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Installing APK files on a smartphone or tablet

apk installation

Starting with any android-gadget, you will findpre-installed Google play market application. After clicking on the icon, the device will prompt you to register. Do this, of course, because otherwise you will not be able to download updates to installed programs, sync through cloud services, and many more. After completing the registration process, the user enters the online store where you can download free applications, music, movies, e-books or buy them. Here you will find everything you need. At the moment there are over 700 thousand applications in the market. Theoretically, you can install all the programs from there, APK installation is automatic, but in that case you will have to pay a lot.

android apk installation

There is an alternative installation methodapplications. The fact is that there are craftsmen who hack into downloaded content and provide free access to it on the Internet. Users only need to find a resource for this topic, and then download and write the files to android. Installing APK is not a difficult task. You just need to run the file manager and click on the corresponding file. After that, you can lean back in your chair, as the installation of APK, as in the case of direct download from the store Play market, will happen automatically.

However, there are two cases that are worthmention. First, the built-in file manager may not read the APK. Installing content in this case will become a bit more complicated. Secondly, on your device, the manufacturer may not install the file browser at all. In such cases, before you perform the above actions, you will have to download any file manager from the official market. For example, a free Astro file manager. To download simply enter the name of the interested conductor in the search box of the online store.

Unfortunately, installing APK is often not the only procedure that needs to be done before starting the program. This situation is especially important when it comes to games.

apk installation

Often the data volume of one game can be equal to2-3 GB, and in the most modern it reaches 6 GB. Naturally, if the installation files were of this size, the installation of APK, even on the most powerful gadgets, would last several hours. The solution is simple: you install the APK, resulting in a folder in which you want to copy the cache (the main game files). It should be noted that if you have access to high-speed Wi-FI, then you can download the cache.

In conclusion, I would like to say that if youdecided to purchase the first android-gadget, naturally, you will have questions. Do not be afraid of this, because in time you will master your device, and in return get everything that the modern person has already got used to: access to the worldwide network anywhere, communication in Skype and social networks, and entertainment. Modern tablets and smartphones can play video of almost any reasonable resolution, games on them for the quality of graphics are comparable to computer graphics, and the expansion of displays in some models is simply enormous, which guarantees high quality pictures.