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How to disable roaming on "Tele2": instruction

Every customer of any cellular network operator, inincluding Tele2, it is known that for communication outside the service area of ​​the home telephone network, as well as when traveling with its SIM card abroad, it is necessary to carry out actions for additional activation of roaming services that will provide the above opportunity.

how to disable roaming on a tele2

The roaming service is connected to the clientthe possibility of registering a SIM card of its mobile operator in another region or telephone network. Of course, before the subscribers there is a question, and how to disable roaming on "Tele2", when the need for it disappears.

The need to disable additional services

As a general rule, before traveling to another regionOur country should disable all established redirects and options in order to avoid unnecessary waste of money for services. After arriving at the place of destination, the telephone sets itself to the necessary mobile network of the operator, after which it receives a message about availability, indicating the call rates established by the tariffication of a specific location.

Abroad, the search for the desired network is carried out manually on the mobile device, by the necessary manipulations through the menu of the telephone set.

Features of disabling roaming

The operator of the cellular network "Tele2" offers the mostacceptable conditions, including a clear answer to the question - how to disable roaming on "Tele2". They are easy to understand and conservative prices for their customers. A wide range of additional options (services) is offered, which can be used depending on the circumstances that arise.

tele2 disable roaming in Russia

According to the rules of this cellular company, roamingthe service is in the connected state for all its subscribers, from which it follows that no additional activation is required. If you enter a roaming zone, the phone automatically makes an automatic registration in it, after which it works stably. If this did not happen, you just need to reboot it or find the network through the settings menu manually.

When traveling outside the Russian Federationthe question of how to disable roaming on "Tele2" across Russia is very relevant. To do this in any case is necessary, it should be noted that no additional cash payment for this action is charged.

Disabling roaming through the cellular device

There are several possibilities of a temporarylimitations of the above option. To understand how to disable roaming on "Tele2" from the phone, you should carefully read the instructions given in the article.

how to disable roaming on the phone2 from the phone

The matter is that the operator of a cellular network atreturn of the subscriber to the cellular number registration area, the roaming service is switched off automatically (automatically). This is very convenient, since no additional manipulation is required from the user. Dial special digital combinations to disable roaming on "Tele2" is not required.

If, on returning home,These services did not happen, the mobile device will have to be reset manually. If you do not have a positive effect and when doing this manipulation, you should go to the settings of the phone, where in the menu you need to find a subkey that is responsible for searching the network manually, there to find the necessary network of "Tele2" and put a tick opposite to it.

Disable roaming on "Tele2": combination

If the automatic system did not work, you need to dial * 125 * 2 # on the phone and press the call key. After that, roaming will be disabled, and a corresponding message will appear on the device screen.

You can also try to send a message with the text "2" to number 125.

If nothing helps, just call 611 and wait for the operator to answer. Before this, it is necessary to prepare a passport in advance.

Another way is to visit the cellular communication salon and contact a consultant who will help turn off the service in a compulsory mode.

Comfort for customers

It should be noted that the distinctive featurethis company, unlike other operators that provide similar services to the population, is the absence of the need to disable any (including roum) services, resorting to the use of SMS notifications.

tele2 disable international roaming

In the event that customers of this company have questions about how to disable roaming on "Tele2", the specialists of the specified mobile operator recommend the following:

  • use special commands (USSD);
  • personally come to the client in the office of the company;
  • make a phone call on the hotline, where the relevant workers quickly, efficiently and promptly will provide the necessary assistance.

Disable roaming over the Internet

If you have a question - how to disable roaming on "Tele2" via the global Internet, you should do the following:

  1. Through a computer, laptop or tablet go to the official website of the company.
  2. Follow the link to the user's personal cabinet, and then enter the number of your cell phone in the appropriate box.
  3. After receiving a special SMS with a confirmation code, enter it in a specific box that will already open the actual access from your office.
  4. While in it, you need to find the section responsible for managing the services. Once there, use the computer mouse to sort the connected services - by moving the checkbox, to disable unnecessary ones.

With the help of the above manipulations on the computer, you can also deactivate the international roaming "Tele2".

Roaming as a necessary travel assistant

Roaming services for traveling people, and inincluding those traveling abroad, are, in fact, irreplaceable, since they provide an opportunity to always keep abreast of all the events that take place at home. With the help of this service, it is possible to make and receive calls from close people, send SMS and MMS messages, and use the mobile Internet.

disable roaming on the phone2 combination

The mobile operator of cellular communication "Tele2" during the last years has shown itself exclusively from the positive side, providing a wide range of high-quality services at rather low prices.