchase a "clean" version, for a tablet "Megaphone Login 3" (description, the characteristics remain the same), you will need to pay about 7500 rubles.

Nearest competitors

Of course, in modern market conditionsThere are several similar models of tablets that have similar characteristics, despite the fact that they are sold at different prices. In addition to Chinese brands, as well as devices released without any name (they can be ordered on the Internet, for example), you can name a number of other gadgets. So, this "brainchild" of other operators - "MTS Tablet" (and "Tablet Mini"), as well as "Beeline Tab." The latter, by the way, is somewhat inferior to the other two in terms of memory and price; In general, we can say that gadgets are similar. The only significant difference between them is the operator under which they are "sharpened". Therefore, in our opinion, it is necessary to pay closer attention to the tariffs of mobile networks, than on the characteristics of devices.

new tablet megafon login 3

Conclusion: what is the new Megafon Login 3 tablet?

So what is the new Tablet PC "Login 3"? If you analyze all the pros, cons and characteristics of the tablet "Megaphone Login 3", given in this article, you can conclude that it is different! Everything depends solely on the purpose for which the device will be used and what requirements will be set by the user before it. So, if this gadget is taken for periodic checking of mail and reading books, then it can be called ideal: it provides the ability to access the Internet, it is inexpensive and, to be honest, pretty nice.

Another position is the case if we takeThis tablet computer for other purposes - for example, for a photo. Of course, it is naive to expect from the camera device for 3 thousand rubles of some over-results - its resolution reaches only 3.2 megapixels. The same applies, in principle, and the reaction speed of the device, its operational capability (with a processor of only 1 GB of RAM). Run games with the best graphics, install some kind of ultra-high-power applications that mobilize a significant amount of resources on such a tablet is inexpedient - it will slow down, buggy and deliver a lot of other inconveniences.

pluses minuses and tablet characteristics megaphone login 3

Therefore, if you are still thinking about whether to takedevice or not, here's your advice: consider the needs and start from them, deciding whether you need a tablet "Megaphone Login 3". Characteristics, price and assembly of the device as a whole, one can say, are at an altitude. Accordingly, this tablet also costs its money. In general, think!