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Sennheiser RS ​​170 headphones: an overview, description, features and reviews

Many people dream of acquiring a good acousticsystem. But what about those who live in a very small apartment? It will become a source of loud music, which can interfere with family members. In this case, the ideal solution will be to purchase wireless headphones Sennheiser RS ​​170. They will allow you to listen to music late at night, so as not to disturb anyone. Of course, models with wires provide a much better quality sound at the output, but sometimes the cable is not quite a convenient element.

Article will help determine whether it is worth buyingthese headphones, as well as thanks to it you can deal with the negative and positive features of the described equipment. In general, it is not bad, but everyone should make a choice on their own.

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Headphones are a closed devicemonitor and wireless type. The impedance is 32 ohms, which is a normal indicator for playing music from a computer, phone or player. The sensitivity of the Sennheiser RS ​​170 is 110 dB. The headphones weigh a little - only 216 grams. The sound is voluminous and clear. Distortion, as the manufacturer claims, is practically nonexistent.

Wireless connection

Sennheiser has long been firmly on his feet atmarket of headphones. The RS 170 model is powered by new technologies connected to the W1 IEM adapter. Unlike other devices of this company, which were produced in the middle and upper class, with closed and open design, they work most stably. The previous models functioned at the expense of FM signals, that is, radio communications, which did not allow far distance from the adapters. Thanks to this connection it was possible to constantly listen to hiss, noise, distortion of sound. Due to the improvement of wireless communication, the Sennheiser RS ​​170 model, the review of which is presented in this article, does not have such problems with playback.

Thanks to the use of bluetooth appearedThe opportunity to apply cheap technologies that allow to achieve improved characteristics. This option is suitable for almost all consumers. Technology at 2.4 GHz is considered to be improved. The signal is transmitted in a compressed form, and this indicates that the composition is reproduced with maximum accuracy. Due to the fact that the digital type module, noise and noise are excluded to the maximum. Thanks to this, you do not need to set up the device for too long.

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detailed information

Has a convenient and thoughtful designdevice Sennheiser RS ​​170. The instruction in Russian will allow to get acquainted with all details and to be defined with operating modes. These headphones will not cause discomfort with prolonged use. Cups are attached to the body by the light of the two joints. All of them join the headband. The latter is adjustable. To the ears headphones fit tightly, so the noise insulation is at a good level. In this case, the ear pads are not made of rigid material, due to which they do not press. There is also an upholstery near the headband. The case is made of durable plastic.

There are five buttons on the headphones that answerfor volume, switching songs, activating modes of operation ("surround sound", "improving bass", "processing"). The device is able to change the quality of the reproduced tracks. Thanks to 3D technology, they will sound at times better. Due to this, the sound stage will become more accurate and deeper.

The transmitter for these headphones was heavily modified. He got a streamlined body with a pin above. The device is able to work with both 3.5 mm and 6.3 mm interface. It is also possible to use an automatic transmitter. The latter is used when directly connected to an amplifier, player, console, TV or speaker systems.

To maintain the battery life of the manufacturerImplemented the use of two AAA rechargeable batteries. For each cup you need to buy one at a time. The charging time depends directly on the time period of use and the volume at which the TV is viewed or music is played. The testimonies of people allow us to understand that the batteries are kept well enough, but even the approximate time can not be specified-in each case its own. If you do not use the device, you can always put it on charge.

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Sound quality

At first, the quality of sound leaves much to be desiredbetter. But after some interval it becomes more qualitative. Sennheiser RS ​​170 headphones are useful in that you can do with them all the cares around the house, without dragging the player. The connection is quite strong, so there is no need to be afraid of a sudden break.

During first use, the device appearsnot entirely successful: the bass is audible badly, the notes are distorted, the high frequencies are too weak. In order to achieve the maximum positive effect, it is necessary to use the equalizer settings or the device that gives the signal.

The Sennheiser RS ​​170 can be used in conjunction with a home theater system or other modern Hi-Fi systems.

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These headphones are different from others, which are in the same price category. With what? Let's find out their advantages.

  • A quality and reliable connection.
  • The bass is strong and sounds impressive.
  • Build good quality.
    headphones sennheiser rs 170 reviews


Like other devices, Sennheiser RS ​​170 earphones, which can be read below, have their drawbacks. They are few, but you need to know about them.

  • A slightly overpriced Sennheiser RS ​​170 (about 10 thousand rubles). Most likely, "cheating" is carried out because the model is wireless.
  • The building has a middle class.


The question of buying headphones is acute in youngfamilies where a child has recently appeared. Because of this "problem" it is very difficult to relax at the TV in the evening or just relax under pleasant music. Especially if the couple lives in a one-room apartment. In this case, do not be lazy to go shopping for household appliances (if possible) and look out for yourself options. Buyers in the reviews do not advise to stop their attention on wired models. Cable for three meters prevents you from moving around the room, and they can hook and drop an object, making too much noise.

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At one time, the headphones Sennheiser RS ​​170, reviews aboutwhich confirm the following fact, were on the market almost the only ones capable of transmitting a digital signal. In addition, they received a surround sound function and had a closed acoustic design.

On the head the device sits well. Dense ear pads do not press on the skull, and also do not let the headphones slip. For several hours of continuous use, pain from the device does not appear.

Consumers say that the sound of headphonesSennheiser RS ​​170 is more suitable for expensive models. The frequencies of different bands are audible well, there are no complaints. Basses are not very prominent, but they are not "lost" either. Symphonic music is better not to listen, as some instruments can be listened to badly enough. However, such problems are also present in more expensive models.

In order to easily manage headphones,have a little getting used to. The volume button is not in a convenient place, so at first consumers turn off the headphones. But after a couple of weeks of active use of the hands themselves get used to the location.

The quality of assembly, construction and materials is notcauses claims. In order to avoid various interference, the feedback is recommended to increase the sound in the source of the signal. And the volume itself is adjustable on the device. In this case, the signal will not be exactly interrupted. In general, the headphones are good, and they are recommended by everyone who has ever dealt with them.

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Sennheiser RS ​​170 headphones will be greatchoice. They are suitable for gamers, and for ordinary fans to listen to music. If you play games with this device, then a person will experience the pleasure of good sound during combat battles. The compositions are reproduced perfectly, there are no complaints. Due to the lack of wires in the headphones you can walk around the house, not being afraid that the music will turn off. If you take all the pros and cons of the device, you should immediately say that this device is suitable for both amateurs and professionals.