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Review of washing machine Indesit WISL 102

What place in people's lives is occupied by washingcars? Many people do not hesitate to answer: "The main thing!". Modern automatic models maximally minimized human participation in this process. Now do not constantly monitor the washing, just lay the laundry in the drum and turn on the device. Due to intelligent control, the washing machine will perform all necessary processes within a certain time.

Surprisingly, for a qualitative resultit is not necessary to purchase very expensive models. It is recommended to pay attention to the Indesit trademark. It has long been known to the domestic buyer. Each device has everything you need - protection from leaks, optimal washing regimes, self-diagnostics. Products of this brand are supplemented by a segment of budget equipment. This is the model Indesit WISL 102. It is not worth expecting from it any solid advantages. It, like many other representatives of the budget segment, has drawbacks, but they are fully compensated for at a cost of 15,000 rubles. Let's take a closer look at this device. The information in the article will help each buyer to draw certain conclusions.

indesit wisl 102

Short description

Indesit WISL 102 - washing machine with fullautomated process. Its body is covered with white paint. Such a spraying is quite high quality, any dirt is easily removed with a damp cloth. The loading hatch is located on the front panel, which corresponds to the frontal type. The door is equipped with a comfortable handle. The control panel is simple. There are two mechanical regulators on it. One is responsible for choosing the temperature, the second for the washing regimes. Above them are six buttons, thanks to which additional functions are activated. No display. LED indicators allow you to follow the washing steps. On the left is a drawer for detergents. On it there is a decoding of programs. It is divided into three compartments: two - for the main and pre-wash powder, one - for the air conditioner. The drum design is created in compliance with innovative technologies. The elastic band-seal on the hatch is qualitative, after washing water does not remain in it. The top cover is removable, which allows you to build the device under the countertop.

washing machine indesit wisl 102


Indesit WISL 102 is equipped with electronic control.Dimensions of the case: 85 × 60 × 40 cm. The drum capacity is 5 kg, its volume is 40 liters. The device is assembled in Russia. What are the performance classes of this model? For one complete cycle of washing almost 50 liters of water are consumed. Electricity consumption - 0,15 kW * h / kg. The maximum rotational speed of the drum during spinning is 1000 revolutions, which corresponds to class C. Indesit WISL 102 refers to economical devices. This is confirmed by a high class of washing and consumption of electricity - A.

The washing regimes are divided according to the types of fabrics.The first five are for cotton, from 6 to 9 for synthetics, programs 10 and 11 are used for wool, silk and other delicate species. Also the model is equipped with additional options: draining without wringing, washing without folds. Special attention should be paid to the gentle rinse and spin regimes.

Security Systems

Washing machine Indesit WISL 102 haspartial protection from leaks in the form of a housing. It is also equipped with a drum imbalance control. This system monitors in an automatic mode for uniform distribution of laundry during washing. If it is broken, the device stops the process and reports the error with a special combination of light bulbs. Important for these washing machines is the level of foaming. This model is equipped with sensors that control its level.

indesit wisl 102 user guide

Common Problems

Unfortunately, all devices tend to break down.Not an exception is the model Indesit WISL 102. The instruction, which is included, contains information about the most common problems. Let's briefly consider them.

  • Failure of the heating element. This problem occurs because of contact with water. TEA breaks due to the formation of scale on it. To prevent breakage, it is recommended to periodically clean it with special means or use a water softener during washing.
  • Problems with the electric motor. The company completes the devices with a high-quality motor, but its weak point is the sensor. Many customers report frequent problems with the capacitor. Save only the replacement parts for a new one.
  • There is a problem with the mains filter. Unfortunately, there are lots of washing machines with a factory marriage. Most often it manifests itself in the first three years of operation.