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Canon SELPHY CP810 Photo Printer: review, specifications and reviews

Ultra thin printer Canon Selphy CP810, successorpopular compact model CP800, offers a number of modifications, including the expansion of creative possibilities and increased practicality. For improved viewing and operation, the device has an inclined 2.7-inch color LCD screen, and printing is initiated by pressing a button. Automatic image optimization improves the quality of the original digital image, recognizing scenes and correcting them. In addition, the function of smoothing the skin allows you to eliminate its defects to create more attractive prints, and more fine-tuning of images is done with the help of manual brightness adjustment. Printer Canon Selphy CP810, the price of which is 109 euros, was released in May 2012.

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Photo printing for small businesses

Organizations that constantly need to print high-quality photos will appreciate the increase in efficiency and productivity of the device.

This compact printer line of Selphy companyCanon, the world leader in digital imaging, has been refined to facilitate its use in the business. Among other changes, he has an intelligent layout, built-in graphics processing capabilities, enhanced language support, and increased reliability and portability - all that is ideal for commercial photo printing.

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Since printers are often used forprinting photos for a passport or identity cards, the performance of the Canon Selphy CP810 has been modified to more effectively perform these tasks. With a large 2.7-inch high-definition LCD, photographers can now quickly turn, reduce and crop images to the desired size using markup lines. The printer programmed 28 commonly used passport sizes, for each of which the most efficient placement on paper is calculated, which allows you to maximize the number of photos on one sheet. In addition, the device is able to compose pictures of different sizes in such a way that they can fit as much as possible, and you could save on consumables. Also there is a variant of printing on one sheet of pictures on documents of two different people.

canon selphy cp810 price

If customers want to make changes to some kind ofyou do not need to run the image editing program on your computer. Like the Photoshop editor, the Selphy CP810 printer can perform basic photo editing operations to make it more vivid. The blue sky can be made more colorful, with a picture taken on a cloudy day, you can increase the exposure, and give the sunsets a more picturesque tone. The built-in software allows you to reduce the effect of red eyes on the photo portraits, adjust the background exposure, smooth out wrinkles and give a healthy shine to the skin.

Increased protection

Not all normal conditions can be ensuredwork, protected or permanent environment, so the Selphy CP810 was made more durable due to the additional dust insulation of the structural elements. The most vulnerable areas, such as the gaps between the buttons, the LCD display and the attachment points, have been reinforced to protect the Selphy CP810 from dust. According to user feedback, this has significantly reduced the number of unsuccessful prints, which in turn leads to greater customer satisfaction and the growth of the reputation of small businesses. The photographs themselves are laminated to protect against spills and pollution.

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Language support

Canon, due to the business growth trend in the countriesAsia, has included support for five new Asian languages ​​for displaying the user interface. To eight already existing European languages ​​in the previous model were added Korean, Vietnamese, Malay, Hindi, Thai, which in total made 13 localizations, able to satisfy a wide range of users all over the world.


Despite all the added features,The manufacturer managed to reduce the size and weight of the device. Thin, lightweight and compact Canon Selphy CP810 photo printer became 12% thinner and 14% lighter than the CP800. Its height is 60.5 mm and its weight is only 810 g. This compact design makes it easy to carry the device in one hand. For continued operation in the field, users can purchase an optional external battery pack NB-CP2L. And that the printer can only be taken out when necessary, a security cable, such as the Kensington lock, can be connected to a special slot. An optional dust cover protects the printer and supplies when used in a dusty environment.

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For improved viewing and operation of the mainthe functional part of the Selphy CP810 printer is an inclined 2.7-inch color liquid crystal screen. Images can be easily viewed and printed with a simple click of a button.

Quality regardless of location

For best results, the functionautomatic graphics optimization improves the quality of the original digital image by recognizing scenes and retouching the subject, changing its brightness and contrast. In addition, the smoothing function of the skin aligns its defects to obtain more attractive portraits, and fine-tuning the resulting photos can be applied by manually adjusting the brightness.

The quality of the photo CP810 corresponds to that whichcan be expected from commercial photolaboratories. The color reproduction is accurate, and the resolution is good. Among the shortcomings, users note a lack of dynamic range - there is some loss of detail in both bright and dark areas, but small enough to go unnoticed. In addition, according to the owners, several prints made immediately after the cartridge change, differed in small parasitic bursts of color.

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Printing technology

Using Canon's sublimation technologySelphy CP810 gives the images depth and provides a thin gradation of colors, which brings photo quality indicators closer to those that could previously be achieved only in traditional laboratories. Prints are dry and can be picked up immediately after exiting the printer. They are resistant to scratches, stains and fading. For Canon Selphy CP810 cartridges with photo paper and ink are sold as a bundle, which eliminates unnecessary concern, but users are annoyed that the printer is sold with a demonstration refill, which is only enough for 5 prints.

The device makes photos with dimensions of 148x100mm, 119х89 mm and 86х54 mm on a number of available materials of the manufacturer. The printer also offers various options for composing images, including passport, which allows users to receive several standard or nonstandard photos for identity cards on a single sheet of paper.

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Free disk space

Owners of the Canon Selphy CP810 printer canUse the image portal, an online resource for sharing photos and videos, which allows you to store data in total up to 10 GB. With a simple interface, you can search, create combined images and video albums, in which friends can leave comments. Albums can be shared directly via email and social networking sites.


Canon Selphy CP810 Photo Printer is perfectfor those who are looking for a convenient apparatus for high-quality printing of small, the size of a postcard, pictures, in less than one minute. Lightweight portable design is also a good option for photographers who offer instant photos on documents and other instant printing services.

Impressions can be made directly from compatiblememory cards, or any PictBridge-compliant device, such as a camera or video camera. The Selphy CP810 printer is also capable of receiving data from flash drives or mobile phones through the built-in USB port, providing instant access without using a computer.

The older model CP780 prints a glossy pagecost 27.8 cents at a cost of 29.99 dollars for a combined package of 108-sheet cartridge photo paper and ink cartridge. At Canon Selphy CP810, the price for the same package went up to $ 34.99, which increased the cost of one page to 30.9 cents. This makes the CP810 less competitive than its predecessor and other small format printers, such as the Epson PictureMate Charm, which has a printing cost of 25.3 cents.

Canon Selphy CP810 can not compare with thismodel in quality or cost price. But still this printer is insanely portable, easy to use, and produces very decent prints. If you need a device that could be put into a bag and taken with you to print the photo in place, then this model should be among the applicants.