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APC Back-UPS ES 525: technical specifications and standard faults

What you need to ensure that the computer was from allparties are protected? Antiviruses, firewalls, other software to protect against viruses. But this all will help a little with power surges or a sudden power outage. And such things are very detrimental to the components of the computer. However, there is a way out of this situation.

In order for the named device to remain in theintegrity and safety, there were invented uninterruptible power supplies. They are able not only to equalize the voltage at its jumps, but also ensure the operation of the computer with a complete power outage exactly at the time that is necessary for proper shutdown.

Further in the article we will consider the budgetary UPS APC Back-UPS ES 525. What are its technical characteristics? What does this device represent itself? The answers to such questions are contained in this material.

A little about the manufacturer

Firm ARS has long been known in the domestic market. It was formed in 1981 and was successfully engaged in the manufacture of devices to protect the PC from voltage surges. In 2007, the manufacturer was bought by Schneider Electric. This marked a new milestone in the development of the company, and it continued to also shockly produce uninterruptible power supplies.

The manufacturer is well known onthe domestic market due to quality products and democratic prices. ARS produces devices of various classes to protect PCs of different categories: from weak office computers to powerful server machines. UPS APC Back-UPS ES 525 is just designed for low-power office machines and weak home computers.

apc back ups es 525

During its existence the company ARShas released many notable devices. Every second computer in Russia and other CIS countries is equipped with a source of uninterrupted power supply from ARS. This alone already says a lot. Especially popular among our compatriots are budget devices, and APC Back-UPS ES 525, whose characteristics we will discuss later, among them. In the meantime, let's move on to packaging, appearance and design of the device.

Contents of delivery

Perforated APC Back-UPS ES 525 appears in front of the user in a huge cardboard box with color printing. The packaging shows the UPS, its specifications and the necessary information.

Inside - the apparatus itself, a set of necessarywires, battery of closed type, instruction manual in different languages ​​(including Russian) and warranty card. This package is standard for a budget device. Nothing unusual in this.

apc back ups es 525 battery

But there is, nevertheless, one feature. Devices of this level are usually delivered in perfectly casual cardboard boxes. And here - a whole artistic masterpiece. This alone shows the high status of the manufacturer, which takes care of its reputation and tries to do everything in the highest order, even though APC Back-UPS ES 525 belongs to low-price devices. This attitude is very vividly outlines the general policy of the company. And it can not fail to satisfy users.


Externally, the APC Back-UPS ES 525 is coolcommon network filters that are used to connect a computer and various peripherals. Only the size of the uninterrupted device is much larger. On the top panel is a power button, LED indicators and connectors for connecting the power plugs. From the bottom is the battery compartment. In general, the design of this device is pretty standard. Only the form is unusual. And so - nothing extraordinary.

ibp apc back ups es 525

Much more importantly, the APC Back-UPS ES 525 is madefrom thick and high-quality plastic. This protects the inside of the device from various mechanical damages. However, the developers did not forget about the cooling system.

Ventilation gratings in this sourceuninterrupted power supply is enough. This is due to the fact that it has a huge load, which causes a considerable amount of heat to be extracted, otherwise the device will overheat and burn.


Well, we got to the most interesting in the material about the uninterrupted from APC. Figures, of course, can say a lot, but they do not compare with real responses in any way. But now it's not about that.

So, the declared capacity of the uninterruptible power supply is 300Watt. Is it a lot or a little? Let's just say it's enough for an office computer. But nothing more. Battery life at full load is 4 minutes. At half load - 15 minutes. It's not enough, of course, but in order to turn off the computer properly, there will be enough time.

uninterrupted apc back up es 525

What are the other APC specifications?Back-UPS ES 525? The battery, for example, is fully charged in five hours (although it discharges in minutes), it has all types of protection. There is even the protection of the Phone Line, which is necessary for those who use the appropriate connection.

This UPS weighs almost eight kilograms together with the battery. This is an excellent result. Most of his "colleagues" are much harder.

Programs that come with the device

Like any company that respects its customers, ARS put a software CD in the box with an uninterrupted drive. This step allows you to programmatically manage the operation of the APC Back-UPS ES 525.

The program makes it possible to regulate the setsettings of the device. For example, you can determine which component of the computer to give preference to a sudden power outage, and without which a PC can perfectly do. This allows you to slightly increase the operating time of the device from an uninterruptible power supply. Naturally, we are talking about battery life.

In addition, the software has a very informative monitor, which displays the current status of the uninterruptible power supply (temperature, voltage and so on).

apc back ups es 525 program

Known Issues

The uninterruptible power supply is also a technique. And every technique, as you know, has the property of breaking down at the most inopportune moment. It is good that in this case the problems are of the same type and are amenable to simple diagnosis. For example, the UPS, assembled in India, has a weak spot - a rechargeable battery. It often fails (it gives a leak).

Also known is the problem that APC Back-UPSES 525 does not squeal when switching to autonomous power. Although, it can not be called a serious problem. You can activate the sound signal on the device with the help of the bundle of programs that come with the device.

Another problem is the short life of the battery. She can last for three years. This concludes its resource. It is regrettable, of course, but it is not difficult to replace it.

apc back ups es 525 does not squeak

Positive owners feedback

Reviews are very helpful in choosing the deviceor other type. Especially when it comes to computer hardware. They are able to tell all about how the device behaves in real conditions, and whether its real characteristics correspond to those that were claimed by the manufacturer.

In the case of the APC Back-UPS ES 525, all is well. Forecasts of developers about the time of autonomous work are quite coming true. Moreover, many owners note that the computer is able to work from the battery of an uninterruptible power supply for much longer than stated in the characteristics. So, for some, the battery life in the mode of half load reached 20 minutes.

Owners also note an excellent build,materials and the overall quality of the product. Also pleased with the software, which is able to configure the UPS and display comprehensive information about its status at the moment. For the most part, all users are happy with their purchase.

apc back ups es 525 specs

Negative owners feedback

Well, where are we without "hayters"? These comrades do not feed bread - just leave a negative feedback about the product. But among them there are also very adequate people who set forth constructive criticism. The most common complaint about APC Back-UPS ES 525 is that the battery is very "flimsy". And in this there is some truth.

Many more complain about the unsuccessful form of the hull. Say, the uninterruptible power supply is too bulky. Its installation involves some difficulties. And this, in principle, is true. But the claims for the duration of battery life, the number of outlets or the absence of an LCD screen can hardly be called constructive. After all, this is a budget device! Such options are the prerogative of devices of the middle price segment and premium uninterruptible power supplies.


Perpetual APC Back-UPS ES 525 - cheapdevice with all the ensuing consequences. It is perfect for protection against power surges and sudden power outages of low-power office computers. Domestic machines of comparable capacity can also be used with this UPS. But there is no need to hope for more. Powerful UPS and is more expensive.